Kelly Khumalo moves on, finds love in a Zimbabwean pastor 

South African in origin After finally getting the chance to meet South African vocalist Kelly Khumalo, actor Chrispen Nyathi, who was born in Zimbabwe and plays the part of pastor Charleston on Mzansi Magic’s DiepCity, is overjoyed.

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Concurrently, Kelly Khumalo gushed over Chrispen Nyathi, a native of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, after recently meeting up with him. Chrispen Nyathi is originally from Zimbabwe.

Kelly Khumalo moves on, finds love in a Zimbabwean pastor 

Chrispen Nyathi shared a few photographs that he had taken with Kelly Khumalo on Instagram. The photographs were taken by Chrispen Nyathi. Chrispen Nyathi disclosed in the caption of an Instagram post that even though Kelly Khumalo asked to take a picture with him, he jokingly revealed that he wanted to take a picture with her more than she did. Kelly Khumalo had asked Chrispen Nyathi to take a picture with her.

He then continued by expressing his gratitude to Kelly Khumalo for showing him some affection.

Kelly Khumalo moves on, finds love in a Zimbabwean pastor 

“She requested a picture, but the reality is that I require that picture even more than she did,” you said. Ngiyabonga for the love, @kellykhumaloza,” he added in the tweet.

Chrispen Nyathi disclosed in another post that Kelly Khumalo admired his work and complimented him on it.

The fact that Chrispen Nyathi was able to meet up with Kelly Khumalo was a huge source of excitement for his devoted fanbase. Users of social media platforms are of the opinion that Kelly Khumalo and Chrispen Nyathi ought to collaborate on a duet.

Please put out a single song together. Thank you.
@empress panduleni

You and your companion ought to sing a duet together. It will be as such.
@sandi dlamini and @kellykhumaloza need to come sing a duet in your church in Gomora, @chrispen nyathi.

He once admitted that one of the reasons he enjoys playing the Charleston is that he likes to portray insane people who are fascinating.

“Despite the fact that he is a pastor from Zimbabwe who has been living in South Africa for some time, he has discovered that people are sick and weary of being used by other African pastors. When he attempts to convince the people about God, he said in an interview with News24, “they expect tangible miracles.”

DiepCity is a popular drama on Mzansi Magic, and actor Chrispen Nyathi plays the role of the devout Charleston Ncube in the show. Nyathi finds that one of the most enjoyable aspects of portraying his character is the fact that he is always prepared to pray and will start singing worship songs at the most inopportune times.

The actor, who hails from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, was recently awarded the Viewer’s Choice Award for best actor at the 2021 Royalty Soapie Awards, and he claims that winning this award has made his faith in his craft even stronger. The awards ceremony took place recently.

Because having confidence in myself has been something I’ve struggled with, especially when it comes to working with the huge names I’m dealing with, this award means a lot to me because it serves as a stamp of confidence in myself. “I’ve always questioned if I’m doing enough,” he confesses to TRUELOVE.

“Because of this honor, I have the affirmation that what I’m doing is good, even if I know I can do even more. It demonstrates that I’m still headed in the correct direction. It also provides young kids who are seeking to break into the profession a sense of hope, whether they are young kids from South Africa or young kids from Zimbabwe.”

He explains to us about playing the Charleston, his aspirations for the future, and his interest in the music business all in one sentence.

Putting on a Charleston

Asanda’s (who is portrayed by Zikhona Bali) loving partner and a good young preacher who is on a mission to save the many broken souls that reside in the Diepsloot skwatta camp, viewers recognize him. He is also a good young preacher. However, Chrispen claims that Charleston is not as flawless as he would appear to others.

“Charleston is a young pastor from Zimbabwe who has the dream of one day having a large church with a lot of congregants. He has a lot of people in his congregation. Simply put, he wants to picture himself as the leader of a large church, working for God and serving Him in that capacity. Because he gives in easily to pressure and because people don’t really listen to him, he looks for alternative ways, some of which aren’t always ideal, to get into people’s hearts,” he says. Although he is genuine, the pressures of life do get to him. Because he gives in easily to pressure and because people don’t really listen to him.

Chrispen believes that he and Charleston are same in that they share a love for God, singing, and the church; yet, he acknowledges that Charleston is not as sincere as he is.

He smiles as he says, “The thing that differentiates me from Charleston is that I am an honest believer, whereas he’s a little bit of a con artist.”

“He’s a unique character, and he’s not the kind of on-screen persona that people are used to seeing, and that’s one of the things that I like about him.”

Having a passionate love affair with performing

Chrispen’s first foray into acting was a supporting role in a play that he performed in elementary school.

“I first became passionate about performing in the year 2004, when I was in the fifth grade. At the Hillside Primary School in Bulawayo, the fifth-grade students were required to put together a play for an audience and perform it for a few minutes on stage. He reveals, “I only had a minor role with 10 seconds on stage, but from then I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

“At the time, I had no idea that it would one day become the means by which I would support myself. Because of how the other children moved, how they spoke, and how they held their hands during that activity, I was able to determine that it was something I was interested in doing. That absolutely captivated my attention.”

Finally earning his shot at the big time

The actor, who had always wanted to be an actor since he was a child, was unprepared for how difficult the path would be to ultimately achieve his goal of being recognized as an actor.

My path has not been an easy one since although I’ve been in the industry for six years, it wasn’t until my sixth year that I got my big break, which was landing this gig on DiepCity. It wasn’t until 2021 that I started to see opportunities arise, but up until that point, life was difficult for me,” he explains.

“When I got my first feature through a movie I shot in 2019, I believed that would be my breakthrough. However, you never really know until you know. It is a very difficult field, and one needs a lot of patience and a lot of endurance to hold on and keep going because there will be many times when you try to walk away and quit, but because it is a calling, you’ll find yourself coming back to the craft. Because it is a difficult field, one needs a lot of patience and a lot of endurance to hold on and continue going.”

Chrispen was fortunate in that all of his years of perseverance and patience finally paid off when Mandla N, the producer of DiepCity, spotted his skill in an Instagram live video.

“Mandla N has a project that is intended at opening up the industry for young and aspiring performers. As part of this initiative, he conducts weekly auditions of people on his Instagram live broadcasts. I made the decision to become a member of that, and then I went on to audition for him. “He liked my look and what I had to offer at the time, so he picked me, and I went in for constant auditions and call backs and everything else till I eventually got the role of Charleston,” he reveals.

The public’s interest in the music business

Chrispen aspires to develop his talent for singing, which is one of the reasons he is inspired by Pastor Charleston. Eventually, he would like to pursue a career in the music industry.

“I have a voice, and it’s a good one that will catch the attention of people at church, but I don’t know if it’s a voice that has national status. I’m not sure if it’s a voice that’s ready to produce records or perform for people just yet because there are still some areas in which I need to improve my technique. But who knows, maybe in the next few of years I’ll be able to pursue a career in music,” he continues.

However, in the meantime, the actor who learned on his own is making preparations to visit a market theater so that he can study there and improve his acting abilities.

If it were up to me, I’d like to be performing on prominent stages within the next five to six years. “When Hollywood comes to Africa and requires some of its best actors, I need to be one of those,” he says, “and I need to be one of those actors.”

“For the rest of the year 2021, you’ll be hearing more from Charleston, and you should anticipate a little bit of a twist from him. “It’s more of a throwback to the very first Charleston they saw,” he says as a tease. “People were kind of expecting this twist but not really expecting it.”

Every Wednesday at 20:30 on DSTV channel 161, Chrispen Nyathi can be seen on Mzansi Magic’s DiepCity playing the role of preacher Charleston Ncube.

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