Jessica Nkosi & Uzalo’s Mastermind got married in their families’ absentia

It has been rumored that actress Jessica Nkosi and her boyfriend TK Dlamini are getting married, which would bring the level of drama to an all-time high. They are very upset about the fact that members of Nkosi’s father’s side were not invited to the traditional ceremony of either Jessica or TK Dlamini’s weddings.

Jessica Nkosi & Uzalo’s Mastermind got married in their families’ absentia

It has been confirmed that Jessica Nkosi, formerly of Isibaya and The Queen, and her boyfriend, formerly of Uzalo, have tied the knot and are now a married couple. The shocking news is that Jessica Nkosi’s father and the rest of Jessica Nkosi’s family were not invited to the traditional Umembeso ceremony where she and TK Dlamini exchanged their vows to become husband and wife, as reported by The South African.

According to a close source to the couple who wanted their identity to be withheld, Jessica Nkosi’s paternal side is just as shocked as many others that the couple has finally said their I dos.” This information was reported by The South African, and the source wished for their identity to be withheld.

Jessica Nkosi & Uzalo’s Mastermind got married in their families’ absentia

More than anything else, Nkosi’s family is in complete and utter disbelief that they would be left out of such a joyous occasion that should involve the participation of all friends and family members in order to celebrate love.

“We should not have been surprised when she did not inform us about her upcoming wedding. It’s likely that her mother’s side of the family approved of the lobola. Since the family asked about their relationship, we haven’t heard anything from her since then. Because Jessica and TK both have the clan surname “Dlamini,” the family was upset that they share the same name.

Jessica Nkosi & Uzalo’s Mastermind got married in their families’ absentia

Our custom dictates that you are not allowed to marry someone whose clan surname is the same as yours, even if you are in love with that person. She put some distance between herself and everyone else when they questioned her about this, according to the source.

The anonymous source did not hold back when it came to revealing some of the information that concerned the relationship between Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini. According to reports, Nkosi was also paid lobola, but she concealed this information from her family.

“The two dated quite some time ago, and she even introduced us to him while we were attending a funeral; however, we were not happy about it at the time because Khaya had recently ended her relationship with Nomzamo Mbatha, who was close to Jessica. Since then, she has completely disappeared from our lives without a trace. It would appear that they paid lobola for her, but she does not communicate with us at this time,” the source added.

As a result of her rise to fame, it is said that Jessica Nkosi has developed a new personality and set of values; consequently, not everybody was invited to her traditional wedding.

The source continued to reveal that the Nkosi family is not exactly jumping for joy over the fact that the actress turned shady and excluded them from the situation. Since then, they have been very critical of her, calling her “bitter.” On the other hand, one could make the case that whenever there is smoke, there must also be fire.

“Ayanda has become jaded, whereas in the past she was not like this. The source continued, “She used to be a sweet girl, and she used to visit us when her father was still alive, but fame got to her head, and she abandoned us.”

Tweeps are just as shocked as Nkosi’s biological family was to learn this news. They have taken to Twitter to express their congratulations to both Nkosi and Dlamini on the occasion of their official union in the end. Ignore the persistent tales of adultery and cheating that have circulated about the couple in the recent past.

“Saw a video of Jessica Nkosi getting married on tik tok; celebrities are pulling out all the stops to protect their privacy, sana… Love it for the sake of them,” Busiswa Stamele penned.

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