Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo’s remuneration for 2022 was announced, which left South Africa in a state of amazement.

Idols SA is one of the reality programs with the highest viewership in Mzansi, and it has amassed a significant number of devoted followers throughout the course of its history. Since the show’s producers decided to replace the judging panel, there has been plenty of controversy around it.

Thembi Seete, JR Bogopa, and Somizi Mhlongo are the new members of the Idols South Africa judging panel, which also features the return of the judge who had been suspended earlier. Somizi is a flamboyant personality who has more experience working in the entertainment sector. There is no question in anyone’s mind that he is raking in thousands of dollars thanks to his employment on the reality program. Mzansi has been left wondering how much Somizi is being paid for his role as a judge on Idols SA as a result of his recent comeback to the competition.

Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo’s remuneration for 2022 was announced, which left South Africa in a state of amazement.

The contentious departure from and subsequent return to Idols South Africa of Somizi Mhlongo
He has a lovely way of keeping viewers riveted to their TVs, which is one of the reasons why Idols South Africa has such a significant following in Mzansi. On Idols, he is renowned for his characteristic of yelling “Whoo Shame,” which was not heard during season 17 of the program due to the fact that he was suspended from the show due to claims of domestic abuse.

It was his ex-husband, Mohale Motaung, who made the allegations of abuse against Somizi, and they came close to destroying his career. However, while Somizi was absent from the program, there was a significant decline in viewing, which prompted the producers of Idols South Africa to bring him back. Following Somizi’s return to Idols South Africa, there has been widespread speculation on social media that his pay has been bumped up as a result.

Image courtesy of Somizi Mhlongo, who can be found on Instagram.
How much does Somizi Mhlongo get paid for her work on Idols South Africa? Disclosing the salary
Allowance given per day

If Somizi needs an additional meal or wants to buy something urgently, he may use the 2,000 rand ($100) each day that he receives as an out-of-town allowance.

A car

Idols SA’s management takes care of all of his travel arrangements, including getting him to and from the airport. They will also provide transportation to and from the location where the program is recorded, as well as to and from any additional appearances that Somizi is needed to make for the show.

If Somizi does not get along with the driver who has been supplied for him or if he wants to drive himself using his own transport, he is allowed to do so; nevertheless, he must remember to maintain the receipts for reimbursement in order to be reimbursed.

Somizi Mhlongo; photo credit may be found on Instagram Flights are booked.

Flights in the economy class? Absolutely not; Somizi always travels in the most luxurious business class available for his trips.

Arrangements made for lodging

The time-honored judge on Idol is pampered like a king; he gets his accommodations provided for him so that he may have a more convenient experience. Idols South Africa’s production team makes it a point to ensure that Somizi never appears on camera hungry.

Monthly salary

SIC Entertainment is often recognized as one of the highest-paying production firms in the world. Since the year 2022, Somizi Mhlongo has been earning a salary of R200,000.00 each and every month.

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