Gomora actor Ntokozo and Miss South Africa confirms relationship 

Gomora actor Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi’ and Miss South Africa confirms relationship

Watch as the connection between Gomora actor Ntokozo “Ntobeko Sishi” and Miss South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane gets confirmed as they are on a date.

Watch as actor Ntokozo “Ntobeko Sishi” from Gomora and Lalela Mswane, who is competing for the title of Miss South Africa 2021, confirm their connection.

One thing that youthful stars Ntobeko Sishi and Lalela Mswane have in common is that their careers are taking off to an extent that has never been seen before. After successfully assuming the position of Ntokozo on Gomora, Ntobeko was brought to light.

Since then, Ntobeko has established himself as a fan favorite by doing the roles that he is most comfortable with alongside veteran actors such as Thembi Seete ‘Gladys’ and Zolisa Xaluva ‘Melusi’.

On the other side, Lalela earned the title of Miss South Africa 2021, which brought her a great deal of renown. She went on to achieve further success, garnering honours such as the title of Miss Supranational.

Young celebrities are notorious for their tendency to keep personal matters, including their love relationships, confidential. Mzansi rejoiced after learning that Ntobeko and Lalela have confirmed their relationship, as this was something that a lot of their followers had been wondering about. On their date, Gomora star Ntokozo “Ntobeko Sishi” and Miss South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane declare that they are dating.

Ntokozo was keeping himself occupied with his music and the Gomora shoots despite the fact that his schedule was packed. Lalela is a brand that is constantly traveling to different locations to represent other products.

After only a few weeks, she was able to crown Ndovi Nakeri as the new Miss South Africa, which provided her with some breathing room. As a result of this, Ntobeko and Lalela decided to go on a date together, and during their time together, Ntobeko sent a message to their respective fan bases while Lalela confirmed their connection.

Lalela posted the video on her Instagram account when she was out on a date with Ntobeko, and she accompanied it with the phrase “Family over everything.” After that, she requested that Ntobeko say something kind to the fans. As Ntobeko struggled to utter anything other than “Hallo,” he revealed his true nature as a reserved and introverted individual.

Lalela pressed him for further information, but he claimed that “Hallo” is a lovely greeting, which caused the audience to laugh. The main question that needs to be answered by fans is whether or not it is true that Ntobeko and Lalela are connected, or whether or not they have any plans to start a family together.

Families in real life of Gomora star Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi’ and Miss South Africa 2021 Lalela Mswane
Richards Bay is where Lalela’s parents, the late Muntu Mswane and Hleliselwe, brought her into the world.

While her mother held the position of an Accounts clerk, her father served as a minister and diplomat for Eswatini in the past. Lalela is the third and youngest child in her family, following in the footsteps of her older sister and older brother.

On the other side, Ntobeko was brought up by a couple who he mentioned after he graduated from high school.

They took me in as a child and brought me up as one of their own. I am now a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance program at UCT.

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