Gogo Maweni’s husband is romantic what he did for her on her birthday gets Mzansi talking 

At long last, Gogo Maweni discloses her age on the occasion of her lavish birthday celebration, during which Sabelo Mgube sends her a message that deeply touches her heart.

Despite the backlash on social media, it’s clear that Gogo Maweni and Sabelo are madly in love with one another. Maweni and Sabelo have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they have moved on from their history by reveling in the pursuit of their passion to the furthest extent.

After the scandals surrounding her connections with SK Khoza and Siyabonga Zulu, fans have been curious about how old Gogo Maweni is. She took precautions to ensure that her age would not become widely known until this very moment, when she is celebrating her birthday with her spouse.

Sabelo went out of his way to make sure that his wife’s birthday was memorable by buying her thoughtful gifts and penning an emotionally moving letter to her beloved Songoma husband. Many of Gogo Maweni’s followers were taken aback when they learned her age because of all the love affairs that had impressed Mzansi.

Gogo Maweni’s birthday is coming up, and her husband, Sabelo Mgube, has thoughtfully prepared a gift basket and written her a loving card.

A few hours later, the Sangoma Maweni claimed to have eliminated an Owl that had been sent to her by her enemies. It seems that somebody wanted to kill her on her birthday, but they were unsuccessful in their attempt.

Maweni’s husband surprised her with a birthday gift just a few hours before she went in for surgery. Sabelo presented his wife with a bouquet of multicolored blooms along with a card that read, “In the end, we will always have each other – Happy birthday to my wife.” As Maweni’s wedding preparations proceed without a hitch, it would appear that Umjolo is on Maweni’s side this time.

Gogo Maweni had already wished herself a happy birthday and had revealed her age to the audience. Mzansi was taken aback when she revealed that she was born in 1986, making her age 36 at that time.

A lot of her supporters have mentioned that they think she’s much older than she actually is. It seemed as though Maweni’s enthusiasm for spiritual problems, along with her terrible attire, caused her to look older than she actually was. Some people also pointed out that Gogo Maweni recognized that she appeared to be older than she actually was, which is why she decided to get body sculpting surgery.

Gogo Maweni’s husband is romantic what he did for her on her birthday gets Mzansi talking 

Gogo Maweni and Sabelo Mgube are deeply in love.

It appeared that there was nothing that could stand in the way of the happy couple’s happiness longer. Gogo Maweni has had a difficult time with her relationships in the past, but she is over it now.

Together with Sabelo, she is having the time of her life, and the two of them are only focused on the future. Sabelo is excited about the prospect of finally being with Maweni, despite the fact that he is well aware of the challenges that lie ahead. The fact that he showered his wife with gifts on her special day is evidence enough that he adores her.

Gogo Maweni Her admirers were envious after she was caught bragging about her marriage to others. Mzansi will witness, for the very first time, the genuine Gogo Maweni donning a pair of size s shorts. Gogo Maweni, who is famed for wearing long, gorgeous gowns and is considered as one of the most important sangomas, is known as “Gogo Maweni.”

Gogo Maweni recently shared a photo of herself and her husband on her social media profile, in which the two of them can be seen standing together. Maweni was also seen dancing as she got down on her husband while she was wearing a small white short. She was doing this while she was in the position of her husband.

Gogo Maweni is not a rookie when it comes to the world of entertainment. She has recently become famous and is known as a traditional doctor in South Africa, as well as a consultant, a successful businesswoman, a media personality, and a social media influencer.

Gogo has been wed to her husband, who goes by the name Vhelaphi. Vhelaphi is a caring and encouraging husband to his wife, Gogo. Gogo Maweni is now the proud mother of three handsome sons, each of whom has a different father. Gogo Maweni and her husband are regarded as an ideal couple by a significant number of spectators.

Izangoma Zodumo, a reality television show that aired on Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161, is largely responsible for popularizing the name Gogo Maweni. She is one of the very few sangomas who has been accused of sorcery by all three of her children’s fathers.

Shaka Khoza, who played Sk Khoza in The Queen, was a former boyfriend of Gogo Maweni at one point. Shaka Khoza’s real name is Sk Khoza. After it was made public that she has three handsome sons by three separate men, her supporters and devotees have shared their thoughts and reactions regarding the news.

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