Get to know Somizi Mhlongo’s long lost twin

Social media is buzzing about a video of Somizi Mhlongo’s “long lost twin.”

People on social media have noticed that a young man named Shebeshit looks a lot like Somizi Mhlongo, who is famous in the media and is a judge on the show Idols SA.

Get to know Somizi Mhlongo’s long lost twin

Shebeshit looks just like Somizi Mhlongo, so it wouldn’t be wrong to think that he is Somizi’s long-lost younger brother or twin brother.

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People on the Internet couldn’t help but wonder if Somizi and Shebeshit were connected in some way.

Shebeshit looks the same as Somizi. For example, he has the same moustache, eyes, and facial bone structure. He is also the same height as Somizi and has tattoos like him.

Some have been speculating that he hid his twin brother in Limpopo, can you imagine bro?

There are also rumours that someone who looks like Somizi Mhlongo works in the entertainment business.

People on the Internet find it hard to believe that they are not related at all because of how much they look alike.

Shebeshit’s video caused so much trouble that he later came out to clear the air and say that he had nothing to do with Somizi.

He said on the video, “We are not related.”

Netizens, on the other hand, are having a great time on social media talking about how much the two look alike.

Check out what people are saying about it on social media;

@ms tourist;

Believed it was him Somizi ay cut, they look exactly the same.

@Chiller MB;

Somgaga in real life

@ aphiwe;

He looks like @somizi in a different colour.


Somizi needs to go get his brother.


Isn’t that Somizi? @somizi bafo, is that your copy?


It was time for Apartheid, and his twin brother had been missing for a long time. He went to live on his own in Limpopo.

Somizi talks about the last thing he said to Dj Sumbody a day before he died.

Mzansi is still in shock over the sudden and untimely death of Dj Sumbody. South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo has come forward to talk about the last conversation he had with the late Dj a day before he died.

DJ Sumbody, whose real name was Oupa John Sefoka and who made the hit song “Amapiano,” was shot and killed early on Sunday morning in Johannesburg.

Somizi talks about the last thing he said to Dj Sumbody a day before he died.

DJ Sumbody, who had a hit with the song “Amapiano,” was shot and killed on Sunday. On Sunday, he was supposed to play at the All White Veuve Clicquot Picnic.

Somizi wrote on Instagram that Dj Sumbody had invited him to his All White gig the day before he was killed in a shooting.

The judge on Idols showed screenshots of his chat with Oupa on WhatsApp.

Somizi talks about the last thing he said to Dj Sumbody a day before he died.

Somizi complained that life is so hard to plan for. He said he had no idea that was the last time they would talk.

He said that Dj Sumbody’s last words to him were to remind him to wear all white to the gig because it was going to be like “heaven.”

“I have no feelings. I don’t know how to feel or act when I hear that a loved one has died.”

We are definitely living on borrowed time. Here’s an example of how unpredictable life is. Yesterday, someone sent me a text message inviting me to his show today…. I then offer to mail it for him, but he just says, “Yeah.” I tell him to be polite, but he doesn’t understand why, so he decides to video call me. I explain that he should say “please” and “thank you” when someone does something nice for him, which makes us laugh. At the time, he was getting his hair cut, and his last words to me were, “Don’t forget to wear white tomorrow because it’s going to look like slack off OUPA! What a fool you were! a hard worker and a humble person…… ya neh,” reads Somizi Instagram post.

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