Former Idols SA judge, Unathi Nkayi speaks on what happend when he slept with a Nigerian man

As the beginning of Heritage month approaches, the co-hosts of Star919FM, Unathi Nkayi and Justin Toerien, are giving it a unique spin to get things started.

The two individuals posted a video of themselves to Instagram in which they were seen letting their guards down and having a good time.

They said that the month of September would be devoted to them asking questions about each other’s races and ethnicities.

The first topic of conversation between the two was what aspects of masculinity are portrayed in stereotypes that intrigue both of them.

In a perfect world, size wouldn’t be a problem, but the reality is that it is, and the co-hosts couldn’t keep a straight face as they joked about it.

Caution: the video may include language that is offensive to some.

Warning sign: “Guyzini, strung out like a horse.” Not for delicate viewers or under 18s. “During Heritage Month, we are taking the opportunity to get to know one another better by asking each other the things that we have always wanted to ask,” Unathi wrote.

The singer’s fans chuckled at their descriptions of cultural and social conceptions revolving around penis sizes when they were mentioned in her posts.

One of the people there said, “Did I not practically roll on the floor with laughter?”

When South African media figure Unathi Nkayi posted a selfie to Instagram with the filter, it caused people’s mouths to start wagging. Here are five occasions when the former judge on Idols South Africa showed off her incredible figure.

UNATHI NKAYI Takes a selfie with and Posts It on Instagram

On August 11th, Unathi Nkayi shared a selfie to Instagram in which she was completely na..ked. She pondered on the process she went through to learn to love her body. The former judge on Idols South Africa pondered on the fact that she used to be mocked and criticized on social media due to her body, but that she now enjoys looking at herself in a revealing state.

“YES, THAT COULD HAPPEN. They are going to say that I am covering my stretch marks with foundation. They laughed at me when I remarked that one of my goals is to be able to wear a bikini whenever I want, regardless of the season. They would take me around social media while they picked apart every aspect of my body, she claimed in her post.

Unathi claimed that she was able to love herself in her natural state with the assistance of the high-end skincare and spa brand known as Africology Skincare and Spa.

She went on to say that she had stretch marks, weight, and cellulite when she first started attending to the spa in 2011, but they have all since disappeared.

Since she posted that selfie, Unathi has become the topic of conversation on Twitter. Now, let’s have a look at five of the many occasions when Unathi flaunted her incredible body!


In June of this year, the radio personality pondered on winter while displaying the physical transformation that had taken place in her body.

“WINTER. It’s the first MONDAY of June, which means winter has officially arrived. Our winters tend to be relatively mild. You shouldn’t let these two months get in the way of achieving your goals. The months of June and July will pass, so it’s important to keep in mind WHY you want what it is that you want for yourself, she added.

Former Idols SA judge, Unathi Nkayi speaks on what happend when he slept with a Nigerian man

“Ladies, share your deepest secrets with me about how being healthier makes so many aspects of life better. One of them turned to me and said, “Unsta, explain to the ladies how even se.x gets better when your health improves.” Because you are more self-assured, fitter, and liberated, you engage in more activities, make room for me, and are willing to experiment with new things.


The well-known radio personality and her close friend Minnie Dlamini made the most of their time off by traveling to Cape Town. The body of Unathi, in the opinion of Tweeps, is “hotter” than that of Minnie. This transpired when the two uploaded photographs and videos to Instagram together with their close friends.


The woman who used to be a judge on Idols South Africa published a post on her album showing her figure when she was wearing a red bikini.

  1. EXUDING Self-Assuredness While Wearing a Gold Bikini

In October of 2021, the radio personality appeared for a photo in an outdated bikini while exuding an air of supreme self-assurance.


As the media celebrity worked toward attaining her physique goals, she posted quite a few photographs and videos from her workout sessions at the gym.

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