Former etvScandal actors The Ndlovus reveal their child for the first time

The Ndlovus have announced both the gender and the name of their baby child. It’s been about a week and a half since Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu became parents for the very first time. Since the couple found out they were expecting, they have been taking to their YouTube channel to update their followers on their journey.

The Ndlovus kept their viewers guessing about the gender of their unborn child for several weeks before finally announcing it themselves along with the baby’s name on their YouTube channel. The couple disclosed that, in contrast to the prevalent practice of gender revealing, they decided to hold off on finding out the identity of their new child until the moment they held them in their arms.

Former etvScandal actors The Ndlovus reveal their child for the first time

Hungani had a long list of names for both genders and some gender neutral names prepared because they didn’t know the gender of the baby. On the other hand, Stephanie revealed that she had a dream early on that revealed the gender of the baby and that she only had one Tsonga name for that particular gender. Hungani and Stephanie chose a name from Hungani’s list.

“All of the stuffed teddy bears were blue, but there was one that was pink and had a name tag on it and that was the name l had,” Stephanie said about how the name was confirmed to her whilst on babymoon in a toy store which included bible verses she was meditating on. Stephanie was on her babymoon at the time. “All of the stuffed teddy bears were blue.”

And the gender of their baby is… a baby girl, and the name of their daughter is Rhulani, which means “be at peace,” and they gave her the middle name Iyana, which means “God is gracious.” Stephanie also discussed the significance of giving a child a name that has a meaning and how you should think about how you want that meaning to play out in their lives.

In the meantime, Stephanie also discussed some of the events that took place at her baby shower shortly before she gave birth. Due to the fact that they do not yet know the gender of the baby, the baby shower had a theme that was gender neutral. “Just a little flashback to the day that was absolutely perfect. my baby shower, which was almost a surprise. It was difficult to surprise me because I am such a control freak, but my loved ones were able to pull it off,” she shared. “l say almost because l am such a control freak.

Oyee! Hungani Ndlovu, Ignored By Cassper Nyovest.

Following rapper Cassper Nyovest’s blue tick of actor Hungani Ndlovu, fans of the actor’s have taken to Twitter to express their outrage. This comes after Hungani Ndlovu asked to be featured on Cassper Nyovest’s upcoming Fill Up Mnabatho Stadium music concert by retweeting Cassper Nyovest’s original tweet asking for the opportunity.

As a follow-up to Cassper Nyovest’s announcement from yesterday regarding his upcoming music concert at Fill Up Mmabatho Stadium in the month of December. Since then, Hungani Ndlovu has asked Cassper Nyovest to include him on the lineup, even if it is in a “free, pro bono way,” as Ndlovu described it.

People on Twitter are shocked by the fact that Cassper Nyovest has disregarded Hungani Ndlovu’s request to stop the performance. Instead, people on Twitter have banded together to retweet a message addressed to Cassper Nyovest on Hungani Ndlovu’s behalf, pleading with him to include Ndlovu on the lineup of performers for the Fill Up Mmabatho Stadium music concert.

Cassper Nyovest’s account has been inundated with retweets from his followers, all of whom are pleading with him to take Ndlovu’s request into consideration.

Hungani Ndlovu went on a rant in which he discussed the segregation that exists within the entertainment industry and how creative people from their respective fields do not support each other. Despite the fact that the rant was made before Cassper Nyovest gave him a blue tick. On the other hand, it’s possible that he was referring to a situation that’s very similar to this one.

“Why is our entertainment industry so racially and ethnically exclusive? Despite the fact that we are all aware of the challenges that we face in our field, we do not collaborate to find solutions. We would rather make the little that we can than start a conversation that might completely alter our narrative!! “wrote Hungani Ndlovu

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