Fired actress Bukiwe Keva’s flamboyent lifestyle gets people talking

It has been reported that former Gomora actress Bukiwe Keva, who played Asanda, was let go after attending a retreat with her boyfriend, the tycoon Paul Steele.

Fired actress Bukiwe Keva’s flamboyent lifestyle gets people talking

It has been reported that the popular Gomora actress Bukiwe Keva, who played the role of the bully Asanda, was fired from the telenovela after she went on a vacation with her Zambian tycoon husband, Paul Steele.

The well-known actress Bukiwe Keva, who was reportedly fired in August via Whatsapp by Gomora, where she played the role of Asanda, is reportedly head over heels in love with the Zambian tycoon Paul Steele. Gomora reportedly let her go because of her relationship with Paul Steele.

Fired actress Bukiwe Keva’s flamboyent lifestyle gets people talking

“City Press reveals that the actress was fired after she went on a retreat with Steele, Malcolm X, and his girlfriend, who is also from Zambia,” the article begins. “The retreat was in Zambia.”

The trip was reportedly sponsored by Steele, according to sources close to the actress, and the two couples are said to have spent three weeks at the posh Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia, which charges upwards of R14 000 a night for a standard room. The hotel is located in Zambia.

According to the source, Steele made her departure less painful by gifting her a Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45 with a price tag of R2 million in August.

Since the latter half of the previous year, they have been seeing each other. According to the source, “He likes her, and the trip to Zambia helped solidify things between them.”

When she returned from her trip to Zambia, he surprised her by buying her a brand-new car, which she proudly displayed on her Instagram account.

Because she does not currently have a job, the people who are closest to her are aware that he purchased it for her, but the rest of the people are mystified as to how she managed to pay for the vehicle. Even if she had a job, she would not have been able to afford that car on her own. He has been very generous and kind to her recently.”

City Press was informed by a second source with close ties to the actress Bukiwe Keva that the Zambian tycoon Paul Steele bought her a mansion in Bryanston that was in the multimillion-rand price range.

“He loves her very much and puts a great deal of trust in her, so all of these things are in her name. It is very important to him that she is the object of jealousy for a lot of different women. Because she does not want anyone to question how she is able to live this life without a job, she goes around telling people that she won the lottery.

The publication goes on to say that Malcolm X and Keva took Steele’s private jet from Johannesburg to Zambia, visited the hotel’s game reserve, where they posed for pictures with lions and cheetahs, and also enjoyed a helicopter ride above Victoria Falls. All of these events took place in Zambia.

It is widely believed that Paul Steele is a diamond dealer and the owner of a fleet of trucks. He is also well known for his connections to leaders in central Africa, including the former president of Zambia, Frederick Chiluba.

At the time that this article was being published, actress Bukiwe Keva had not commented on either her departure or her relationship.

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