etvScandal actress Xolile’s husband obsessed with her

Sivenathi Mabuya, who is often known to as Xolile from Scandal, used Instagram to display her husband’s charming mini-obsession with her. Recent posts on Sive’s account have featured the sweetest duo, and it’s clear that her audience is pulling for them to have a long and happy life together.

etvScandal actress Xolile’s husband obsessed with her

The couple only recently tied the knot, so it is only natural that they are head over heels for each other. However, it appears that the husband takes their obsession to an unhealthy level. The video that she released highlighted the love language of her relationship, which is undoubtedly the exchange of physical touch.

Throughout the entirety of the video that she uploaded, he can be seen holding her hand while tormenting her and keeping her close to him. It’s gotten to the point where he sleeps with one hand on her foot or the other when he’s in bed now.

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In spite of the fact that he is well aware that she will not move, he continues to hang on to her. Sivenathi gives the impression that he is savoring every second of the cute fixation, and he even admitted that he might be completely unconscious when engaging in this behavior.

etvScandal actress Xolile’s husband obsessed with her

The majority of the actress’s fans thought that this was the cutest thing they had ever seen, and that she had found herself one of the kindest and most considerate men in all of Mzansi. [Citation needed]

Mzansi could not help but comment that the well-known actress’s spouse must be doing a good job of taking care of her after she recently boasted about her happy marital triumphs on Instagram.

Sivenathi Mabuya can be seen wearing a crop top and pink and grey tights in the pictures that she shared on social media. These clothes give the impression that she is pleased with her new body and that the weight gain occurred in the appropriate places.

The actress pleaded with the public not to jump to the conclusion that someone had passed away as a result of the weight gain, pointing out that although she had lately gained weight, she was not pregnant. She said that she had been gaining weight and was attempting to put an end to rumors that she was pregnant before they had even begun.

She and her husband, Aphiwe Bukani, are usually spotted wearing the exact same clothing, and she just just uploaded several images of the couple together on Instagram. Mzansi was really taken aback by the exquisite traditional Xhosa dress that they wore.

While Sive rocked a white bodysuit with a black top, her spouse sported a standard white shirt with some black accents and pants, and Sive’s husband wore pants. They decided to coordinate their appearances by dressing in black and white. The newlyweds are such a good fit for each other that Mzansi can’t help but rave over how wonderful their union is.

Sivenathi Mabuya has made the decision to remain inseparable from her husband in order to demonstrate to her audience how gratifying it is to spend time with someone they care about.

She has recently wed, but she is already portraying an ideal role model for a young bride. According to the opinions of a number of observers, the fact that the two individuals continuously coordinate their dress is indicative of their romantic relationship.

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