Durben Gen actress Nelisiwe tells people to backoff!

Nelisiwe adorns herself with an impish grin, the short dress customary for a Zulu maiden, and very little else, and she is undeniably stunning.

She hides behind that charming smile and refuses to answer the question that she is constantly being questioned about, which is whether or not she has ever engaged in tIof tIof in the past.

Nelisiwe tells people to backoff!

“Does she still call herself itshitshi, or does she not?” She won’t give an answer to any of the questions except this one.

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Nelisiwe Sibiya, who is 30 years old and plays Dr. Mbali on Durban Gen, admitted that she is frequently questioned by fans about whether or not she is a virgin.

Nelisiwe tells people to backoff!

“I attribute this to the fact that I always go out of my way to represent myself as a proud Zulu girl on various social media platforms, including the way that I dress in my traditional garb.” It’s hard for me to put it into words. However, when I’m dressed in a more conventional manner, I don’t mind when people compliment my beauty,” she said.

On the other hand, she won’t continue.

“I wear my clothes exactly how I want to, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to know whether or not I’m still a virgin. I wear my clothes the way I want because I’m the only one who cares. That is information that should only be shared with me and my family,” she stated.

Nelisiwe tells people to backoff!

She mentioned that a lot of people had asked her that question.

“As far as I’m concerned, that’s not the time or place to ask that question. There are those who believe that the way I present myself grants them the right to express their viewpoint. However, I’m not bothered by it,” was her response.

She stated that she believes having a career in the entertainment industry brings that with it.

She continued to smile as she continued to speak as she explained, “Unfortunately, I’ve never heard people asking a proud Zulu man if he is a virgin.”

She reported that some individuals had even inquired as to whether or not she intended to go to the Zulu Reed Dance.

Nelisiwe explained her absence by citing “personal reasons” for her decision to skip the dance.

There are also people who say she is dating industry men, and they accuse her of doing so.

There are some terrible people in the world who have the misguided notion that they have the right to criticize famous people. It has been suggested that I have romantic relationships with famous men. “However, I’m fortunate in that my family is understanding,” she said.

Her passion for different cultures attracts more than just critical comment.

At the South African Traditional Music Awards, which will take place this coming weekend in Mpumalanga, she is also up for consideration for the award for Best Traditional Influencer.

It is encouraging to see young public figures like Nelisiwe, who are confident in who they are and what they represent, according to Nomagugu Ngobese.

According to Nomagugu, a cultural activist and the founder of the Nomkhubulwane Culture and Youth Development Organization, the Zulu culture dictates that a woman’s status can be deduced from the clothing she wears.

“There is a certain way in which a virgin dresses. She does not conceal anything. A non-virgin woman will typically cover her private parts, including her breasts. “And a married woman also dresses in a particular manner,” the other person explained.

“Unfortunately, we live in times in which everyone brags about their constitutional rights rather than looking at what culture or tradition tells us,” said the author. “This is not the way things should be.”

She stated that the assertion that people have the right to question a woman’s virginity is not something that she is advocating.

She said, “But as women who love our culture, we must be the ones educating people about our culture and setting an example for other people to follow.”

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