Durben Gen actress, Nelisiwe Sibiya responds to a meme that makes fun of her teeth. 

Nelisiwe Sibiya responds to a meme that makes fun of her teeth. 

Nelisiwe Sibiya fought back against Facebook comments that made fun of the way her teeth look. After finding what looked like a salvo in her teeth, she posted it on Instagram. 

Nelisiwe Sibiya responds to a meme that makes fun of her teeth

She is kind of active on both Instagram and Facebook, and she reads almost everything that is said about her. Nelisiwe has always said that her smile isn’t perfect, but she still likes how it looks. 

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She also said that she has enough money to fix it, but she won’t because she loves her smile too much. Sibiya says she will always love it, not just for herself but especially for kids who have teeth like hers. 

Nelisiwe Sibiya responds to a meme that makes fun of her teeth. 

She keeps showing them how to act and trying to convince them that having different teeth from most people is not a big deal. By laughing it off, she made it clear that she didn’t find the post offensive. In the post, there was a meme that said women with teeth like hers look like Pitbulls. 

Nelisiwe Sibiya responds to a meme that makes fun of her teeth. 

They used her teeth as a reference point, and she laughed it off and asked why they would call her Pitbull and pick her picture out of all the others. The actress from Durban Gen still shows how tough she is and how nothing can stop her. 

Neliswe keeps becoming a favorite in Mzansi because she can laugh at herself. The meme said that her teeth looked like pitbull teeth and that women like her could kill someone if they wanted to. 

But the meme also praised women who looked like that, and she seemed to like it. Khaya Dladla and other Mzansi actors thought the joke was funny, and they couldn’t help but laugh along with her. 

What Causes Diastema or a Space Between Teeth, How to Treat It, and How to Stop It 

What is a Diastema? 

Diastema is a condition in which there is a gap between two or more teeth. Both kids and adults have it. The space can be between any teeth. But it’s easier to see the gap in the front teeth. When kids’ permanent teeth come in, this gap is sometimes filled on its own. 

Some people only care about how it looks, but for others it can be a serious threat to their dental health. Read on to find out what causes diastema, what its symptoms are, how to avoid it, and how to treat it. 

Why does diastema happen? 

Here are some things that could cause a diastema: 


Growth on Its Own 

Sometimes, kids get gaps in their front teeth because of how they grow. Between the ages of 6 and 8, it happens a lot. But in most people, this gap closes when the upper canines grow in. 

Position, size, and shape of teeth that aren’t right 

If your teeth are an odd shape, size, or position, you are more likely to have a gap. These teeth can’t keep each other from moving apart because they can’t put enough pressure on and support each other. 

Not enough teeth 

Most people who are missing teeth have missing or underdeveloped teeth around their upper front teeth. You can also call them the upper lateral incisors. This makes the front teeth spaced apart. 

Labial Frenum has grown up 

A piece of tissue called the labial frenum covers the inside of the upper lip and the gum above the upper front teeth. If this tissue grows too much, it can cause a space between the teeth. 


Periodontitis can also cause a space between your teeth. It is an infection or disease of the gums that hurts the tissues and bone around the teeth. So, your teeth become loose and you get a space between them. 

Swallowing Reflex That Doesn’t Work 

When you swallow, your tongue should press against the roof of your mouth. When you swallow wrong, your tongue pushes against your front teeth. This constant pressure can eventually lead to front teeth that are too far apart. 

Wrong Habits 

A child can get diastema from bad habits like biting their lower lips or sucking their thumb or finger. And getting a tongue piercing as an adult can make it happen. The pierced stud can stop the front teeth from growing in right because it keeps moving them. 

Teething in babies 

When baby or adult teeth fall out, it can leave a space between the teeth. But these gaps close up when the permanent teeth come in. 

Diastema Symptoms 

A gap between the teeth is the most obvious sign of diastema. Besides that, you may also have one or more of the following signs: 

Gums Pulling Away 

Swollen & Tender Gums 

Bad Breath Gums That Bleed 

Loose teeth and bright red gums 

Diastema Treatment 

If the gap is only temporary because the baby’s teeth are falling out, there is no need for treatment. It’s also not needed if it doesn’t hurt your teeth in any way. But you might decide to treat it just for how it looks. If you want to treat your diastema, you can do one of the following:- 

Braces are often used to fix teeth that are too far apart. It fixes a space between the teeth by putting pressure on them so they move closer together. You may need to wear a full set of braces even if you only need to close one gap. 


The thin piece of porcelain that is put on the front of your teeth is called a veneer. It is made to fit each patient’s needs. It helps most people with diastema caused by teeth that are too small. 

Treatment with Invisalign 

People know that Invisalign can fix teeth that are too far apart or not in the right place. This treatment is good for people of all ages. Since Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, they are a popular alternative to braces. 

Dental Implants 

When you are missing teeth, you should get a dental implant. A dental bridge is another name for it. It is a set of false teeth that are held in place by a metal screw that is put into your jawbones. A support is also attached to each side of the gap between the teeth. 

Treatment for Gum Disease 

When gum disease causes diastema, the dentist needs to treat the gum disease first. If not, the infection can spread and cause the tooth to fall out. The treatment for gum disease is to get rid of the tartar on your gums. 

Dental Bonding 

When one or more smaller teeth are to blame for a gap in your teeth, dental bonding can help close the gap. The resin is put on the surface of your teeth during this treatment. And light rays help to make it stronger. 

Surgery on teeth and jaws 

If you have a diastema because of a crooked frenum or a cyst, you may need orthodontic surgery. During the surgery, the extra tissue will be cut away. After the surgery is done, only then can the orthodontic treatment begin. 

Diastema Prevention 

Because of how nature works, you can’t stop diastema. But you can change some things about how you live to lower the risk. 

You should brush them twice a day. 

Once a day, floss. 

Help your kids break bad habits like sucking their thumbs. 

Teach your child the right way to swallow. 

Get your teeth cleaned by a professional and have regular dental checkups.

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