Doctors tell Somizi the sad news that he is left with only one month to live as he battles a deadly disease 

It is possible that he will serve as a judge on Idols South Africa. If he does, he will almost certainly be the show’s most hilarious and entertaining judge ever. It’s possible that he’s also one of the wealthiest personalities in South African television and radio.

However, despite living a wealthy lifestyle and likely being able to afford practically everything he requires, Somizi is said to spend each and every day fully aware of the fact that God could take away his life at any time.

Doctors tell Somizi the sad news that he is left with only one month to live as he battles a deadly disease 

A number of respectable businesses and individuals have already severed their links with the well-known choreographer, and they are distancing themselves from him.

Somizi Mhlongo, who shot to fame thanks to her participation in the cast of Sarafina, is now serving as a judge on Idols South Africa.

After hearing allegations of physical abuse made by Somizi’s ex-husband, Mohale Motaung, a number of businesses have distanced themselves from the entrepreneur.

Doctors tell Somizi the sad news that he is left with only one month to live as he battles a deadly disease 

These challenges were nothing in comparison to the life-threatening issues that Somizi has been facing for the past ten years. Somizi disclosed this information in an interview he gave to City Press in the year 2017, stating that he was given a fatal diagnosis in 1999 that had the potential to take his life within a period of six months and is incurable. He has stated that he will not identify the condition due to personal concerns.

It appears that Somizi pondered whether or not it was worthwhile to seek therapy while continuing to live with the chronic condition. The famous entertainer who is known for his wealth insists that he has never felt the need to reveal the nature of his illness to the general public.

Somizi added, “I haven’t had the confidence or the necessity to say which one it is between cancer, HIV, and diabetes.” She was referring to her health condition.

Doctors tell Somizi the sad news that he is left with only one month to live as he battles a deadly disease 

It was reportedly told to him that he only had one month left to live, but God had “other plans” for him almost six years ago.

Somizi explained that he was able to rise above his condition by cultivating a positive mind-set. This enabled him to do so despite the fact that there were many days when it all felt like too much.

On the other hand, Somizi’s only daughter, the actress Bahumi Madisakwane, disclosed in an episode of her father’s reality TV show, Living the Dream with Somizi, that she is afflicted with lymphoedema. This condition is characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the limbs or arms and is brought on by a blockage in the lymphatic system.

Doctors tell Somizi the sad news that he is left with only one month to live as he battles a deadly disease 

In the episode, Somizi celebrated her birthday by treating herself to a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps, despite the fact that her left and right feet are different sizes. Despite having this issue, she has not let it prevent her from accepting and loving who she is.

The multitalented actress also published a photo on her Instagram account, in which the image demonstrated that her two legs are not of identical proportions to one another. Because of this, her devoted followers began to interrogate her about the glaring discrepancy.

The post almost immediately attracted a number of comments, some of which were outright condescending and lacked empathy. A supporter posed the following question: “Why does it appear that one leg is shorter than the other?” They don’t seem to belong there at all. It’s peculiar. The commenter was given a tongue-lashing by Bahumi’s followers, who advised them to mind their own business.

The condition known as lymphoedema is described as being a form of swelling by MedlinePlus.

This condition arises when lymph accumulates in the soft tissues of the body. White blood cells, which are found in lymph, are responsible for the body’s immune response to foreign pathogens. When the lymph system is damaged or clogged, it can cause a buildup of the substance.

In most cases, lymphedema will affect either one of the arms or legs. It’s possible that both of your arms or legs will be impacted in some instances. It’s possible that some people will have swelling in their chest, head, or genital area.

Although lymphedema is an incurable illness, it can be managed effectively with the appropriate treatment.

Bahumi is afflicted with a condition that cannot be cured. Regarding the fan’s own terminal illness, the following is what she had to say: “I’m delighted that you could exhibit your genuine self… It took me years before I could come to terms with my predicament.

It will be challenging for someone to successfully fill the shoes that Somizi Mhlongo has occupied in the South African entertainment landscape.


The artist is known by his stage name, SomGaga, and he is a lot like the best friend you didn’t realize you were missing.

His eccentric demeanor is guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter for days on end. He cares about other people and has a wild attitude that will make you laugh when you’re feeling down.

The renowned musician has been compared to a variety of artists, including Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, among others.

He is undeniably a well-known figure. Despite the bright smile that he always wears, Somizi’s life hasn’t exactly been a fairy tale.

He recently tied the knot, and let’s just say that their big day was the wedding to end all weddings and an event for the history books. The wedding of Somizi and Mohale was a spectacular event, and the happy couple spared no expense in making it so. Without a shadow of a doubt, this one made it onto the list of “best weddings of the year.”

Dinner At Somizi’s

It has been suggested that Somizi Mhlongo, a larger-than-life television personality, stole the idea for his popular cooking show Dinner at Somizi’s. The popularity of the show in Mzansi can be attributed to the fact that it airs on 1 Magic and involves some of the most well-known names in the entertainment industry.

According to a screenshot that was obtained by the user @Eusebius on Twitter, Somizi and Themba were approached sometime in 2014 with the idea of creating a show that was quite similar to the one they were already hosting. On September 2, 2016, it is said that Hastings Moeng provided a treatment description of the show to the producer of Somizi’s current show Legend Manqele, and it is further stated that they took his concept in order to construct the show.

In their response, MultiChoice stated that they are aware of the allegations that have been made against the show and that they have made contact with Hastings Moeng.

When programming is commissioned from producers, such as in this instance, MultiChoice makes sure to get guarantees from those producers that all intellectual property rights related to the programme have been cleared. According to Benedict Maaga, a representative for MultiChoice, who spoke to Sowetan about the matter, “We contacted Mr. Moeng about a week ago to discuss the situation, and we are waiting for his response.”

However, as a result of Somizi’s response, a great number of individuals are currently in a state of bewilderment and are confused of what they should believe. Yet another user of Twitter has come forward to assert that Somizi stole their idea.

Somizi Is Rich

Others were green with envy when they saw the post that Somizi and his husband had made, and it’s safe to say that the couple knows how to party in high fashion.

The famous couple posted a picture of themselves online as they were traveling to Zimbali in the lap of luxury aboard a private plane for their own comfort.

Both Somizi and Mohale were carrying their signature Louis Vuitton bags and donned sweaters by Rich Mnisi that were the same shade of blue.

People left compliments on both Somizi’s and Mohale’s postings, praising the lavish items in the photo as well as the couple’s good luck in being able to travel to Durban on a private plane.

Somizi Arrested

In a video that quickly spread across social media, Somizi could be heard warning people that there would be an announcement and that the lockdown would be extended. The video was shot by Metro FM radio host and Somizi’s colleague, Dineo Ranaka, who posted it on Instagram Live. In the video, he makes a reference to Fikile Mbalula and claims that the minister briefed him on the situation.

On the other hand, Minister Fikile Mbalula has come forth to contradict Somizi’s claims. He insisted that he had not communicated with Somizi at any time during the lockdown and that he had not made him aware of any extensions that were granted.

The question is, therefore, how did Somizi find out about the news?

Even though Somizi later apologized for his acts and the Minister accepted his apology, he was still required to face the repercussions of those actions. The Department of Transport under Mbalula has said that they will be bringing legal action against Somizi. Fikile Mbalula is going to report to the Sandton Police Station in order to press charges against the celebrity for violating government lockdown rules that ban the circulation of false material.

Somizi turned himself in to the authorities and was arrested; however, he was ultimately released from detention after posting bail and is expected to appear in court soon.

Any individual who is found to be in violation of the law and engaged in the practice of information peddling is required to face the consequences of their actions.

Somizi Marriage

The wedding of Somizi and Mohale, his fiancée, is scheduled for September 2019 at the earliest. The couple will reportedly tie the knot on September 28 in an old-fashioned ceremony, as reported by the City Press. They have decided to have a traditional, white wedding in January of 2020.

Somizi has been very secretive about the details of his wedding, but it is widely expected to be the most spectacular event of the year.

Therefore, there was the conventional wedding, which included all of the glitz and glamour that the world has to offer. From the floral arrangements to the wedding cake, Somizi and Mohale spared no expense in making their big day a memorable one.

A number of well-known people, including as Nhlanhla Nciza and Rami Chuene, were in attendance at the wedding, and everyone looked absolutely stunning.

The traditional wedding was about to take place, and Somhale had just finished planning the most extravagant celebration that any of the groomsmen had ever attended. Take a peek at the activities that took place on their big day. We’re having chest pains as a result of their last-minute preparations for their big day, and if the groomsmen’s party was already this expensive, what can we expect from the actual wedding?

Wedding in White for Somizi

The long-awaited event provided fans with the opportunity to witness the union of their favorite couple for which they had been rooting. After the wedding, a great number of guests expressed their opinion that #Somhale had set a new standard for weddings and that their ceremony was the most memorable wedding of the year.

The couple spared no expense in putting on the most elaborate and expensive wedding that South Africa had ever witnessed. The couple had very specific ideas about how they wanted their special day to go, from the decorations to the attire that the A-list celebrities who attended wore. They made sure that everything met their exacting standards. The bride and groom chose to have an all-white wedding, and guests were asked to wear their most festive red bottoms.

The newlyweds specifically requested that their guests leave their cellphones at home for the duration of the wedding, so there were no social media updates during that time. That could strike one as odd, but they were in for a pleasant surprise when it turned out to be true. This was something that Somhale did because the location was so beautiful that he couldn’t leave without first taking some photographs.

One of the additional primary considerations that went into Somizi’s decision was the need to maintain the confidentiality of their wedding day until it was aired on Showmax.

As if the people of Mzansi hadn’t seen enough already, Somizi and Mohale recently disclosed that they plan to remarry in Italy, the country where all first started. Fans were encouraged to get their Louis Vuitton masks ready, but the couple has decided to postpone the wedding for the time being due to the COVID 19 virus epidemic. Fans are encouraged to get their Louis Vuitton masks ready. They are still looking for a new place to settle down, despite the fact that they will not be going to Italy any longer.

Somizi Showmax

If you were one of the supporters who couldn’t attend the big day, like we couldn’t since Somizi didn’t send us an invitation, she had something special prepared for you. Somizi took to social media in order to make the announcement that the most talked-about wedding of the year will be shown in its entirety only on Showmax. The first episode of the TV Special debuted on February 24, 2020, much to the excitement of the audience, and new episodes will continue to air every Monday through March 16, 2020.

Showmax is to thank for the show’s meteoric rise to the position of most-watched TV Special in Mzansi. According to Showmax, the show Somizi and Mohale: The Union has received more views on its first day on the streaming site than any Hollywood blockbuster program. This makes it the show with the most views overall.

Somizi Age

On December 23rd, 1972, Somizi was brought into this world. Somizi Buyani Mhlongo is the name that his parents gave him. He spent his childhood in the Soweto district of Johannesburg in South Africa.

The performer did not have a normal upbringing by any means. At a young age, he discovered a passion for performing on stage. At the age of 13, he landed his first acting role, and he hasn’t taken a break from the industry since then.

Somizi Family

Somizi’s mother, Mary Twala, and his father, Ndaba Mhlongo, were both well-known actors during Somizi’s childhood and throughout his life. Mary is now in her 80th year, and she has been employed in the entertainment industry for close to 60 of those years. She has had roles in certain feature films, including Vaya and Hopeville, among others.

Mary has also been a guest on a number of shows that air on local television, including Generations and The Imposter. She has been recognized for her acting with a SAFTA award. In 2019, Mary was awarded the National Order of Ikhamanga in silver, which is considered to be one of South Africa’s highest accolades.

In 2020, Somizi was forced to attend the funeral of his mother, who had passed away on July 4th of that year. According to what was written in the story, Somizi’s mother passed away at Parklane Private Hospital in a calm and serene manner about 11 in the morning.

Somizi’s father, Ndaba, was an actor, comedian, and assistant director during his career. He has had appearances in a variety of films as well as plays, some of which include Bad Company and Strike Force. Ndaba was considered for a Tony Award in the category of choreography in 1988 for his work on the production of Sarafina!

Regularly, Somizi went to the theater with his parents just like he did when he was a kid.

When I was seven years old, I registered for my very first year of elementary school. After being away from them for a period of six months, I finally decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and made the decision to return home with them. On the show The Close Up that airs on eTV, he made a comment in 2014.

The younger brother of Somizi was named Archie. In 1985, he was the victim of a heinous crime that took place in a bar.

Somizi Jobs

Somizi is well-known in the dance community for his work as a performer and choreographer. Scavengers was the first film in which he appeared as an actor, and it was released in 1987. As a result of his role in the critically acclaimed movie Sarafina!, he has entered the annals of history. Whoopi Goldberg, Miriam Makeba, and Leleti Khumalo had outstanding performances as the lead characters in the musical that was produced in 1992.

While his mother Mary made an appearance in the movie, his father Ndaba was involved in the production of the Broadway remake. Somizi’s other filmography includes such titles as Cry, the Beloved Country and Black Beulahs.

Somizi is a famous dancer and choreographer in her own right. Gert Sibande was the man behind the choreography for both the musical drama How Long? as well as the production The Lion of the East. One of the highlights of his career was being the choreographer for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which took place in South Africa.

Additionally, he has contributed his talents to high-profile shows such as Miss South Africa, the South African Music Awards, and the Metro FM Awards.

Somizi Songs

In addition to her roles as an actor and choreographer, Somizi also performs as a vocalist. One of his most recent songs is called “Ngibonile,” and it was produced in 2017 in partnership with DJ and record producer Mkhululi “Heavy K” Siqula. The celebrity’s admirers were excited to hear his new music, but he insisted on not releasing an album since he was “just having fun” and wanted to get people dancing.

Somizi TV

Since he first began his profession when he was young, Somizi has been on multiple occasions on various television programs. He is probably most recognized for his performances on the South African version of Idols. He began his tenure in the singing competition working as a choreographer before being elevated to a position on the judging panel. Somizi has also been on a number of other television shows, including City Ses’la, Dance Your Butt Off, 10 Over 10, Zaziwa, and Zero Tolerance.

His very own reality program, titled Living the Dream With Somizi, has just begun broadcasting (LTDW). On the Roast of Somizi that was broadcast on Comedy Central in 2018, he allowed his coworkers to make fun of him.

In 2017, Somizi also released his very own fitness DVD, which is titled Grind With Somizi.

Somizi Girlfriends

Even though Somizi is now out as gay, he acknowledges that there was a time when he was “confused” about his sexuality. His parents never questioned his sexuality and were completely accepting of his way of life. His sexuality was never an issue in their household.

“My family was supportive of me as I prepared myself for what was to come. This was not because I was confused or fearful of society; rather, it was because I was still learning how to manage some of the difficult situations I would meet. In an interview with the Sunday World, he made the following statement: “Your parents believe me when I say that they have known about your sexual preferences since the beginning of time, based on your behavior.”

Before coming out as gay, Somizi dated a few different ladies and had a few different girlfriends. Palesa Madisakwane, who is also an actress, was one of his boyfriends.

Somizi Baby Mamas

Bahumi is the name of Somizi and Palesa Madisakwane’s daughter together. Bahumi is an actress. The judge on Idols South Africa initially confused Palessa for a bisexual when he first came into contact with him.

“When Bahumi’s mother came up to me and said, ‘I am drawn to you,’ I told her I’m bisexual. She was shocked. I didn’t say I am straight, I didn’t say no. I informed her that I am seeing someone. And he told Kaya FM that at the time he believed he was bisexual. “And she said ‘oh okay, if you are bisexual, it means you date both sexes?’ and I said yes because at the time I thought I was bisexual,” he said.

When Palesa found out she was pregnant, he made a promise to her that he would “forever be a father and a daddy to our child.” However, he was unable to keep this promise because he recently came to the conclusion that he is homosexual, not bisexual. Palesa was devastated when he broke the news to her. In spite of the fact that they were no longer together, he was looking forward to being a parent to their future child.

During an appearance on The Close Up, he explained, “I wanted to have a child because I felt like that’s part of my purpose on earth.”

Somizi Breakups

At the present, Somizi is going to marry Mohale Motaung as her fiance. They didn’t know one other until 2017, when they were both guests at an event hosted by Louis Vuitton and Mot & Chandon. The champagne launch was exclusively available to a select group of twenty customers. After that, Mohale sent him a direct message on Instagram, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mohale was also spotted at a book signing for Somizi’s memoir, Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, which Mohale was hosting. Mohale was also present at this event.

In 2018, on a very special and romantic trip to Paris, Somizi popped the question.

The narrator states, “I carried it out.” We were standing on the “love lock” bridge, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. “It’s very clear that I watch far too many movies,” he said.

In the beginning of 2019, rumors flew like wildfire that Somizi and Mohale had ended their relationship. The pair has decided to no longer follow one another on Instagram. The fight between the two couples’ lovers was swiftly settled, and they both resumed posting photos of themselves together online.

Somizi Rumours

Somizi’s life has provided material for the tabloids for a considerable amount of time. The allegation that Somizi wanted to shut down the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg in order to celebrate an extravagant Easter wedding is one of the most outlandish that has been spread about him. According to the Sunday Sun, Somizi had made reservations at four different locations in preparation for all of the celebrations they planned to throw in 2018 in honor of their love.

Because he will be entertaining a huge number of guests and will require as much space as is possible, he has already made reservations at the bridge venue. In addition to this, he wants his wedding to be the topic of conversation in the community. A mole provided the magazine with information.

It turned out that the rumors were not true. Easter came and went without a single wedding-related revelation coming our way.

Somizi Controversy

The luxurious lifestyle that Somizi maintains has been the subject of much discussion. Because it is believed that he did not pay his taxes, the taxman assessed him a fine of R3.4 million.

“After going to the SARS offices, I was taken into custody. I lost it in front of them and started crying. I was unable to stop bawling my eyes out… They had the intention of stealing my automobile. I let them know that the vehicle was not mine to begin with. They compelled the sale of my home to a third party. I made an effort to put a stop to it by considering other options that would allow me to escape the muddle without having to sell my house. It proved to be challenging. Somizi is the author of the Dominoes book titled Unbreakable Spirit.

It was alleged that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) auctioned off some of his belongings in 2018, including expensive handbags, a couch covered in crocodile leather, and more than 80 pairs of designer sunglasses.

Between the years 2006 and 2009, Somizi struggled financially, was mired in debt, and struggled with depression. Between the years 2006 and 2009, he was destitute, mired in debt, and living a miserable existence. However, he now has the financial means to go on shopping excursions in opulent cities such as Paris, Milan, and New York.

“It was quite challenging, and I sobbed virtually single day. Now that the day was over, I was finally able to relax and enjoy the evening, and I had high hopes for the next day. But every time I woke up and realized I was still in the same place, I immediately began sobbing all over again. I started withdrawing within myself more and more, he wrote in his book, he claimed.

The fact that his relationship with Bonang Matheba, who was beloved by the media in South Africa, had come to an end was another cause for concern. Late in 2015, their friendship came to an end; however, in 2018, they reconciled and are back to being the best of friends.

Somizi Cars

The celebrity has been known to own a variety of luxurious automobiles in the past, including a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon that cost R2 million and a BMW i8 that cost R1.7 million. According to the reports, he sold the BMW to contribute to the payment of his SARS due.

The Value of Somizi’s Estate

Although no one knows for certain, it is speculated that Somizi has a net worth in the millions of South African Rand. The artist reportedly has a net worth of approximately R74 million ($5 million), as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

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