DJ Zinhle accused of controlling Murdah Bongz

DJ Zinhle received backlash on Black Twitter for her authoritative behavior with her young husband Murdah Bongz. Her romantic life is quickly turning into a standard reality TV plotline.

Since she came under fire for dating a much younger man, DJ Zinhle has been at the forefront of pop culture conversation. It is interesting to note that she favors them when they are young and fresh, similar to how Zodwa Wabantu does. Mzansi has called her out for being dictatorial and overbearing despite the fact that she is trying to play the holy card.

DJ Zinhle accused of controlling Murdah Bongz

When she announced not so long ago that she enjoyed dating younger men, she quickly became the talk of the town. She made the brazen admission that in her romantic relationships, age is nothing more than a number. However, she does have one requirement: they must be in their younger years. In the wake of these audacious views, Mzansi seems to have begun connecting the dots regarding her love light, which has propelled her into top trends for all the wrong reasons.

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A few days ago, praise was being heaped onto Zinhle, but it appears that this acclaim has since died down somewhat. A number of users on Twitter published on their timelines a slew of posts criticizing DJ Zinhle’s behavior. The rumor among many people is that that her marriage to Murdah Bongz won’t hold up. Some people on Twitter are under the impression that DJ Zinhle is a negative person in general. It would appear that Mzansi does not have a position on anything, ranging from a model to an abuser. It is being said that she is a control freak when it comes to her lover, Murdah Bongz.

“DJ Zinhle is quite controlling with both her boyfriend and her friends, and she wants to take the lead in everything. This marriage, too, will not stand the test of time. She’s an old woman with a bunch of young boys, and she gives out negative vibes.

DJ Zinhle has not commented on any of the recent developments. They only recently became husband and wife, but they already have a child together. In spite of everything that has been stated, they have been providing Mzansi with more than just goals that have impressed them. On the other hand, this is not the first time that Mzansi has called DJ Zinhle out. A few of months ago, she was the subject of a barrage of criticism on Twitter after she was accused of being the driving force behind Murdah Bongz’s decision to end his relationship with Black Motion.

The word on the street is that Zinhle was the one who convinced him to hang it up. In the midst of all, Mzansi has been attempting to piece together information regarding the age gap between them. Zinhle is pretty much older than Murdah Bongz, much like AKA was in this situation.

Zinhle was born on the 30th of December 1983 in the town of Dannhauser, which is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She will be 39 years old in the year 2022. The fact that Zinhle is four years older than AKA, the ex-boyfriend she broke up with in 2020, is an intriguing coincidence. AKA was also her ex-boyfriend at the time. Murdah Bongz came into the world on June 9th, 1987.

DJ Zinhle Told Not To Brag About Her Husband. The way that she is rubbing her husband in front of the Tweeps is not impressing them in the least.

As DJ Zinhle continues to show her joy for the most recent record released by her spouse, her followers have begun to rain on her parade. The day before yesterday, DJ Zinhle extended his congratulations to Morda on the release of his debut solo album by sending him a sample of his most recent body of work.

J Zinhle Told Not To Brag About Her Husband. The way that she is rubbing her husband in front of the Tweeps is not impressing them in the least.

Tweeps have effectively ordered DJ Zinhle to take a few seats in the process of appreciating the most recent solo album released by her spouse. DJ Zinhle shared the moment she was most proud of her work on the Morda album on Twitter, but it seems that her followers have had enough of her ‘gloating’ about her accomplishments at this point.

“Guys. I cannot express how proud I am of my hubby. #morda “wrote DJ Zinhle

Twitter users who are offended by her comments believe that she is gloating about Morda’s record. Twitter users continue to hold DJ Zinhle responsible for the breakup of the band Black Motion, which has made her life more challenging than she could have ever imagined. Since Morda announced going solo after he was romantically involved with DJ Zinhle, DJ Zinhle has had to weather the storm of taking the blame for the breakup of Black Motion. However, DJ Zinhle has been able to weather the storm successfully.

“Wahlukanisa iBlack Motion wena” written Nkanyiso Ngcobo

It is a well-known truth that DJ Zinhle is a great deal older than Morda, who is her husband. This is the reason why tweeps are still making fun of DJ Zinhle for being with a “ben 10” at every step. A “ben 10” is a relationship in which the boyfriend is younger than the woman. Because of the age difference between her and Morda, it is obvious that tweens will always be breathing down DJ Zinhle’s neck. despite the fact that they keep pointing the finger at her for it.

“The one you have complete command over, like a puppy?” written Duboyz

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