DJ Tira finally speaks after him dating the Qwabe twins rumor broke the internet

DJ Tira finally speaks after him dating the Qwabe twins rumor broke the internet

Following Reed Dance Drama, DJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins have a conversation about their connection. When the Qwabe Twins, Viggy and Virginia, revealed that they had never been sxually active before the age of two, the news spread like wildfire. However, this prevented them from taking part in the ceremonial of the Reed Dance, and Mzansi felt certain that there was something wrong with the way things were being handled.

To make matters even more difficult, the twins have made it abundantly apparent that they do not want to be touched in any way. Mzansi made an effort to make sense of the turmoil surrounding their claims and link the dots. There are moments when using social media can be quite cruel, and we can all agree on that.

DJ Tira finally speaks after him dating the Qwabe twins rumor broke the internet

Numerous photographs of the twins engaging in intimate behavior with DJ Tira went viral on social media, prompting many people to wonder if they were really being truthful when they claimed to be virgins.

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On the other side, Mzansi asserts that DJ Tira is currently involved in a romantic connection with the twins. We can all concur that this has been circulating on various social media platforms for quite some time. Former participants on Idols South Africa are celibate at this time.

The fact that they participated in the Reeds dance appeared to have put things to rest. DJ Tira has provided a response to the alarming charges that have harmed his career in the wake of the allegations that have ruined DJ Tira’s reputation. in attempt to disprove the assertions that were made.

One cannot conform to the hurtful things that other people say on social media since there are so many of them. What you can do is live your life in a way that is better for you, and that is something that you can do.

The statements were debunked further by the Qwabe Twins. They made it clear by attending the Reed Dance held at the palace in Nyokeni KwaNongoma, but they also gave interviews to the local media.

While chatting on the sidelines with Isolezwe, the cheerful twins disclosed that although they have never missed a Reed Festival, their attendance this year was especially important since they were determined to disprove the allegations that had been made against them.

The rumors that we have been sleeping with our father, DJ Tira, and that we are pregnant were the thing that devastated us the most. It was excruciating because we were unable to argue with individuals because it was their right to have their opinion.

Despite their controversial departure from Idols SA, the talented Qwabe twins have carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry. Mzansi was taken aback by the incredible performances of the Twins both while they were there and after they had left. Since then, there have been numerous reports about them in the media. After making a deal with Dj Tira, the duo shot to prominence almost overnight.

They have not been active in the music industry for a very long time, but they have already achieved the highest levels of success. After their contentious exit from the singing competition, the twins went on to work with DJ Tira on the production of the smash hit song “Hamba.”

Biography of DJ Tira, including his age, wife, children, and net worth

DJ Tira has been working tirelessly to elevate South African music, doing everything from fostering the career of Big Nuz to composing the Gqom rhythm that shook the streets of Mzansi in 2017.

Biography of DJ Tira, including his age, wife, children, and net worth

Yes, he is a family man dripping with swagger who manages to juggle both his family and his fame, and he is here to demonstrate that a successful black man can also be superman. The renowned musician DJ Tira is the subject of this biography, which digs deeper into the details of his name, age, net worth, family, and everything else that draws attention.

DJ Tira Career

How did DJ Tira ascend to such a high level of prominence?

DJ Tira moved to Durban in 1979 after being born in a rural community in the province of KwaZulu-Natal called KwaHlabisa. It was at the University of Natal, when he was pursuing a degree in human resources, that he discovered his enthusiasm for dealing with vinyls. His first record, which was a compilation album and went by the name Real Makoya and was released in the year 2001 under his own name. It featured DJ Khabzela. In 2005, Kalawa Jazzme becomes his label, and at that point, DJ Tira begins to make significant headway in his career.

Where exactly did DJ Tira receive his training to become a DJ?

It is true that practice makes perfect, and this idea becomes visible for DJ in 1996 when he purchases his first vinyl record in order to learn the dexterity. The DJ would perform at a variety of venues, including popular nightclubs, weddings, private parties, and parties held on campus. He made it a point to knock everyone out at every show that he presented, which allowed him to get better at his art. In due course, DJ Tira launches M1 Entertainment.

DJ Tira’s journey through the history of music up to the present.

Even the darkest night cannot extinguish the radiance of a star, and DJ Tira is one star whose brilliance will never fade. In the year 2001, he is successful in winning the Smirnoff South African DJ Knockout competition. His win tips the scales of victory in his favor. After a period of four years, Tira collaborates with Kalawa Jazzme on the publication of three compilation albums and then goes on to found Durban Finest alongside Sox.

DJ Tira became a skilled record producer after gaining a lot of knowledge and expertise over a period of seven years. Because of this, he established a recording studio in 2007 under the name “Afrotainment,” and he signed DJ Cndo as his first artist. This opens up opportunities for him as a music producer, and he follows it up by signing Big Nuz.

The skilled DJ goes on to release a solo project called Ezase Afro Vol. 1, which features a number of well-known artists, including Bricks, Joocy of Afrosoul, and Daddy to name just a few. The solo project becomes a major success, selling more than 20,000 copies in total.

DJ Tira is featured on two tracks that were released the year after, “Ubala Lolo” by Big Nuz and “Mahamba Yedwa” by DJ Clock. DJ Tira continues his search for new musical talent, and in 2019 he comes across the Qwabe twins. Together, they collaborate on the song “Hamba,” which was released later that year.

Is it true that DJ Tira was the originator of the Gqom sound?

When Gqom initially arrived in Mzansi and other African streets in 2017, it was an incredible experience that none of us will ever forget. When the Gqom beat plays, the crowds are made to dance till they pass out, and DJ Tira and his team deserve praise for their efforts in this regard.

DJ Tira Albums Ezase Afro Vol:1 ( December 2013)

How many accolades does DJ Tira have under his belt?

It is to be expected that an artist of his caliber would have garnered a great number of accolades throughout the course of his career.

Awards and Candidate Consideration
The compilation CD “Metro FM Awards: Durban’s Finest Vol. 1,” which was out in 2004, was awarded the trophy for “Best Compilation album.”

DJ Tira embodies all that is meant to be referred to as swagger, and he has been recognized for it. In 2019, he is honored with the title of GQ Best Dressed, and he expresses indescribable gratitude for the honor.

Who is DJ Tira’s wife, if anyone knows?

DJ Tira is here to challenge the conventional wisdom and break the stereotype that successful guys are necessarily playboys. He is a family man in addition to having swagger, good looks, and financial success. Gugu Khami, who is known for her impeccable taste and beauty, is DJ Tira’s wife. DJ Tira is a father to three kids: two sons named Junior and Chase, and a daughter named Tira (Gigi). It appears that his children have inherited his talent, since they are currently following in his footsteps and aspiring to have the same kind of job as he does.

How much money does DJ Tira have in the bank?

DJ Tira has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million USD.

DJ Tira is able to support himself financially thanks to guest appearances, the sale of albums and concert tickets, sponsorship deals, and the operation of his own record label, “Afrotainment.”

DJ Tira has increased their pricing.
All that is glitzy and glamorous comes at a high price, and the glitzy star DJ Tira demonstrates his worth by raising costs. The record producer recently stated in a tweet, “For any artists/DJs that want Chikichikichaaaaaa on their songs…. the price has gone up! R50k. Verse is R70k. Chorus costs R100 thousand.” If an artist wants to book him for a feature on any song, they need to make sure that they have all of their currencies in order beforehand. DJ Tira is known for his ad-lib, “Chikichikichaaaaaa,” and the general public was not pleased with the expensive charges he charged.

It’s a FACT that Durban Rocks

Dj Tira founded the music collective fact Durban Rocks a little more than ten years ago out of his passion for music. The event has established itself as the top bi-annual event in KZN and SA for the best Mzansi hip hop, house, kwaito, gqom, and amapiano music, among other genres. 18 500 people attend each event twice a year, on the first Saturday of July and on the 31st of December, with 3.2 million viewers tuning in to watch the New Year’s Eve live show on SABC1.

How many vehicles does Dj Tira have at his disposal?

The record producer has a luxurious garage that houses at least four automobiles, including a white convertible, a Range Rover SVR sport, a silver BMW, and a Merc G Wagon. It is expected of a famous DJ to pull up in flashy wheels, and this individual is doing an outstanding job of meeting that expectation.

DJ Tira: an international ambassador for South African music?

The record producer has faith in South African musicians and is working hard to increase their visibility in other parts of the world. In the year 2019, DJ Tira is a guest on Beats 1 radio in the United States. He demonstrated to the host and the rest of the country what Mzansi is capable of producing musically.

In New York City, where he was promoting Amapiano, Gqom, and house music, he took to Instagram and shared his experiences there with his followers. If Sho Madjozi’s “John Cena” was able to move John Cena to tears, then clearly any American is able to appreciate South African music.

Have we just witnessed Pharrell’s acceptance of the gqom genre?

“Pharrell heard this sound while he was in South Africa for the Global Citizen festival. Because South Africa is the only place in the world where you can hear this sound. He was startled by the noise and exclaimed, “Aye, what is this sound?! ” He was having a conversation with Black Coffee. This is not Black Coffee’s typical mode of operation.

Therefore, Black Coffee is thinking, “All right, who should I call?” Who among the people I know best embodies the sound?’ So he gives me a call. Before adding something else, DJ Tira asks, “Gimme a beat.” I’m currently with Pharrell, and he’s completely out of his mind. He is interested in engaging in some activity. I rap to him and send it to him. After that, on the same day, Pharrell goes into the studio and lays the vocals. The phrase “Midas touch” comes to mind.

The dispute between DJ Tira and Mampintsha.
The Big Nuz star’s decision to branch out on his own and create his own record label, “West Ink Records,” did not put a strain on DJ Tira’s connection with him.

The fact that Mampintsha chose to pursue a solo career was not the problem; rather, it was the deceitful behavior of the Big Nuz singer that tore apart their friendship. DJ Tira wanted Babes Wodumo to perform at an event, and Mampintsha only needed to make a few adjustments to the booking cost. Despite this, when some time had passed, the two embraced one another and made up, thereby rekindling their friendship.

DJ Tira has been criticized for his lack of communication with Babes Wodumo.
The well-known record producer and DJ absolutely qualifies for an award for staying out of other people’s business. This is a positive development, despite the fact that Mzansi teased him about it.

When Mampintsha assaulted Babes Wodumo, Masses accused DJ Tira of not caring about what happened and doing nothing about it. But hey, the two had previously kissed and made up, so maybe DJ Tira knew it would end up this way, and he probably understood that he would look silly afterward. However, the DJ said that he was clueless about what was going on, though he did make it clear that he was willing to help the couple in any way he could.

Should one’s personal life and professional life be kept separate?

DJ Tira was doing what he does best when he became the target of criticism on social media for promoting Mampintsha’s tune. The internet has been turned into a battleground, with many people attacking Zulu guys and accusing them of being rude. Gugu and DJ Tira probably feel bad about posting a video of themselves singing along to Mampinthsa’s song because they did it. Should we, however, avoid listening to beautiful music if the musician in question has questionable morals?

DJ Tira’s wife is involved in a fight with a neighbor.

“First, they attacked my son, and then they retaliated by assaulting me. It was his younger brother who hurried over to me and informed me to “come see what these folks done.” I hurried over to their house to inquire as to what my son had done to warrant such treatment, but they gave me the cold shoulder when I asked.

The woman whose name was Cindy approached me and shoved me with such force that I was thrown from the garage into the street where the bicycle was located. I was able to land on it. Khathi reveals to the officers that she is currently in a state in which she is unable to walk.

Gugu had no choice but to take action when the O’Neils pushed her to her breaking point because it appears that DJ Tira’s neighbor has a grudge against his family. Gugu admits that she was the one who punched O’Neil in the face, but she says that she was only advocating for her son at the time. There are times when a woman feels like a Mama Bear, and nobody can blame her for that.

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