Connie Ferguson’s private picture Ieaked

Actress Connie Ferguson of “The Queen” felt vulnerable after her friend, Juliana Haimbodi, published a photo of them from their college days.

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Connie has been one of Mzansi’s top actresses and most well-known personalities for a number of years. She has matured into quite the person, as seen by her recent win as DSTV Viewers Personality of the Year. The name “Connie Ferguson” is instantly associated with sophistication and achievement.

Many of Connie’s followers were perplexed since they remembered her as a large woman who married the late, famous actor Shona Ferguson.

Connie had spent years working on her physique by, among other things, frequenting the gym, employing personal trainers, and eating a carefully controlled diet. She has maintained her fitness level and no longer appears to be in her fifties.

Don’t get the wrong idea; Connie hasn’t always looked as stunning as she does now on screen. Thanks to her childhood friend Juliana, we were able to witness a side of Connie we never would have otherwise.

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson felt exposed after an old acquaintance posted a supposed ‘private’ picture.

Everyone has embarrassing photos they’d rather stay secret, but one of Connie’s did the unthinkable: it went viral. In order to design such a picture, her old acquaintance had to delve into the archives.

Connie Ferguson’s private picture Ieaked

The fifty-two-year-old actress gave the impression that she was in her late twenties or early thirties. Just like everyone else, Juliana had a good giggle at the realization that she looked quite thin in the shot.

Connie, on the other hand, was speechless after viewing the antique photograph. Seeing such a photo again in Juliana’s Instagram stories must have come as a complete shock to Connie, who had likely forgotten all about it. Connie didn’t have anything to say, so she just said:

To become one of Mzansi’s hottest properties, Connie Ferguson had to figure out how to change her body.

Connie has changed drastically from the woman in the photo to a desirable body type for women her age. Connie did not achieve her current body type just through genetics; rather, she spent a lot of time in the gym. She’s in her 70s, yet she works out like she’s 25. She looks more active and enthusiastic as she ages.

Connie’s savings have grown throughout the years, too, which is a major role in her financial security. The actress no longer has to make do with what’s available in the kitchen because she can afford to buy the food that helps her body stay in shape. If you’re interested in learning more about Connie Ferguson’s daily routine, you can help yourself by following her on social media.

Here is what intarez knows about Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson Age

Connie (Masilo) Ferguson is an actress who was born on June 10, 1970 to her parents, Fish Masilo and Margaret Masilo. She is currently 51 years old. She was raised in the town of Lobatse, which is located in South-Eastern Botswana. She was born in Kimberley, which is located in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

Connie Ferguson Family

Aaron ‘Shona’ Ferguson, Connie Ferguson’s husband and a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, passed away on June 26, 2021 as a result of complications caused by COVID-19. Connie Ferguson became a widow not too long ago. Aaron ‘Shona’ Ferguson was married to Connie Ferguson.

In the year 2001, the couple tied the knot. Alicia Ferguson is the name of the couple’s kid together; she was born to them. The name Boitshwarelo Ferguson refers to Connie’s mother-in-law.

Follow this link to continue reading about Connie and Shona’s celebration of Lesedi’s birthday.

During the years 1993 to 1998, Connie Ferguson was married to the actor Neo Matsunyane, and the couple shares a daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson. After their divorce in 1998, Connie Ferguson remarried a man whose name is not Neo Matsunyane. To this day, Connie and Neo, her ex-husband, continue to be good friends. Additionally, she is the grandmother of her eldest daughter’s son, Ronewa, who is raised by her daughter Lesedi.

Atoise Pilane, Connie’s younger sister, frequently has positive things to say about her older sibling, Connie. She lauds her for the remarkable path she has chosen to follow all the way through her life.

On July 25, 2013, Connie’s mother, Margaret Masilo, passed away, which was a terrible loss. This past year, Connie paid tribute to her late mother in an incredibly heartfelt statement that she shared on Instagram.

“My QUEEN, my MOMS, my ANGEL. You have been gone from this world for eight years today. At that particular moment, I had no idea how any of us were going to be able to function or make it through life without you, the glue that kept everything together. However, the Lord’s mercy has carried us through this difficult time, and He remains our source of strength and refuge. She put pen to paper.

Connie Ferguson Career

Connie Ferguson is well-known for her Motswana origin, and along with her many accomplishments, she is a source of pride for the nation of Botswana.

Aside from her work as an actress, Connie is also known for her accomplishments in the fields of producing, modeling, investing, and running her own business.

Connie starred on the television shows Live With the Ferguson Family (2001) and Madiba in addition to her role as the lead character Karabo Moroka on Generations, which she played (2004).

When she was a little girl, Connie’s dream was to sing in Gauteng alongside the South African performer Abigail Kubeka as well as the Nigerian entertainer Kole Wajee. Both of these performers were from Nigeria.

In the same year, 2003, Connie also starred in the series Love by Many Ways. Because of this employment, she was able to bring in a staggering R2.1 million.

In 2010, Connie made the announcement that she would be leaving the Soapie Generations. She did this in the hopes of gaining exposure to a wider range of potential job paths. She parted ways with the show on a positive note and then came back after four years to contribute to the relaunch of Generations: The Legacy.

Prior to her departure from Generations in 2010, Connie landed a lead role in the M-Net hit show The Wild, which was filmed on an African game farm and featured her late husband Shona Ferguson as a co-star. The Wild was a smash hit in South Africa. However, in April of 2013, the show was pulled from the air.

In 2010, Connie Ferguson, along with her sister Shona Ferguson, established the production firm Ferguson Films.

Additionally, Connie Ferguson has been heaped with praise for her ever-youthful beauty, with praises such as “aging like a good wine” being among the most common. The online streets are buzzing over Connie’s killer abs, which are a direct result of her rigorous exercise routine, which contributes to her already stunning appearance.

Connie hadn’t been seen on the small screens for a little while since the passing of her husband, so this was a surprise (which felt like an eternity for her fans). However, she has just recently shared a video of herself working on set a month and a half after her husband’s passing by posting it on social media.

Connie Ferguson Controversy

After accusing the mogul’s company, Koni International Brands, of stealing their packaging for their men’s products in 2017, the owner of Nivea, Beiersdorf, made the announcement that the company intended to sue the mogul’s business, Koni International Brands. Nivea discovered that the line of shower gels and lotions marketed under the brand name Connie Bodycare is an exact replica of their own product line.

Connie argued her case in front of the highest court in the land, claiming that Nivea is an abusive business that she had to defend herself against. After over a year had passed, a decision was finally reached, and unfortunately, it was not good news for the celebrity or her brand in any way.

Vatiswa Ndara, an actress who has won multiple awards, decided to write an open letter to Nathi Mthethwa, who is the minister of arts and culture in South Africa. By doing so, she has opened a can of worms. In the letter, she accused Connie and Shona of exploiting actors and treating them in an inhumane manner while working for Ferguson Films. She placed the blame squarely on their shoulders.

The actress disclosed in the statement that she nearly miscarried her child as a result of the stress that she underwent at the hands of the Fergusons. This was one of the points that was made within the document.

Recently, Ferguson Films broke their silence in response to what they consider to be false, deceptive, and misdirected claims made by the actress Vatiswa Ndara.

Shona Ferguson and Connie Ferguson, who operate under the business name Ferguson Films, have sent a statement to the press through the medium of their legal agent, Brendon de Kooker.

“Because we are both working actors and producers, we are well aware of the difficulties that are present in the entertainment industry. We are completely on board with the idea that the sector needs to be regulated, and we believe that the Performance Protection Amendment Bill should be signed into law as quickly as possible. Having said that, the charges that have been made by a variety of performers do not reflect the real position that the industry holds, and they paint an inaccurate picture that may lead the general public astray.

Further consideration was given to a selection of Vatiswa Ndara’s comments within the statement.

“We attempted to negotiate with the actress and her agent in good faith and within the scope of applicable production agreement; however, the agent subsequently recused himself from negotiations, and thereafter we dealt with her manager.” “We attempted to negotiate with the actress and her agent in good faith and within the scope of applicable production agreement.” They made it quite apparent that Ms. Ndara would not settle for anything less than R700 000 for the five-week shoot. We, on the other hand, as we were unable to meet her financial demand due to contractual restraints, had every right to move on amicably, which is what we tried to do. She had every right to decline our offer, which she did. She had every right to do so.

The following was stated in the address concerning residuals and royalties: “Just like actors, the production firm is not guaranteed work, regardless of whether or not the play is performing. We do not own the shows that we produce under commission, and as a result, we have neither the right nor the ability to have any input about what occurs with the programmes after they have been delivered in their final form to the broadcaster.

When Connie was the subject of a controversy about colorism because of a photo of her dressed in blackface, she found herself in the eye of the storm. She had uploaded the picture to several social media platforms and shared it. Connie Ferguson appeared in the photo disguised as a housekeeper, and her hair was visible through the openings in the hat that she wore. The photo quickly gained widespread attention at the time.

Others flocked to Twitter to call out the actress for the insensitive photo, despite the fact that a great number of individuals, including a number of celebrities, considered the shot to be humorous. However, Connie did receive support from a few people, who argued that because she is an actor, the incident was simply her getting into character.

The sum of money owned by Connie Ferguson.

According to estimates, Connie Ferguson has a monthly income of R75,000 and a net worth of $2 million. Her estimated income per month is R75,000 also.

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