Congratulations: Gomora actress Mazet is now pregnant

Many of the Gomora fans have, for a very long time, expressed a strong desire to learn more about the personal lives of Ntokozo and Mazet. Regrettably, the two celebrities had kept their romantic relationship so secret that, as of the year 2020, no one was certain of the status of their relationship.

Congratulations: Gomora actress Mazet is now pregnant

Finally, Gomora actress Mazet “Siphesihle Ndaba” showed his boyfriend to Mzansi while they hinted that she was pregnant, which caused Ntokozo to feel jealous. Fans have been eager to learn more about Mazet’s significant other ever since she joined Gomora, and here he is at last!

Congratulations: Gomora actress Mazet is now pregnant

Since they both joined Gomora, the two young stars have been very close to one another, and during their time on the show, they fell deeply in love with each other. Things went from bad to worse when Ntokozo fell in love with Buhle following Mazet’s injury, which resulted in the two of them having a difficult time getting along with one another.

Things have calmed down a bit between them, and the two celebrities are now working together, but that does not mean that they are romantically involved with one another. Mazet is currently in a romantic relationship with another person who steals cars, known as Zibuko “Senzo Radebe,” and the two appear to be a perfect match for one another.

In point of fact, the hunt for Mazet’s boyfriend after the latter revealed him to the world in a TikTok video. The two lovebirds made a statement that the fans found particularly surprising. Is Mazet pregnant?

While sharing a video of Mazet’s stomach on TikTok, he and his boyfriend played around with the idea of pregnancy. The man rubbed Mazet’s belly to demonstrate how large it appeared, and she responded with genuine interest as he did so.

Together, they asked an unexpected question about expecting; they boldly stated that they were not expecting anything, which did not convince many fans, including fellow Gomora star Ntokozo. Together, they questioned whether or not they should be expecting anything.

After watching the video, Ntokozo voiced his displeasure and blamed Mazet, whom he perceived as a jealous opponent, for removing her from the game during the first half. In his response, Mazet gave Ntokozo the assurance that he would be the father of her first child. Fans responded by asking who the guy was in the comments, but Mazet did not answer their question.

She, on the other hand, asserted that the man was his brother, but given how close they appeared to be to one another, no one ever believed her claim. It is not possible to have such a close relationship with a relative, even if they are brothers and sisters. The identity of the man has not been revealed as of this moment.

7 Fascinating Aspects to Consider Concerning Gomora’s Mazet

After only two months, actress Siphesihle Ndaba has stolen the hearts of South African television audiences with her enthralling performances as Mazet on Mzansi Magic’s newest blockbuster series Gomora.

The 22-year-old actress, who was born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg, is very different from the character she plays on screen. In addition to being a graduate of Rhodes University, she is a voracious reader, an aspiring director, and accomplished in many other areas. Below you will find a list of seven interesting facts about Siphesihle Ndaba, also known as Mazet:

  1. Her Mother’s Name Is Oprah Winfrey
    The up-and-coming celebrity received their diploma from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership School.

  1. Interest in Music
    Siphesihle also has a deep appreciation and love for music. During the time that she spent at the Oprah Academy, she participated in the jazz band that was offered there.
  2. The Mother of Her

The photo was taken not long ago, and it shows the actress’s mother, who is a dead ringer for her.

  1. The University of Rhodesia
    Ndaba attended Rhodes University and graduated with a degree. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, Psychology, Economics, and Drama, in addition to a Bachelor of Social Science with Honors in the Dramatic Arts.

  1. She Is One of Many Children in Her Family
    The actress disclosed her family history to City Press, where she was interviewed, stating that she is one of 18 children.
  2. She is a voracious reader of books.
    Siphesihle enjoys reading in her spare time when she has the opportunity. A memoir written by Barack Obama titled Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance was published in 1995 and is one of the books that she has read.

  1. Aspirant to the Directorship
    Ndaba’s goals include directing and writing in addition to his acting career. At the National Arts Festival, she helmed the production of “Skinned.” The play is described as an investigation into the process of discovering and generating joy for black females while residing in a marginalized and public body in the context of South Africa.

  1. The theater
    In the years leading up to his performance as Mazet on Gomora, Siphesihle appeared in a number of stage productions. Among these are: I am an emotional creature, written by Eve Ensler and directed by Coba Wilsenach; Race, written by David Mamet and directed by Tisetso Mashifane; The witches, written by Roald Dahl and directed by Coba Wilsenach; and Vuk’ucave, written by Andrew Buckland and directed by Coba Wilsenach.

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