Clement Dumps longtime wife, moves on with new Slayqueen

It would appear that Kwaito “Clement Maosa” from Skeem Saam has a new lover because he utilized his Tik Tok to promote the beautiful beauty. There is a challenge on TikTok in which users are asked to use effects and reveal the person they are in a relationship with, and he participated in it by displaying a stunning woman in a black bikini. However, here is the catch:…

He did not show her face in the video. Since Clement was rumored to be engaged the last time anyone checked, South Africans are curious to discover more about the woman he is rumored to be seeing.

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The people of South Africa were currently looking forward to attending a large wedding. Kemo is a lovely woman, and Clement, who was 31 years old at the time, was dating her. During the course of a private party to commemorate his thirty-first birthday, he made his proposal to her. Oros Mampofu, a friend of the actor who also participated in the event, recorded it and shared it online.

Clement and the woman he was engaged to at the time were expecting their first child the previous year. As shown in the pictures on his Instagram account, he took use of social media to upload stunning photographs of his cute pregnant wife’s growing baby bulge.

In addition to acting, the South African entertainer also works as a musician, model, and voice-over artist. The role of Zamokuhle Kwaito Seakamela in the South African Broadcasting Corporation 1 (SABC1) serial opera Skeem Saam brought the actor the majority of his fame. . He has been a part of the show continuously from its first season until its eighth. When he posted a video of an unknown girl, some people assumed it was his current girlfriend because he had done so recently.

On Tik Tok, where he is responsible for the creation of the viral video, he has a moderate following. He has currently got 1.2 million followers, but getting there required a lot of hard work on his part. In the beginning of his career, Mr. Maosa worked for a radio station in Limpopo, during which time he participated in roadshows and other promotional activities. Through his perseverance and hard work, he was able to land a modeling job with Rezo-Lution and Media Management. In those early days, he also had the opportunity to interact with South African celebrities such as DJ Bongz, where his incredible dancing prowess was put on full display.

During those early days, he also had the opportunity to interact with South African celebrities such as DJ Bongz. It wasn’t until 2011 that he got his big break with Skeem Saam, and ever since then, he hasn’t turned his head when confronted with success. In addition to that, he organizes birthday parties for well-known celebrities in South Africa.

In addition, Clement has just recently entered the music industry with the publication of his debut album, which is titled Rhythm of Your Heart. In addition, he worked together with King Monada on the track “Good Life,” which was just recently made available for public consumption.

Before he became a graduate and finished his matriculation requirements, he received his education at the Ga-Rammutla school. After his parents passed away in 2007 while he was still in school, he decided to follow the wishes that they had expressed for him to receive a law degree and enrolled at the University of Limpopo.

In related developments, Clement was brought up by his family in the neighborhoods of Polokwane and Bochum. It was up to him and his grandma to provide for the rest of their family after their parents passed away. Because of this, he has had to make a significant number of sacrifices.

Watch as Clement Maosa presents his girlfriend in the video that can be found below:

Recently there was news that Kwaito, played by Clement Maosa, from Skeem Saam is still seeing the woman he dated back when things were difficult.

The character of Kwaito, played by Clement Maosa, from Skeem Saam is still with the woman he dated back when things were difficult.

In times of plenty as well as times of want, Clement Maosa’s wife was there for him. The loyalty of a woman is put to the test when her spouse has nothing, whereas the loyalty of a man is put to the test when he has everything.

It is said that the loyalty of a woman is put to the test when her husband has nothing, while the loyalty of a man is put to the test when he has everything. The fact that real love does exist was demonstrated to us by Kwaito from Skeem Saam and his wife. They had been dating for some time before he became famous, and despite the fact that he is now famous, he still chooses to remain with her.

Mzansi Social Network posted a picture of their “before and after” transformation on their Facebook page. They lauded the wife for remaining by his side even when he had nothing to offer her. Clement Maosa had previously disclosed that he did not come from a wealthy family. It can be tough for some women to commit to a man who is financially unstable. Though a lady stays by your side even when you don’t have anything particularly interesting to offer her, you can be sure that she loves you deeply.

The fans were blown away by what they saw, and the only thing they could say was that it was genuine love. Fans often look up to public celebrities as they would a real-life role model. Fans are going to take away a lot of valuable lessons from Skeem Saam’s Kwaito, which centers on the importance of remaining faithful to one’s partner despite rising celebrity (Clement Maosa).

intaRez would like to categorically state that at this juncture it is not quite clear whether the actor has moved on and dumped his longtime girlfriend or not. As we couldn’t manage to get hold of the actor during time of print.

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