Cassper Nyovest’s wife Thobeka Majozi has a special messenger for witches

Thobeka Majozi, has discussed the reasons why she chose to keep her life private. For a number of years, we have been amazed by how secretive Thobeka is, and we have been green with envy over her capacity to conceal the details of her personal life.

Thobeka Majozi has a special messenger for witches

Cassper and Thobeka have a son together who is one year old. Recently, Thobeka reposted a post from a public figure in which the figure announced that he will keep his personal life off of social media due to the toxic nature of social media.

Thobeka Majozi has a special messenger for witches

“There are wicked eyes on social media following your progress and casting spells and incantations on your images. If it’s special to you, don’t broadcast it. I’m going private on Instagram, I’m restricting my battles, and there will be no more feasts for witches and individuals who are envious and jealous.”

Thobeka Majozi has a special messenger for witches
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Thobeka chimes in and reveals that this is the reason why she does not post pictures of her child, partner, or family on social media. “The reason why I’m so private and don’t post pictures of my child, partner, or family.” This place is a complete shambles! Protect what is important to you, you all, for the times that we live in are terrifying. They don’t want you to succeed or be happy for any reason. “

She gave her followers the instruction to protect their sacred areas “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, that is a piece of wisdom I can give you. Those precious junctures might be commemorated in utter stillness.

Thobeka Majozi has a special messenger for witches

These large movements can be clapped in more intimate settings. There are certain people who do not want for your success in life. Pray for the protection of those you care about. I take such a proactive approach to protecting the sanctity of my space. These are the times of a spiritual conflict. May the good Lord protect us all.

Even though Thobeka does not make her connection with Cassper known to the public, the rapper does occasionally post gushing praises about her on his social media accounts. In an interview that lasted for two hours and was broadcast on YFM’s Banques And Venom show in 2021, the rapper elaborated at length on the love and respect he has for his significant other.

The rapper has expressed his gratitude for Thobeka for the fact that she does not treat him as though he is less of a hands-on father than she is, despite the fact that she is the full-time parent who is more involved with their child’s upbringing than he is.

“I have an incredible amount of respect for Thobeka. I’m so-so lucky… I was blessed with such a genuine one in spite of all the nonsense that is prevalent in the industry and some of the nonsense that they have to become accustomed to as a direct result of me, my lifestyle, the work that I do, and the fact that so many people are interested in our family.

He went on to exclaim, “And furthermore, people don’t like seeing other people happy.”
“We have something that they do not comprehend, and they are unaware of; thus, we do not post about it. When we’re all here, there’s no separating us. Nobody is aware of… our living arrangements are judged solely on their quality, not their perfection; what matters is that they are good and that they are sturdy. Because of everything that she goes through, I have a great deal of respect for her.

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