Bontle Modiselle tears into husband Pridy Ugly

Because of his imminent battle with Cassper Nyovest, South African rapper Priddy Ugly has been making headlines and appearing in news stories for a considerable amount of time now.

The rap artist has been posting videos of his workouts and talking about what he is doing to get ready for the next fight. As of right now, he is flaunting a new tattoo that he got in preparation for his upcoming match, and his wife Bontle Modiselle is not impressed. Instead, she exhibits complete and utter disgust over Priddy Ugly’s tattoo.

The response that Bontle Modiselle gave when she saw Priddy Ugly’s tattoo

It is common knowledge that Bontle Modiselle backs her husband in all of his endeavors, whether they take place in public or in private. When it was announced that Cassper Nyovest would be competing against Priddy Ugly,

Bontle immediately gave her complete support for her man, and it was clear to everyone who she was rooting for in this event. Nevertheless, it would appear that her support for her spouse is limited, and their supporters are smelling problems in paradise before the big match.

The rapper is not new to the practice of getting tattoos; in fact, his entire body is covered in a variety of tattoos, and he has demonstrated that he has no intention of quitting any time soon. Priddy Ugly flaunted the tattoo on his back that depicted a monstrous eagle with ferocious and powerful wings. A sign that denotes power, masculinity, and dominance, a tattoo of an eagle swooping and soaring is the appropriate tattoo for him to have before his match because it depicts an animal that is known for its strength.

The response that Bontle Modiselle gave when she saw Priddy Ugly’s tattoo

One of the remarks on Priddy Ugly’s comment section is from his wife Bontle Modiselle, and her comment is not what anyone in the world anticipated it would be. The word “sickening” refers to something that makes one feel sick to their stomach and disgusted, and Bontle used it to describe Priddy Ugly’s tattoo. Because her response does not demonstrate love or support for her husband’s choices, many are wondering if there is problems in paradise between the two of them because of her comment.

The response that Bontle Modiselle gave when she saw Priddy Ugly’s tattoo

Cassper Nyovest revealed an Iron Mike Tattoo before his boxing bout against Naak Musiq, despite the fact that he ended up losing the match later that day. Before their duel, Priddy Ugly has also decided to prove his superiority through the use of ink, and supporters can only hope that history does not repeat itself. The boxing bout is getting closer and closer, with the date set for October 1 at the Sun Bet Arena in Celeb City.

Here is what the law in South Africa says regarding tattoos on the job and where they are allowed

If an employer has a policy that prohibits a certain appearance, the South African courts have historically sided with the employee in cases where the policy has been challenged.

According to employment law specialists from Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, South Africa does not have express provisions in the Constitution or the Employment Equity Act that prohibit discrimination based on appearance, such as tattoos. This is stated in the report.

If a worker were to be challenged by an employer due to the fact that they have a tattoo, the worker would be required to base their claims on one of the grounds that were given.

The legal firm stated that an employee would need to claim that personal appearance should be protected under the freedom of expression or personal dignity in order to have their case heard.

Recent comments made by Minister of Police Bheki Cele have sparked a discussion about the appropriateness of tattoos in the workplace. Minister Cele stated that people with tattoos are not hired by the police force because they relate to people who are gangsters. This has sparked a discussion about the appropriateness of tattoos in the workplace.

“When you have a tattoo, we don’t hire you because you have a tendency of being a gangster,” said Cele. “We don’t hire you because you have a tendency of being a gangster.”

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr believes that tattoos are a mutable characteristic, which means that they do not automatically qualify for legal protection and are typically dealt with in an employer’s dress code and grooming standard. In addition, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr believes that tattoos are a form of body modification.

According to what was stated, the South African courts have reiterated their commitment to the values of equality, freedom of religion, opinion, and expression, and dignity over limits on a person’s physical appearance. This reality is brought to light by judicial rulings in South Africa, which have declined to adopt the strategy that is used internationally to combat prejudice based on a person’s outward appearance.

The court’s view on the importance of one’s appearance at work was upheld in the following three cases:

In the case of IMATU v. City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, the court ruled that individual expression, in this case, trumped the business needs, which rendered the training agreements unlawful; in the case of Department of Correctional Services v. POPCRU, the court held that if one’s hairstyle does not impede one’s ability to perform a job, then a policy requiring an employee to change their hairstyle could infringe on their right to freedom of expression

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr was quoted as saying that even though South African law does not expressly provide for the right to not be discriminated against based on one’s tattoos, the courts have, in general, taken the side of the employee where a policy limits a chosen appearance that is connected to religion, expression, or dignity.

As a result, the remark made by the minister, if it were to be put into practice, could be regarded discriminatory and so unlawful if it were to be challenged on the basis of a constitutional right or the terms of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995.

Hugo Pienaar, Asma Cachalia, and Oliver Marshall provided their thoughts in the following commentary. Employment lawyers at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.

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