Big Zulu has a Big Heart. Look what he did for the Qwabe Twins

Big Zulu is currently riding a wave of success and has no immediate plans to end their run of success. The rapper, who is most likely putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, was spotted out and about with the Qwabe twins. Following his time spent with them, he presented each of them with a pair of Carvela sneakers as a gift.

Big Zulu has a Big Heart. Look what he did for the Qwabe Twins

He captioned a video he had taken of the entire experience with the phrase “Ngiyabonga kakhulu bo Wele the Qwabe Twins bekumnandi ukuba nani.”

The fact that he is giving many of his fellow rappers heart palpitations is one thing that can be said about him. There is nothing novel about jealousy in the industry, and it frequently leads to beef between artists that can last for a number of years. Big Zulu, on the other hand, is in a league of his own and has a following that many people covet.

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From the look of things as the Qwabe twins receive the gifts people think that the Qwabe are not really liking the gifts, they see them as ugly as you can tell from the first laughter that one of the twins broke.

Big Zulu has a Big Heart. Look what he did for the Qwabe Twins. Source Instagram

Imali Eningi is currently very popular throughout the nation, and it is also one of the leading candidates for this year’s Song of the Year on the countdown that will take place on December 31st on the popular radio station Ukhozi FM.

The song and music video’s views skyrocketed to an impressive 1.1 million views in just one week thanks to the Duduzane challenge, but it currently has more than 4 million views. Big Zulu and his team have issued a statement in which they express their gratitude to the individuals who have helped make Imali Eningi the first music video on YouTube to reach over four million views in less than a month.

It is also the most popular song in the country right now, and it is currently sitting pretty at the top of the charts in a number of different local markets.

Big Zulu took to Instagram to thank his followers and announce the record-breaking accomplishment, writing, “Nkabi Records History Made Umlando Siwuqophile First Music Video to Reach Over 4 Million Views in less than a month on YouTube Nkabi Nation Siyabonga (Thank you all.)” Big Zulu’s video for “Umlando Siwuqophile” was the first music video to do so.

In the letter, the rapper expressed gratitude to his followers, whom he refers to as Nkabi Nation, for their support and the fact that they have exceeded his expectations regarding the success of his single.

Big Zulu initially brought it back to when they had released the Ama Million remix, which had also amassed an impressive one million views on YouTube and climbed to number 3 in the Hip Hop charts across the country.

“What was going to take place after that surpassed our own expectations. The song broke all previous records and quickly rose to the top of the charts on all of the digital distribution platforms. Including the fact that it was the first hip-hop record to reach number one on the Apple Music charts in the past two years and the first hip-hop record to reach number one on the Spotify charts.

“The support that we received from the entirety of the country through the #DuduzaneChallenge and the #ImaliEningiChallenge was incredible, and we are extremely grateful for it. This unquestionably helped the song advance. The single is doing very well, as it is currently ranked number one on the charts for both radio and television, and it is gaining an incredible one million views per week on YouTube. Additionally, it has achieved Gold status within three weeks of its release.

He also talked about being a part of the crew that was instrumental in restoring South African hip hop to its former glory.

“At a time when a lot of people have been criticizing the current situation of South African hip hop, and some people have even been calling it the end days of South African hip hop,” this statement was made. They could not possibly have been more mistaken, as both the Inkabi Nation and the Hip Hop Nation have held their ground and demonstrated that South African hip hop is still a formidable opponent.

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