Big Zulu finishes building Gogo’s house

The project that Big Zulu began working on few months ago, finishing his grandmother’s country estate, is finally done. The Emali Eningi hitmaker is, in all likelihood, the persona he portrays through his music.

Big Zulu is well known for the explicit and culturally significant lyrics that he was able to incorporate into the mainstream of a genre of hip-hop that was not originally his.


Despite the passage of time and the westernization of our Zulu culture, Big Zulu has maintained his position as one of the most well-known representatives of our heritage in contemporary music. He accomplished this by doing so, and as a result, he was able to win over both the older generation and the younger generation.

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Big Zulu spent her childhood in KZN with her grandmother, as is common knowledge. He matured into a man and continued to live with her when he was a taxi driver before he got into music.


A few years ago, he finally achieved success, and soon after, he recalled where he came from. According to our Zulu customs, he is certain that the fact that he is taking care of his grandmother will result in more blessings from his ancestors. Even the Bible encourages children to honor their parents, yet for him, her grandmother is all he has left.

There is a good chance that we would still be listening to Big Zulu’s songs right now if it weren’t for the muscular grandma. What a day and cause for celebration it was to see granny’s remote mansion all done up!

It has been eight months since Big Zulu made the announcement that he will be building a new house for his grandmother in the countryside. In spite of the fact that it never appeared likely, Big Zulu managed to finish the house this year.

The large man was resolute in his mission to bring joy to his grandmother while she was still alive. When the work began in February, the structure appeared to be a regular home; but, now that it is complete, it resembles a palatial home in Johannesburg.

Big Zulu had not uttered very many words throughout the process of finishing the palace. As he led his expression of thankfulness, he demonstrated once more how grounded he was. When he expressed his gratitude to those he descended from, it seemed as though he was praising his forefathers. Big Zulu stated that he made the trip down to paint the house, and that this was the very last item that needed to be done to finish the job.

There are six important things you should know before building your own home in South Africa

There are six important things you should know before building your own home in South Africa

There is nothing quite like a home that is purpose-built for your needs, but for most people in South Africa, the thought of building a house from scratch is more than a little bit overwhelming. However, there is nothing quite like a home that is purpose-built for your needs.

According to Rawson Property Group, the good news is that it is most certainly possible to construct the home of your dreams with some assistance and a significant amount of careful preparation.

As the chairman of the Rawson Property Group and a seasoned real estate developer, Bill Rawson has outlined some of the primary procedures that must be taken before entering the world of owner-built homes.

Be practical about the costs of construction.

According to Rawson, “one of the most important things to learn and accept before building a house in South Africa is that it is extremely unlikely to be the cheapest alternative.” This is one of the most crucial things to understand and accept before building a house in South Africa.

He explained that due to our nation’s relatively high construction costs, it is typically much more expensive to build a home than it is to purchase one, despite the fact that innovative construction practices currently available, such as steel- and timber-framed homes, can narrow this price gap by a fair margin.

However, if your goal in construction is solely financial, he does not recommend that you do it as a general rule.

If you are motivated by profit, he advised, “Renovating and selling the property is a much better use of your time.” On the other hand, “if you are willing to pay a bit more to live in your perfect home, then construction could be an amazing solution for you,” the author continues.

Find the ideal piece of land.

When preparing to construct a home from the ground up, location is one of the most important aspects to take into account; nevertheless, it is not enough to simply think about how close you will be to desirable amenities like shops, schools, and neighbors.

“You’ll need to think about accessibility for construction vehicles, as well as accessibility to power and water for the construction process,” said Rawson. “In addition to that, you’ll want to get a professional survey done to pick up on any slopes, drainage issues, soil types, and underlying rocks that could cause problems.”

Zoning is another key consideration, as certain areas have regulations that limit the types of buildings that can be constructed. Before placing an offer on a property, Rawson suggests conducting a thorough zoning status check and obtaining a copy of the site plan.

Acquire an understanding of building loans.

It is important, according to Rawson, to understand the differences between an ordinary mortgage and a building loan before agreeing to participate in the building process. A building loan is quite different from an ordinary mortgage.

“To get things started,” he continued, “construction loans are not one large sum.” “The bank will offer you instalments depending on the progress that their assessor sees on site rather than paying you the whole amount of your loan so that you can manage it however you see fit. This indicates that if work is slowed down or if you run into obstacles that were not anticipated, you may not have immediate access to the funds that you require.

As a result of this, Rawson suggests setting aside an amount that is equivalent to a deposit of between 10 and 20 percent to use as an emergency fund in the event that unforeseen needs arise.

Get professional plans

You will need to have a detailed construction quote that is based on correct specifications and completion schedules in order to be eligible for financing through a bank. With the assistance of an experienced architect, you will have a lot simpler time obtaining these, as they will not only be able to assist you in turning your design aspirations into a reality but also in keeping them within your financial means.

According to Rawson, “the more precise your first drawings are, the greater your prospects are of acquiring the necessary finance; nevertheless, employing the skills of an architect can add a great deal more value than simply that.” When it comes to project management, hiring the proper architect may save you incalculable amounts of time, stress, and money, and these cost reductions typically more than make up for the architect’s professional costs.

Accustom yourself to the unexpected.

Rawson stated that there is no such thing as a perfect construction process and that there is no such thing. Every every construction job has at least a couple of gremlins to contend with. For this reason, it is a good idea to prepare yourself psychologically and emotionally for surprises, and it is also a good idea to keep a little cash on hand to deal with any unexpected bills.

You shouldn’t count on getting access to a finished home on the same date that your contractor has promised, as Rawson also cautions that very few construction projects run exactly according to schedule.

While you’re in the process of construction, Rawson advises you to “try to preserve some flexibility in your housing options.” “You do not want to find yourself in a position where you have nowhere to stay as a result of things lasting longer than intended.”

Make sure to use a reliable contractor.

When it comes to constructing your own house, Rawson believes that finding a reliable contractor is the single most critical factor to take into account.

He stated that “there is nothing that makes the building process more difficult than a contractor who does not deliver on his promises.”

Due to the unfortunate fact that it is not always simple to differentiate between good and bad builders, Rawson advises only choosing contractors that have a large number of references that can be contacted.

He said that people should, “If at all feasible, go with a word-of-mouth referral from someone they know, or persuade their architect to pick a contractor from their own trusted pool.” “It is also a good idea, if feasible, to pay a visit to the recently completed projects that your prospective contractor has worked on in order to make sure that their handiwork is up to scratch.”

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