Bad year for Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini, a TV personality who has been in the news for a variety of unfavorable reasons throughout the course of this year, has had a rough year overall.

The entertainer has been attempting to recuperate from the loss of her marriage to Quinton Jones, which ended in divorce due to his extramarital affair, and to secure new business opportunities. However, Minnie Dlamini is likely to lose her skincare line company, MD, as a result of the disappearance of its items from store shelves and rumors that the company owes a significant amount of money to SARS in back taxes.

Social media users who digged in the issue do think that Quinton’s ancestors are dealing with his ex, Minnie Dlamini.

MD skincare collection by Minnie Dlamini

In 2019, Minnie distributed reasonably priced skin care products and introduced the world to her new body care line, MD, which she promoted on her many social media platforms. The goods could be purchased from Clicks, Shoprite, and Checkers locations around the country for costs that ranged from R13 to R40. The costs went down even further in 2021, reaching a minimum of R5, and as of right moment, the goods are unable to be found on store shelves at all.

Twitter users voiced their dissatisfaction with the MD skincare range’s overall quality.

In October of 2021, a user on Twitter began a conversation in which she posed the question of why celebrities have such a difficult time launching profitable enterprises. A significant number of users chimed in and claimed that Minnie did not conduct market research on her wares, instead relying instead on branding. However, many individuals were claiming that her collection was of poor quality, and fans were unable to purchase the products simply because they had her name.

Minnie Dlamini has withdrawn the skincare range from her bio in response to the numerous nasty comments that have been posted on Twitter. The Instagram profile that she used to promote her items is no longer active and has been removed. The Twitter page is still active, but it has been a very long time since she has posted anything there. Minnie had boasted about receiving a R10 million grant to cover for the start-up costs of the company on Twitter before to the launch of MD body, indicating that she had won the funding.

The reasons behind MD Body by Minnie Dlamini’s decision to close its doors

It has been rumored that the firm Modi Dlamini Marketing, which is responsible for generating her product range, has tax return arrears dating back to the year 2016, when the company was registered.

Due to the company’s history of noncompliance and failure to submit tax returns in 2018, the business came perilously close to losing its registration. It has not been determined how much money MD owes SARS, and the entertainer has not commented on any of the rumors that have been making the rounds in gossipville.

Without much delay, Minnie Dlamini has issued a statement.

Minnie Dlamini, entrepreneur, has finally commented on the rumors that have been circulating concerning her skincare company and the reasons why it disappeared entirely from the public eye. This comes after much speculation.

Bad year for Minnie Dlamini

Launching MD Skin, which was available at Clicks locations across the country, was Minnie Dlamini. The price range for the skin care range began at R13.00 and went up to R40.00. The skin care range included soaps and lotion. Since then, it has expanded, and it is now being sold in additional retail locations such as Shoprite.

The products were criticized for having the poorest quality, and they attracted the attention of many customers when they were offered for sale at a price of R5.

According to a report published by City Press, the skincare company allegedly had unfiled annual tax reports and owed money to the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

In order to address these worries, Minnie gave an interview to Nono D on YouTube, during which she stated that her company was forced to go through the liquidation process.

Bad year for Minnie Dlamini

She acknowledged that it was a challenging experience for her and that she has grown as a result of it.

Things take place, you interact with a variety of people…

Doesn’t always end nicely. “But yeah, it was a great learning curve for me, and with everything that happens in life, I always say that it is a learning curve and an opportunity to learn how to do things better,” she explained. “But yeah, it was a great learning curve for me, and with everything that happens in life, I always say that it is a learning curve and an

She stated that owning brands does not automatically equate to receiving a sizable portion of the pie.

“Through that experience, I gained a better understanding of what a retail space entails. That are the individuals who have the most financial success? We get so worked up about owning equity and owning a brand, but you know, that might not actually be where the money is.

When Phil Mphela spoke negatively on MD Skin, it ignited a heated discussion. “I have experience with Minnie’s goods. The lotion did nothing for me, but I don’t mind using body wash when it’s cold outside. However, the amount of cream in the body wash can sometimes be too much for me to handle in the summer.

He went on to touch on the reasons why the products do not sell very well when affiliated with a celebrity.

“From my perspective, there is insufficient knowledge and courtship of the star’s most devoted followers. There is a gap between the brands, influences, and actual fans that local celebrities have. When their fans can’t afford that product or don’t want it, they frequently believe that their own brand has a high level of LSM.

Minnie has just recently begun operating her newest business endeavor, which is a high-end lifestyle institution known as The Mansion.

She began her message by saying, “Spring is the season of rebirth, thus I considered it only natural that I welcome you to my latest business venture @themansionsa,” which was the name of her Instagram account.

“After a few years of upheaval in the business as a result of lockdown, I want the space to be a location where we are able to put money in the pockets of our artists by booking fantastic DJs and performers and honoring the finest of our incredible entertainment industry. At the Mansion, the atmosphere is of the utmost importance.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the launch event being a success. My partners and the crew that we have been working with on this project over the past few months. Thank you to all of the wonderful people who were able to attend as well as the DJs who kept the party going all night long. Cheers to many more unforgettable evenings spent at The Mansion!

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