Babes Wodumo Strikes Again Sings And Dances At Mampintsha’s Mother’s Funeral

Babes Wodumo is up to her old tricks once more! When it came time for the Wololo hitmaker to perform at the memorial service for Mampintsha’s mother on Friday, she did so with a positive attitude and was in the mood to dance and sing.

When a video of Babes Wodumo singing and dancing at the memorial service and funeral of her husband last month went viral, it was for all the wrong reasons, and it led to her becoming famous online. During the memorial service, she got up on the dancefloor and began singing along and dancing to her husband’s hit song Ngeke.

This time around, Babes Wodumo performed at the memorial service held on Friday for her mother-in-law Zamanguni Gumede. She sang and danced throughout the event.

The video surfaced at the same time as reports claiming that Babes Wodumo was not permitted to attend Gumede’s funeral. It would appear at this point that the singer and the Gumede family have put their differences behind them and smoked the peace pipe.

On the evening of January 15, Zamanguni Gumede passed away as a result of complications from a stroke. On Friday, her funeral service was held in L Hall KwaMashu, which is located in Durban.

Rumors of a feud between Babes Wodumo and her sister-in-law Pinky Gumede have been put to rest after Umgosi Entertainment released a video in which the two women can be seen singing and dancing together. Babes accused Pinky of practicing witchcraft, while Pinky accused Babes of neglecting to visit Zamanguni in the hospital while she was there.

In the same video, an emotional Pinky expresses her gratitude to DJ Tira for being the one to discover Mampintsha.

“There is peace within my heart. Your presence here is very important to all of us. Your presence provides a sense of solace. Today is the first time we’ve met, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for locating and taking care of Mandlenkosi. Pinky sobbed and said, “I know he and my mother can see you, and I can feel in my spirit that they are happy to see you here.” Pinky was referring to her father and her mother.

Mampintsha’s family received a visit from DJ Tira and other KZN artists, including DJ Sox, producer and vocal artist Mondli Ngcobo, DJ Sjerere, former Idols SA winner Noma Khumalo, and Ukhozi FM sports presenter Irvin Sihlophe, amongst others.

You can view the video of Babes Wodumo singing and dancing at the funeral of Mampintsha’s mother below:

Babes Wodumo’s son looks like her late Gogo

Babes Wodumo’s son looks like her late Gogo. “He Looks Like His Grandmother” | Pictures Of Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha’s Son In School Uniform Touch South Africa

Mzansi has been moved by images of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s son, Sponge, dressed in a school uniform. The pictures have gone viral on social media.

Babes, Sponge’s mother, wanted to have some fun and get creative with her kid, and she came up with the idea to completely astound people on the internet.

Babes Wodumo’s son looks like her late Gogo

Babes Wodumo commissioned a tailor to make tiny Sponge a white shirt, gray pants, and a wool cap that were all made to fit him exactly. She had the words “SW Sponge Wodumo Primary School” printed on the front of the shirt to make the uniform look sweeter.

Someone was in the background holding baby Sponge’s hand so that he could show off his school clothes and stand nicely. The young child’s tiniest smile gave away the fact that he was having fun with the games that his parents and aunts were playing with him.

The Child of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha

Sponge Wodumo Is The Son Of Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha. [Photo courtesy of Instagram user @sponge wodumo]

Babes Wodumo’s son looks like her late Gogo

The following caption was included with the photos when they were uploaded to Sponge Wodumo’s Instagram account:

The tweet read: “BACK TO SCHOOL asambe bafo asambe bafo @lelo.thandosimelane @mampintsha shimora @babes wodumo.”

His followers on Instagram found the photographs to be endearing, and they remarked as follows:

Babes Wodumo’s son looks like her late Gogo

@mcc booty:

“Lol Sponge Wodumo Primary School? ” “Lol” Awoo mntanam badlala ngawe 👶❤.”

@i am zuzile:

“He is really adorable. I am hoping that all is OK with you all.”


“He looks just like his grandmother. May her spirit rest in peace.”

@asavela tt:

“Searching for the witty observation made by his father

“Sponjisto boy ukhule ubemdala,” an expression from the Eish life.

@glen cro:

“😍❤️ zalobhuti okumele abuyele at school angisaphathi’s gleeful expression is what convinced me that the shoes were the reason for it. It brings a warm glow to my soul.

@siphesihle msane opperman:

“In the not too distant future, I see our government…”

The Child of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha
Sponge Wodumo Is The Son Of Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha. [Photo courtesy of Instagram user @sponge wodumo]

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsa had a lovely traditional Zulu wedding around the time when Sponge Wodumo was conceived in June 2021, just two months after the couple had tied the knot.

“Blame It On Mampintsha” | Babes “Blame It On Mampintsha” Wodumo Explains the Reasons Behind Hiding Her Son’s Face in Photos
The baby is presumably too little to know and comprehend that his father, Mampintsha, also known as Mandla Maphumulo, passed away on December 24, 2022 after having a stroke. His real name was Mandla Maphumulo. The same day, January 15, 2023, also marked the passing of his paternal grandmother, Zamanguni Gumede.

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