Babes Wodumo shares video of son Sponge speaking for the first time

Babes Wodumo uploaded a video of her young son, Sponge Wodumo, attempting to communicate with the people that follow her on social media. The identities of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s child will now be made public, the couple has decided. Before publishing the video on Babes’ Tik Tok account, the couple introduced the world to their little bundle of joy by uploading an image to Mampintsha’s Instagram account.

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In the video, Sponge Wodumo can be seen attempting to speak, and viewers have speculated that the phrases he uses are some of his first because he recently turned one. The word “baba,” which refers to the father, can be heard in the video even though the infant still cannot fully enunciate what it wants to say. Because of this, followers of the pair are now aware of which member of the couple is the boy’s preferred parent.

Watch Babes Wodumo and Sponge Wodumo in the video that follows:

Mampintsha performed a baby face reveal on Sponge Wodumo, at long last revealing her true identity. During the festivities celebrating his first year on this earth, they did the face reveal on his Instagram page. Since the birth of their child in 2021, Babes Wodumo and her husband have made it a point to avoid posting any pictures on social media that include their child’s face. They had made it abundantly clear that they would never share his face on social media, but now they have altered their minds about doing so.

They made the decision to conceal Sponge’s face out of deference to the culture as well as for safety reasons. They admitted that in the event that something bad occurred to their child, they would not look back and feel regret because terrible things were happening in the nation.

At this point, Sponge is safe from harm. They have self-assurance due to the fact that they have seen his face. Fans lauded Sponge, citing his good looks as a reason for their admiration. Some people have even asserted that his stunningly beautiful mother, Babes Wodumo, is indisputable proof that he gets his good looks from her.

Babes has been the target of bullying due to her recent weight loss. Her detractors came out in full force to accuse her of abusing drugs and being sick, which they claimed caused her to lose this much weight; however, she revealed that it was all because of the pregnancy.

Watch Babes Wodumo and Sponge Wodumo in the video that follows:

Her critics have since retracted their accusations. She is constantly made to feel self-conscious as a result of the frequent trolling that she receives whenever she publishes images. Despite the fact that Babes have been the target of cyberbullying, the band members are succeeding as parents, and their lives generally appear to be going in the right direction.

Babes defended her weight and stated that she is not concerned with her appearance in response to the trolls on Facebook. She explained that she is not concerned with her appearance because a number of her friends and family members have experienced a similar situation after giving birth. The singer seemed to enjoy herself when she is focusing on her role as a mother by spending time with Sponge.

Watch Babes Wodumo and Sponge Wodumo in the video that follows:

Watch Babes Wodumo and Sponge Wodumo in the video that follows:

Babes’s weight loss was a direct result of her pregnancy, something she is happy to acknowledge. However, trolls constantly remind her of how she used to look, and anytime she posts images of herself more recently, she is subjected to trolling.

A short while ago, she visited the Ukhozi FM studios as a guest, where she sported a brown and cream white ensemble. Her detractors showed up in large numbers to accuse her of being unwell and of consuming drugs, both of which, they claimed, were the reasons she was such a large size.

Babes has responded to a radio presenter on Facebook who criticized the trolls by telling her own story, which Babes finds relatable. Babes is defending her weight by saying that the presenter’s story is similar to her own.

“I experienced some weight loss during my pregnancy, and then continued my weight loss after giving child. It hurts my feelings when other ladies make fun of how I appear, especially other women,” she remarked. “Is it because I’m a celebrity or because I’m a young lady who is still trying to find her footing as a mother? I have no idea what kids want from me, but I am having so much fun being a mother.

“Others are quick to judge, claiming that I am sick, that I need treatment, or that I am taking drugs, just because I just had a baby and my body is still recovering from the experience…

Babes added, “Because several of my friends and my sister have gone through the same thing, I am not allowing myself to obsess over my weight reduction.”

Even her husband spoke out against the trolls, telling them to find employment and stop bothering his wife and children. “It stings so much because the individuals who curse at us are strangers, and we do not know any of them.

No wealthy person would ever go about cussing out other wealthy individuals. It’s always the hungry people that are the most jealous and the ones who engage in witchcraft. On the other hand, they should be channeling that energy into looking for work, and I should hire them so they can stop being so furious, gain money, and find a partner.

“But rather than spewing saliva, they spew bile. Listen up, and then leave us in peace. Or, if you prefer, I will gladly send each of you back to the womb of your respective mothers in turn. Our names are not for your entertainment. You all seem like you could use some food. “I’m sorry to my followers, but I’m sick and tired of these people who don’t bathe,” he said as he came to the conclusion.

Mampintsha even ordered his trolls to commit suicide if they indicated they longed for the old version of him. “Other people are crazy, other people are fine, I’m not fond of idom kop, how can you tell me that you miss the old Mampintsha, so you don’t grow up? ” “Other people are crazy, other people are nice, I’m not fond of idom kop.” You can’t stay the same forever since people mature; therefore, cease doing it. I won’t answer idom kop. Guys, put an end to this immediately. Imagine if you asked me where the old Mampintsha was located. “If that’s the case, then that indicates that he’s at the zoo,” he said.

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