Babes Wodumo reveals reason why she doesn’t reveal her son’s face.

The turmoil surrounding Babes and Mampintsha continues.

Babes Wodumo, a popular singer and dancer, has opened up about the situation and explained why she kept her child’s face from the world.

The birth of Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo’s first son on June 16, 2021 put an end to rumours circulating at the time that she was lying about being pregnant and was in fact not pregnant at all.
Zamanguni Gumede-Zuma, Babes Wodumo’s mother-in-law, never liked her, and she accused the Gqom Queen of carrying a sponge on her abdomen so that she could pretend she was pregnant. Babes Wodumo was never pregnant.

Babes Wodumo reveals reason why she doesn’t reveal her son’s face.

She gave a great deal of thought to the question of why she never showed the public her child’s face.

Babes Wodumo elaborated as follows:

“He will be one year old. I am overjoyed due to the fact that Sponge has very little contact with other people. You are aware that he remains hidden at all times. Today is a momentous day. As a new mother, I really don’t want anyone to see or touch my baby. This is something that a lot of people don’t realise, but it’s the truth. Strange rituals are practised by some individuals, and I don’t want my child to be around those kinds of people.

I don’t even want him to be photographed since there are other children out there who are dying. Because you discover that your husband’s girlfriend has used a picture of the two of them to cast a spell that is harmful to them. Now, for the very first time, my child will have the opportunity to communicate with other people. Because he never leaves his house and only a select few individuals know about it.

Following the delivery of her child, the singer behind the hit “Wololo” gave her child the nickname “Sponge” in response to the allegations made by Mampintsha’s mother. Babes waited many months after giving birth before revealing the appearance of her child to the general public for the first time.

She did not reveal the pregnancy to anyone until just recently, and she did so using her husband’s own Instagram account, which has already gained 60,300 followers.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha celebrated their son’s first birthday on the most recent episode of their reality show, Uthando Lodumo, which aired on November 3 and can be viewed online here.


The musician Makhadzi, who has won multiple awards for her work, has decided to finally address the claims of song theft that have been levelled against her.


Makhadzi was recently accused of “stealing” and remixing a song from Malawi called Milandu Mbwee. The original version of the song was produced by Mkulu Keyi and featured the renowned Nepman and Kay Nine. Makhadzi was accused of doing both of these things.

Through her Facebook page, Makhadzi clarified the situation by stating that the song in question had been published for the first time by Papa Penny in the year 1994.

She took a trip down memory lane and stated that the song Milandu is one of her favourites because her father used to play it quite often when she was growing up.

Makhadzi stated that because it is her all-time favourite song, she has decided to do a remake of the song in the Makhadzi style, of course with Papa Penny’s blessing. Makhadzi’s version will be available on the Makhadzi album.

Before I was even conceived, Papa Penny had already published the song “Milandu Bhe” in 1994. Milandu Bhe ended up becoming my all-time favourite song because my dad had his CDs and played his music rather frequently. “When I heard the beat, the first words that sprang to mind were Milandu bhe, and I called him for a remake of the song the Makhadzi style, and he approved..l respect the legends who opened up paths for us new artists,” Makhadzi wrote in his autobiography.

In the meantime, this is not the first time that Makhadzi has been accused of stealing a song from Malawi; previous allegations have been made against him.

Another Malawian musician by the name of Scrafoc issued a legal threat against her in June of this year, accusing her of copying the song “Ma gear.”

However, when many saw similarities between the songs, South Africans hastened to defend Makhadzi, insisting that she had not stolen the tune from Scrafoc even though there were similarities between the songs.

They said that a musician from Limpopo had merely turned a well-known South African chant into a song, and that this was their argument.

On the other hand, many in South Africa have accused Scrafoc of trying to sell his own song by capitalising on the popularity of Makhadzi’s. Some people also made the ridiculous accusation that the Malawian musician was the one who stole Makhadzi’s tune.

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