Babes Wodumo needs our prayers

The latest picture of Babes Wodumo that has been going viral has set social media ablaze. Following the release of photos showing Babes Wodumo hanging out with DJ Sox and Dladla Mshunqisi, her devoted following is more worried than ever for her safety.

Following Babes Wodumo’s most recent photo, Twitter users have expressed their worries. Others on Twitter are more certain in the theory that the Gqom Queen lost some weight after giving child. Others on Twitter, however, point out that it’s been over a year after the birth of her baby, and she still hasn’t put on the weight she lost after giving birth.

Babes Wodumo needs our prayers

‘Babes Wodumo is not looking good,’ Johnson Awalle remarked.

“I lost a lot of weight after giving baby, but I recovered nicely. Thank God I’m not in the spotlight like babes wodumo. The scrutiny you would be under is hard to fathom.” Mme. Pilane, writing

When it comes to Babes Wodumo, Mampintsha, her baby daddy and husband, will always be the one who “catches the smoke.” Some of Mampintsha’s admirers still hold a grudge over his treatment of Babes Wodumo in the past.

Babes Wodumo needs our prayers

Since the day Mampintsha was accused of abusing her, their relationship has been under intense investigation. Many of Babes Wodumo’s supporters blame Mampintsha for the decline of her career, her public persona, and even her weight in recent years.

“The carpet was laid for Babes Wodumo,” The Instigator said, “she was going to become one of the finest female artist out of SA, make heaps of money, and bag international collabos.”

“What a shame that the people in her life ended up destroying such a stunning young woman. It would be a shame to waste Babes Wodumo’s ability “penned Zanokhanyo Togu

A story about Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s alleged extramarital affair made news two days ago. On the other hand, several Twitter users have stepped in to defend Babes Wodumo against the bullies who have attacked her for her recent weight reduction.

“Let’s give Babes Wodumo some space, nkosyam; this is getting old. It’s really not cool that you folks keep bringing up the subject of her recent weight reduction. Babes has deleted all of her social media accounts and is now content to be at home and go about her life undisturbed “said Amala Graham in a writing.

Babes and Mampintsha try to mend their relationship

Reality TV stars Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha said in a recent interview on Tshisa Live that they want to attend to marriage counseling in an effort to repair their relationship. The couple’s relationship was plagued by scandal a few years ago, and that hasn’t stopped after they tied the knot.

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People assumed there was problems in paradise because of the couple’s history of domestic violence and their public arguments with the in-laws.

The pair has been through marriage counseling, they revealed in an interview with TshisaLive.

Because they can hear both sides of the issue, mediators like therapists can help couples who are having trouble communicating with one another. When there are only two of you in a conversation, everyone wants to be heard. Anger management or your own personal backstory will help you see things in a new light and cough up the truth. Whether you are married or not, I believe it is crucial. “When things get tough, you can’t just avoid them,” he told the paper.

Babes Wodumo echoed her husband’s desire to demonstrate the couple’s maturity and mutual respect by saying the same thing.

“This time is different because we are going to couples counseling to make sure everything is fine between us. We’ll appear more mature and open to advice if people witness us asking for it. Without distractions, we’re able to get a lot done. She explained that the couple was able to respect one other because of the strength their marriage now possessed.

After pictures of Babes and Mampintsha’s mom smiling together went viral, tensions between the two grew. Babes allegedly triggered the whole thing over with a status she wrote, as reported by Daily Sun.

It is claimed that she posted the following on her profile: “That’s why I despise my in-laws’ mom. It’s everything she does, and she’s so dramatic.”

Defending himself, Zama Gumede said Babes, “Babes, is not wife material.”

The major reason I don’t want to see her again is because of the way she treats my son. She elaborated by claiming that they are taking precautions to keep their son safe from Babes.

Mampintsha allegedly abandoned his family and stopped providing for them when they disowned him.

“Over the phone, he accused me of saying negative things about him to Showmax and the creators. His ire stems from the fact that I’ve put him on display. We’re just jealous of his success, he said, so he doesn’t want anything to do with us,” she stated. “I don’t give a damn because he never buys me presents,” “Moreover, she remarked.

In response, Babes was disowned by his family, who declared, “As Mampintsha’s family, we are rejecting Babes Wodumo. Although she is Mampintsha’s girlfriend, she is not a makoti. That she is not Mampintsha’s legal wife is something we feel the public should be aware of “What Mampintsha’s sister reportedly told Daily Sun.

“Every time we bring this up with her (Umembeso), she says her faith forbids her from participating in or observing Zulu tradition. We were perplexed by this because she is well aware that Mampintsha is a traditionalist Zulu. She’s been clear that she doesn’t want to be a part of this family on multiple occasions. Because of this, we refuse to accept her and will never use inyongo on her “Then, she elaborated.

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