Babes Wodumo & Mamphitsha herding for divorce

Babes Wodumo revealed some disturbing information about her spouse Mampintsha and his love of s3x and money during the second season of Uthando Lodumo, which led to a number of shocking revelations during the show.

During the episode, Babes Wodumo, whose true name is Bongekile Simelane, visited her pastor, Bishop Vusi Dube, in order to provide him with an update on the status of her marriage. The couple has been going to him for marriage counselling during this current season.

During her counselling appointment at Ethekwini Community Church, the musician begins by saying, “Things are going OK, it’s just that there are a few things that Mandla is doing.”

Babes Wodumo & Mamphitsha herding for divorce
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An update was provided following a conversation that took place between Babes Wodumo and her husband, Mampintsha, regarding allegations made by an unknown woman that Mampintsha had fathered a child outside of his marriage to Babes Wodumo.

She also mentioned that there had been some inconsistencies in their finances, which caused her to wonder what he was doing with their money without consulting her. She stated that this led her to worry what he was doing with their money.

During one of her sessions with her diary, she remarked, “As his wife, I deserve to obtain all these answers.”

Babes disclosed to Bishop Dube as well that she is unable to access her Instagram account any longer. This would explain why she has not posted anything on the account in a number of months. She is the only person who has had access to her Instagram account taken away, whereas Mampintsha has maintained control over his account, despite the fact that she believes he uses it to cheat on her.

“Every time I get into Instagram,” she continued, “I am confronted with the direct messages that he has given to other female celebrities that I know.”

She went on to say that some of the ladies he flirts with even ask him to stop what he is doing since he is a married guy and they do not want him to get divorced.

In addition, she informed the bishop that he slept with each and every dancer that she hired, and that this continued to be the case even if she fired the dancers in question and hired new ones in their place.

The fact that he is dating some of my close friends is very upsetting to me.

She then told the bishop about her suspicions that he may have fathered a kid outside of their marriage, adding that the child in issue appears to be her friend’s child. She said that the child in question looks like her friend’s child.

In addition to this, she is under the impression that the child may be his, and that her husband’s mother, who is also her mother-in-law, is aware of this fact and uses it to blackmail him into doing whatever it is that she desires.

Babes Wodumo has informed her Bishop Dube that she does not object to the existence of the child and that she is willing to lend a helping hand to her husband in the care of the child if he so requests. She stated that the only thing that was bothering her was the fact that he was keeping the existence of the child a secret from her. This was especially problematic given that the rules of polygamy stipulate that if a child is born to a woman, that woman is eligible to become Mampintsha’s second wife.

In a later portion of the show, she disclosed that the lady Mampintsha was having an affair with was a childhood friend of hers, which caused her to feel a great deal of pain.

She also claimed that Mampintsha had been in a car accident in the past with this woman, and that the incident had been caught on camera and posted online. She said that the video of the accident could be seen on the internet.

After that, she threatened all of the ladies who were sleeping with Mampintsha by saying that she could do to them what they are doing to her just as they are doing to her. That is to say, she might have sexual relations with their respective boyfriends.

“The problem with withholding this from me is that if I find out in six or seven years that it’s true, I might ask for a divorce,” she said to Bishop Dube. “The issue is that if I find out in six or seven years that it’s true, I might ask for a divorce.”

She finally admitted defeat at the end of her chat with Bishop Dube, saying that Mampintsha was the last person she believed would do all of these things to her.

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