Babes Wodumo Exposes Husband Mampintsha’s Dirty Secrets That Nobody Knew About

On the upcoming episode of their reality show, Uthando Lodumo, Babes Wodumo will reveal some shocking information about her husband, Mampintsha. This has caused Babes to sound the alarm. Babes Wodumo did not hold back during a discussion she had with her and her husband’s marriage counselor as well as Pastor Dube.

It would appear that Babes Wodumo has finally had enough of playing the role of the pretentious wife for her cheating husband, Mampintsha. Recent rumors have suggested that Mampintsha may have fathered a child with another woman.

Babes Wodumo Exposes Mampintsha’s Dirty Secrets

Babes Wodumo airs some of Mampintsha’s deep and dirty laundry while chatting with Pastor Dube. Some of these revelations include Mampintsha sleeping with some of her friends as well as dancers.

Babes Wodumo Exposes Husband Mampintsha’s Dirty Secrets That Nobody Knew About

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“Really right now I am losing my mind. Well Baba, as I have explained to you that what brings me here is my marriage, things are going okay but there are things that Mandla is doing.

Babes Wodumo Exposes Mampintsha’s Dirty Secrets

About work, he has signed me to some company I don’t know, in fact I never signed, basically he committed fraud. I was told that he took my documents to some company which is now benefiting off of my royalties. I am even surprised on Facebook because some of my songs no longer belong to me

Babes Wodumo is more convinced than ever that Mampintsha is spending all of the money that she believes Mampintsha stole from her on his new girlfriends. This is the money that Babes Wodumo believes Mampintsha stole from her.

Babes Wodumo Exposes Husband Mampintsha’s Dirty Secrets That Nobody Knew About

Babes Wodumo does not stop spilling the beans as he exposes Mampintsha for sleeping around with some of her female dancers, which has resulted in Mampintsha firing those dancers. Babes Wodumo continues to divulge all of the information.

Babes Wodumo Exposes Mampintsha’s Dirty Secrets

Babes Wodumo also claims that Mampintsha is hitting on a number of well-known female celebrities, which has caused her to feel an excessive amount of humiliation.

“I am even suspicious that he has spent that money with his new girlfriend or something. Thirdly, he is persistently wooing other women, and he is even hitting on celebrities that I know. All that he is doing is really embarrassing me to people.

Another thing, I had male and female dancers, and he was hitting on all of the female dancers, some of whom he slept with. Even after when I found new dancers, he started hitting on them again. Him dating

Tweeps are particularly upset to see that Babes Wodumo’s husband, Mampintsha, was the one responsible for bringing an end to both her brilliant singing career and her personal life.

“Nothing saddening as watching the demise of this young, beautiful, and talented girl right in front of our eyes at the hands of her abuser. This is while the capitalist system profits on it. It’s painful, if anything I hope one day she is able to walk away from it all and rebuild her life,” Mrs. Rebrand wrote. “Nothing saddening as watching the demise of this young, beautiful, and talented girl right in front of our eyes at the hands of her abuser.”

Here are 10 strategies to strengthen your marriage, according to four experts

They may occasionally argue, yet their eyes are still full with affection.

So, what do you need in your armory to survive the marriage trenches and manage the inevitable hurdles you will face as you go the distance? It appears that fewer and fewer people are aware that the divorce rate in South Africa continues to rise, as the number of civil divorces rose by 20.4% between 2011 and 2015.

We asked a group of relationship experts with a combined 50 years of expertise in counseling couples to discuss the ten most crucial factors that contribute to the longevity of a relationship.


Olga Molebatsi, a counselling psychologist from Pretoria, warns against allowing your aspirations of marriage to destroy your actual union. “Perhaps you anticipated your partner to wake up each morning and prepare breakfast for you, and when this is not the case, you feel bitter,” she explains.

Tamara Zanella, a psychotherapist based in Johannesburg, notes that the advent of social media has exacerbated this problem as couples flaunt their seemingly ideal relationships publicly, leaving you feeling short-changed and dissatisfied.

Don’t forget, though, that even the seemingly perfect Facebook couples have challenges. In order to maintain a good and happy relationship, it is essential to have reasonable expectations of your partner and your marriage, and to communicate these expectations openly.

2 Develop intimacy

Tamara insists that intimacy and s£x are vital to maintaining a sense of connection. “At the beginning of a relationship, these things occur naturally and spontaneously; but, as a relationship evolves and passes through phases, there is typically an ebb and flow to intimacy. It’s about remembering why you fell in love in the first place, not just s£x.

Larissa Ernst, a South African clinical psychologist currently residing in Belgium, asserts that couples require a unique shared setting distinct from the rest of their lives. “We fulfill multiple jobs – parent, employee, daughter, son – and leave little room for the relationship role since the others take precedence,” she explains.

“Couples should design a room that is dedicated solely to their romance. Perhaps special email accounts where you can share thoughts, wishes, and photos and flirt with one another. Conversations about children, shopping lists, and other domestic matters should be prohibited.


Robert Boulle, a psychologist from Cape Town, asserts that successful relationships have a potential for a new beginning. He argues that couples who are able to discuss their issues and then move on tend to be happier because they allow their relationship to evolve and flourish. Olga concurs and adds that, while difficulties must be handled when they arise, spouses must also participate in ongoing acts of forgiveness.

People intentionally or unintentionally harm one another, have misconceptions, and occasionally have bad intentions. To move on, one must grasp the skill of forgiveness.”

It’s the way you say it

“Approach is everything,” states Olga. It’s difficult to remember this in the heat of the moment, but if you can perfect this skill, it will make a significant difference in your communication. It’s also crucial to stay focused on the issue at hand and tell your partner exactly what’s upsetting you, as precisely as possible – which, of course, requires that you know what it is.

“Couples have a propensity to stray from the central issue. When the true issue is that one of them does not feel appreciated or hasn’t had sex in a few weeks, they will argue about household tasks.


Always wanting to be correct is a surefire way to avoid having a productive discussion. Tamara observes that during a disagreement, partners frequently become antagonistic and strive to score points.

“But if you want a happy relationship, it’s more crucial that both people feel heard – because then, hopefully, they’ll both feel as though they’ve “win” in some manner.


As much as each spouse must have their own life, couples must also know how to work as a team, according to Robert.

Tamara explains that daily support for one another, such as keeping the children so your partner can go for a run, is essential for sustaining a successful relationship. However, support is not simply about practical matters; it also involves emotional matters.

If, for instance, your partner is going through a difficult period at work and there’s not much you can do to help, simply being there for them emotionally – allowing them to vent or distracting them, if necessary – will do wonders.


Olga advocates viewing your marriage as an institution that requires periodic inspections. “Assess your progress as a couple. If you’ve been in a good mood recently, consider the factors that have contributed to that. How is your financial situation? What needs improvement? What should not change? What must alter drastically? ”

Consider seeking counseling if you find it difficult to discuss these issues or cannot reach an agreement. “Remember that you do not service an automobile after it has stopped moving; instead, you service a car while it is still moving so that it continues to move.”

8 Be specific and clear about your needs

Larissa explains, “Most individuals choose to convey their demands indirectly or in a way that blames the other – for instance, you never buy me flowers.” Others want their spouses to know what they desire; this expectation is typically articulated as “if he loves me, he should know what I like/want.”

She adds that if you want your wants to be met, you must communicate them plainly. There are three components to an effective presentation of a need: what you want, why it’s essential to you, and how you’ll feel if it’s met.

“For instance, ‘I would love it if you prepared a weeknight supper for me. It would offer me a chance to take care of the laundry a little sooner as I feel overwhelmed by all the household tasks.

9 Follow the flow

Robert advises, “Accept that there is a natural ebb and flow in a marriage.” When things are going poorly, have faith that they will get better. There will be times when you feel distant, but this is not the end of the world. Allow your spouse space when they require it, and recognize that they may be working through issues on their own.

“A marriage has a natural rhythm of closeness and separation,” he explains. Accepting the situation and discussing your emotions as it unfolds is beneficial.


Larissa states, “We all need to hear that our efforts are recognized, that we are respected, and that our skills are acknowledged.” “It fosters intimacy and connection in a relationship. It makes us feel more secure and makes it easier to be vulnerable. She recommends regularly complimenting and recognizing your partner to ensure they feel valued.

Larissa advises, “Tell your partner when you are proud of them, what you like about them, and what makes them a good parent or mother.” “Do not repeat it three times. It should be an integral element of your ongoing communication.

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