Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha at the verge of breaking up. Fresh details emerge

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha have revealed that they intend to seek the assistance of a marriage counselor in an effort to preserve their partnership. Even after they tied the knot a few years ago, the couple continues to generate headlines because of the controversy surrounding their relationship.

The Trouble in Paradise Couple, Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha, Are Seeking Counseling for Their Marriage

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha at the verge of breaking up. Fresh details emerge

The public’s opinion of their marriage suffered as a result of instances of domestic violence and conflicts with their in-laws that were brought into the open. During their conversation with TshisaLive, the couple revealed that in order to save their marriage, they had gone to marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is currently being attended by Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha.
“It is important to have a mediator in a marriage like a therapist because someone can hear both sides of the story. This is why having a therapist can be beneficial to a marriage. When there is only the two of you, both of you want your voices to be heard. When you work on managing your anger, or whatever other story you have to tell, you come to a new understanding of things, which allows you to cough up everything. In my opinion, it makes a difference whether or not you are married. He told the publication, “When you have problems, don’t run away from it.” This is a valuable lesson that we have learned.

Babes Wodumo shared views that were comparable to those of her husband, stating that the couple hopes to demonstrate to outsiders their increased maturity as well as their respect for one another.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha at the verge of breaking up. Fresh details emerge

This time around will be different because my partner and I have decided to seek professional help in order to ensure that our relationship is healthy. People will notice that we are making an effort to improve ourselves and that we have grown up. Without the distraction of the noise, we are able to collaborate effectively. She explained, “Now that we are able to respect each other in our marriage, it is stronger than ever before.”

Their disagreement got even more heated after pictures surfaced online showing Babes and Mampintsha’s mother interacting positively with one another. The assertion made by the Daily Sun is that Babes’ status caused everything to begin again when it was typed.

She is accused of saying the following in the status: “This is why I hate my mother-in-law. It’s all the sh*t that she does, and she is full of drama.”

Zama Gumede took vengeance on Babes by saying that she is not “wife material,” which Babes took as a personal attack. don’t ever want to set eyes on her again, if possible. She continued by saying that their family was watching out for Babes and protecting their son.

In addition to this, it was said that Mampintsha had deserted his family and was no longer financially supporting them.

“He called and accused me of speaking ill of him to the producers and Showmax. Because I exposed him, he is upset with me. She explained that he told her that he does not want anything to do with them because they are envious of his success. She continued by saying, “I don’t care because he doesn’t buy me anything,” which was a telling response.

Babes was then disowned by his family, with the statement “As Mampintsha’s family, we are rejecting Babes Wodumo.” Although she is Mampintsha’s girlfriend, she is not a member of our makoti. “We want people to know that she is not Mampintsha’s legal wife,” Mampintsha’s sister apparently told Daily Sun. “We want people to know that she is not Mampintsha’s legal wife.”

“Whenever we bring up this issue with her (Umembeso), she tells us that her religion does not permit her to perform or observe any Zulu traditions. ” This led to some confusion on our part because she is aware that Mampintsha is a Zulu man who upholds the traditions of his people. She has demonstrated time and again that she has no interest in being a member of this family. Because of this, we are not going to put inyongo on her, and we are not going to accept her,” she continued.

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