Aya from Scandal and Nkosi from HouseOfZwide are dating

Scandal and House of Zwide are two drama series that air on etv that have wowed the people of Mzansi, and we honestly can’t get enough of them.

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There is no question that a few of their actors have been among Mzansi’s best in the most recent few years. It comes as quite a shock to learn that our favorite on-screen characters are, in real life, in committed relationships with one another. We can all agree on that point.

After all, who would have guessed that our very own effervescent actress, Aya from Scandal, is head over heels in love with a pure genius named Nkosi Zwide from House of Zwide? The truth is that many people are taken aback by the revelation that the two are getting along swimmingly and have been setting examples for some time now.

We were able to piece together the missing pieces despite the complexity of the situation. Wanda Blaq Zuma is a well-known South African actor who now portrays the role of Nkosi Zwide on the fashion drama series House of Zwide, which airs on etv. The veteran actor is also active in the film industry as a director and writer.

He has been able to top her unparalleled skills with laurels, and he himself has been recognized in the past for his skill as a scriptwriter. The veteran actor was born in Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal on September 7th, 1991.

There has been news doing rounds on Social Media that the two have entered lobola negotiations. It is something that we have not yet been able to confirm at this momemt. We shall keep you posted!

The actor attended Creative Arts College and received a degree in Performing Arts in 2014. He graduated in 2014. After receiving his diploma, he continued his acting training at the South African Film Institute as well as with The play House Company.

In real life, Aya from the show Scandal is dating Nkosi Zwide, who stars in the show House of Zwide.

However, he is also known for his roles as Shaka Zulu in a number of stage productions, including Nandi the Musical. In 2015, he landed a job producing the video game Game of Heart. A few years ago, he had starring roles in the television shows LOVE AND MASKANDI and YOUNG ADULTS.

Ayanda Nzimande, who is most known for her role as Aya on Scandal, is currently dating our favorite on-screen character. It’s interesting to note that the famous actress also hails from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, having been born in 1995.

They are so in love that they don’t even mind being photographed together. Zuma has always been given access to Ayanda’s photo collection, which she regularly updates. The actress has, in fact, been sharing Wanda on her social media timelines more frequently as of late, despite the fact that Wanda herself has not been doing the same. They have become trending thanks to the daring movies and homey photographs. Mzansi can’t get enough of the coupe, and they consistently score goals for the team.

Actress Ayanda Nzimande, who portrays the role of Aya on the show Scandal on eTV!

When she first started appearing on the show, her primary focus was on arranging a romantic connection between her father and the family’s maid. After a short while, she gave up on that and was forced to deal with a variety of feelings after learning that her biological father had been behind the murder of her stepmother.

Scandal! star Ayanda Nzimande plays the part of Aya on the show. She is the daughter of Mamba, a character that is portrayed by Simo Magwaza.

Ayanda reveals to Drum that she considers herself extremely fortunate to be a part of Scandal. as well as working alongside so many of the people whom she has admired for so many years. She has a background in the theater and has appeared on another show in the past in a supporting role.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment. I cannot express how thankful I am that right now I am in this particular location. This is a dream come true for me because I have always enjoyed watching scandal and have hoped that one day I will be able to be a part of the cast. It is a realization of what I had wished for in the first place. Also, I can’t believe I’m acting so closely with Lusanda Mbane (who plays Boniswa Langa), who I adore,” she says. “It’s a dream come true.”

“Even though I have such a strong background in theatre, there were times when I would get nervous when I first started because I felt that I was not doing enough, and Lusanda would encourage me by giving me a pep talk and telling me to relax because I’ve got this. ” “Because I have such a strong background in theatre, there were times when I would get nervous because I felt that I was not doing enough. I am thankful to have that,” is what she says.

She is 25 years old, yet the age of the character that she plays is just 15, and she claims that her genes are a big assistance.

“At least, I don’t have to worry about looking too much older than she does because I have a baby face,” she said. “I have a baby face.” But there is a significant age gap between us, and I’m grateful that even when I’m at home I’m surrounded by teenagers, so I’m up to date on what they’re into these days and can understand how they talk. Also, I have been there before, so all I have to do to bring Aya back to life is tap into the version of myself that I was when I was 15 years old.

Ayanda’s mother was a single parent, and she and her older sister were raised between Cape Town and Durban. She claims that she has never considered doing anything other than acting in her life.

When I was younger, one of my childhood ambitions was to become an astronaut so that I could get a better view of the stars. She laughed as she said, “I think it means I am now closer to another kind of stars.”

She goes into detail about how she was cast in the role. When her agency told her about it, she sent in a self-taped audition.

She was contacted again after a month, but she was unable to keep the appointment since she was filming her role as Mbali on The Legacy, which airs on MNet. She was able to reschedule the appointment, but the timings got mixed up, so she was running behind schedule.

“Eventually, I completed the second audition, and my agency called me two hours after I left the Scandal! studios to tell me that I won the gig. I couldn’t believe it!” I couldn’t contain my elation.

She has performed in a number of musicals, including Sarafina, and can sing and dance. Ayanda has stated that she cannot wait for South Africa to see what other qualities she possesses in order to showcase them.

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