A look at Teddy from Gomora and Ntando Duma’s vacation in pictures and videos

A look at Teddy from Gomora and Ntando Duma’s vacation in pictures and videos

Recently, Mzansi has been attempting to piece together the details of Ntando Duma’s romantic life. Mzansi did, however, succeed in solving the mystery surrounding her enigmatic partner among the confusion.

A look at Teddy from Gomora and Ntando Duma’s vacation in pictures and videos

After all, it appears as though the rumor has been officially proven. Ntando Duma, a well-known actress and also musician, is in the news constantly after vacationing with Sicelo Buthelezi’s Teddy from Gomora.

While on vacation, Teddy posted a number of photos with a mysterious statement that perplexed many. It can be true or false that the two are currently a couple. He eventually departed Mzansi after sharing a video of him making out with another woman, who she blurred. Mzansi was absolutely certain that Ntando Duma was there in a few of the frames.

A look at Teddy from Gomora and Ntando Duma’s vacation in pictures and videos

It’s interesting to note that after sharing a few of his valuable holiday memories, he disabled the comments section. The two appeared to be making a toast while holding hands in one of the images posted. They were seated near a warm jacuzzi in the other frame.

Fans continue to believe that the two are dating despite neither party confirming nor disputing the rumors.

A look at Teddy from Gomora and Ntando Duma’s vacation in pictures and videos

After all, there have been previous reports of the two dating. A few months ago, rumors circulated that Ntando Duma, a renowned star actress, appeared to be completely smitten with her low-key romance. They seem to be letting the cat out of the bag.

They exchanged intimate moments, which swamped social media. The two have even impressed Mzansi with their relationship objectives, like attending parties and award shows together and celebrating each other’s birthdays.

Ntando once had a romantic relationship with Junior De Rocka. After Ntando had birth, the two broke up due to Junior De Rocka’s suspected infidelity.

“When I was two months pregnant, you cheated on me. I discovered you with her after you told me you were performing in Newcastle while forcing me to stay at your mother’s place! When I arrived, you HIT ME, triumphantly announcing to the entire DBN, “ngilishayile LeHlanya,”

He was charged with being a deadbeat father by the actress. This comes after Ntando stated that she spends about $20,000 per month to care for their infant Sbahle.

What South Africans desire in terms of domestic travel

Travel in Mzansi has never been higher; from January to August, 21.3 million overnight trips were booked by South Africans, up from 13.8 million in 2019 and 8.9 million in the same period in 2021.

From January to August, 5.3 million journeys were made for holidays, up from 1.5 million in 2021.

South African tourism is leveraging this trend by promoting its Gimme Summer that Sho’t Left campaign, which provides South Africans with accessible and affordable travel deals. South African tourists are rediscovering that local is indeed lekker.

All members of the tourism business are invited to publish their bargains to the Sho’t Left portal during the campaign’s duration, which spans the whole summer travel season.

promoting your travel deals

Sho’t Left has your back if you’re curious about what South Africans seek for when they travel.

It has listed the top five considerations that South Africans believe are crucial when booking their trip during the holiday season.

Activities and travel that are affordable

There’s a reason why this advice is at the top of the list.

South Africans are willing to travel, but doing so is extremely challenging due to the high cost of living and rising inflation.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that South Africans value affordable travel and favor local travel due to budgetary constraints, according to the largest survey of travel intentions ever undertaken by Travel Lifestyle Network.

As a result, you should make sure that your discounts and promotions are affordable for South Africans without sacrificing quality.


Travelers are no different from the rest of us in their need to feel exceptional.

Provide your customers with a customer-focused service to meet and surpass their expectations since people desire flexible experiences that are personalized to their needs.

To reach your target demographic, you need also modify your marketing plan.

Less bother

From paying bills to making travel arrangements, consumers are searching for more practical methods to do everything.

By 2023, it is predicted that 700 million individuals will have made an online reservation; South Africans are following this global trend.

Giving customers a seamless, effective, and digital booking mechanism is therefore crucial.

Four. Staycations

The pandemic saw a surge in the popularity of staycations, and research indicates that this global trend in vacationing will continue.

When people vacation domestically, they frequently take day trips and visit nearby restaurants and attractions. This type of trip is known as a staycation.

Travelers can enjoy a more accessible and affordable change of scenery on a staycation, and since they are staying close to home, they feel safe and protected.

Off-the-grid lodging

Load-shedding is a problem for South Africans at home, therefore they don’t want to sit in the dark while traveling.

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