2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay

A picture that didn’t mean any harm led to a lot of accusations. Thapelo Molomo, the winner of IdolsSA season 18, was accused of being gay after he posted a photo of himself on social media.

2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay

Sunday, November 13, 2022, Thapelo Molomo, who is 29 years old, was named the winner of the 18th season of Idols SA. Nozi, who was born in Durban, was up against the crowd favorite, but he didn’t get enough votes to win.

After posting a picture of himself wearing a bright pink shirt and skinny jeans, Thapelo was accused of being gay, because of what he was wearing and how he was standing.

2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay
2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay
2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay
2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay

The story of Thapelo Molomo

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Thapelo Molomo is from Mokopane, Limpopo, South Africa. He is a singer and a trauma counselor. In 2022, he was on the popular music reality show Idols SA, and he ended up winning the show.

2022 IdolsSA winner Thapelo Molomo accused of being gay

Thapelo Molomo, who lives in Pretoria and calls himself a perfectionist, has spent the last few years improving his musical skills.

This man from Limpopo says that he is humble and dedicated, qualities that he hopes will help him make it to the end. In 2012, he joined a gospel group as a back-up singer, but he is now ready to take the lead.

Thapelo Molomo tried to get into the music business a few times without success before he won Idols South Africa, which he calls the biggest stage he has ever been on.

He says that being on Idols South Africa gave him the chance to learn more about acting, music, and how to act as an artist.

Thapelo Molomo age

Thapelo was born on January 18, 1993, so he will be 29 years old in 2022.

Thapelo Molomo education

When we looked into it, we found out that Thapelo went to Diretsaneng Primary School for elementary school and Phomolong Secondary School for high school.

Thapelo Molomo career

Not everyone loves music from the start. But Thapelo Molomo has been interested in music since he was very young. He is the kind of person who would sing anywhere just because he loves art.

Hje made a great choice for his career when he joined a gospel group as a backup singer in 2012. Even though the singer didn’t get much out of being in that group, he was still able to improve his singing skills, which helped him a lot when he joined the reality show Idols SA.

He said himself that he joined the 18th season of the reality show because he thought he was ready. In hindsight, he was right. He won the show at the end of the season, which was held in Tshwane.

Thapelo Molomo parents

We don’t know anything about his parents right now.

wife of Thapelo Molomo

We heard that Thapelo Molomo doesn’t have a wife right now, but now we’re not sure what to think because we saw pictures of him showing off what many people thought was her daughter. Well, let’s keep looking into it, and we’ll let you know when we find out more.

Thapelo Molomo children

What we know about his kids.

Songs by Thapelo Molomo

Thapelo Molomo has put out a number of songs, such as Phanda Phanda, Onthatile, and Worshipping in Spirit.

Anti-gay American pastor blocked from getting into SA

Former Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says that American Pastor Steven Anderson and members or associates of his church have been denied entry into South Africa and that his visa exemption status will be taken away.

This is what the Minister told reporters in Cape Town on Tuesday. The LGBTI community had asked him to do this because Anderson had said things that were hurtful to gay people.

“Mr. Steven Anderson and people who belong to or work with his church are not allowed to enter the Republic of South Africa.

“This ban will be put into effect according to section 29(1)(d) of the Immigration Act.

“This section gives the department the legal power to ban a foreigner who is a member or follower of an association or organization that promotes racial hatred or social violence,” he said.

People say that the controversial American pastor has made many anti-gay comments. Later, he made a video and posted it on social media. In the video, he said bad things about LGBTI people and insulted Minister Gigaba in a way that was not appropriate.

The Minister said that he had told the Director-General of Home Affairs, Mkhuseli Apleni, that Anderson and his friends are “undesirable persons.” He also said that such people are not allowed to travel to South Africa for a time set by the department.

“In addition, I have taken away their visa-free status, which all Americans enjoy.

“This is because I know for sure that they spread hate speech and support social violence.

So, he said, “Steven Anderson will be told that he is not allowed in South Africa.”

The Minister’s decision comes after he talked with leaders of the LGBTI community and other interested parties, such as the South African Human Rights Commission, for weeks.

He said that South Africa must work toward its constitutional values to build a democratic, united, non-racial, and non-sexist state. This means that it is a constitutional requirement for the government and society as a whole to protect and fiercely defend everyone’s rights.

He also said that there have been times in the past when LGBTI people were treated by department employees “in a way that is against our laws.”

“It’s no secret that LGBTI people in this country and around the world face horrible things every day because of who they are. These things include ridicule, abuse, bullying, homophobia, brutal assaults, and rape.

He said that, according to a survey by Progressive Prudes that came out last Friday, about half a million South Africans have hurt women who dress and act like men in public, and 24,000 have hurt men who dress like women.

The Minister also said that about 700,000 South Africans verbally abused people who didn’t fit into a certain gender category.

The Minister said that over 60,000 petitions were sent to the Department and the South African Human Rights Commission by Gay Radio SA. These petitions asked for the rights of LGBTI people to be protected.

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