Clement Maosa, known for his role as Kwaito Seakamela-Maputla in the popular soapie Skeem Saam, defended the new character Tbose Maputla portrayed by actor Hungani Ndlovu. Maosa took to Twitter on July 13th to express his support for Ndlovu’s character, who made his debut on July 3rd. He argued that living abroad for an extended period naturally leads to change and growth.

In a tweet, Maosa stated, “Mara you can’t live abroad for so long and not change.” This came after his character on the show struggled to understand the new Tbose Maputla. Maosa joined Cornet Mamabolo, who portrayed the initial Thabo Maputla for over ten seasons, in defending and supporting Ndlovu’s character.

Previously, Ndlovu had expressed his gratitude towards Mamabolo for his support, emphasizing that he wouldn’t take any negative comments to heart. He acknowledged the long-standing tradition of actors in the industry and appreciated Mamabolo’s backing.

These statements reflect the solidarity and camaraderie among the cast members of Skeem Saam, with both Maosa and Mamabolo standing up for Ndlovu’s portrayal of Tbose Maputla.

In other news: How colour affects car insurance in South Africa

Car insurance premiums in South Africa are influenced by various factors, including the color of the vehicle. According to Anneli Retief, the head of product at Dialdirect, the calculation of premiums is based on the motorist’s risk profile. The color of a car can affect premiums due to considerations of nighttime visibility and paint costs.

Visibility and paint costs are the primary reasons why the color of a car may impact insurance premiums. Darker cars and those with matte, pearl, or metallic finishes tend to be slightly more expensive to insure. This is because darker colors may be less visible at night, increasing the risk of accidents. Additionally, special finishes can be more costly to repair or replace in the event of damage.

Modifications to the original paintwork, such as vehicle wrapping, can also impact insurance premiums. Alterations to the car’s appearance may affect its overall value and repair costs, leading to adjustments in the premium amount.

While color is a factor, Retief emphasized that there are other significant elements that influence car insurance premiums. These include the make and model of the vehicle, the location where the car is kept overnight, the driver’s identity, the purpose of the vehicle, and the driver’s claims history.

Repair and replacement costs for car parts play a crucial role in determining premium prices. The majority of the insurance premium is allocated to covering the vehicle against accident damage and paying for damages caused to other people’s cars and property. Therefore, the extent of potential repairs and the value of the vehicle heavily influence the premium amount.

It’s important for motorists to understand the factors that impact their car insurance premiums. By considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle and selecting insurance coverage. Factors such as the car’s color, visibility, and repair costs should be weighed against other considerations such as the make and model, location, and driving history.

Ultimately, insurance providers take a comprehensive approach to assess the risk profile of a motorist and determine appropriate premiums. By considering multiple factors, they aim to accurately reflect the potential risks associated with insuring a particular vehicle and driver.

Motorists should also keep in mind that insurance premiums can vary between different insurance companies. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from multiple providers to compare prices and coverage options. By doing so, individuals can make a well-informed decision and select an insurance policy that suits their needs and budget.

In conclusion, while the color of a car can have a minor impact on insurance premiums in South Africa, it is just one of many factors considered. Nighttime visibility and paint costs are taken into account, with darker and uniquely finished cars often incurring slightly higher premiums.

However, the make and model of the vehicle, driver details, claims history, and repair costs play more substantial roles in determining insurance premiums. Motorists should carefully evaluate these factors and seek quotes from different insurance providers to find the most suitable coverage for their needs.

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