Khune-Sphelele Relationship Rumors

Itumeleng Khune and Sphelele Makhunga, a prominent football power couple, are currently navigating rumors surrounding the state of their relationship.

Recent reports from City Press indicate that Sphelele returned to KwaZulu-Natal in November, reportedly due to frustrations over Khune’s alleged infidelity. Despite these challenges, sources close to Sphelele affirm her commitment to preserving their marriage and family, intending to defy critics.

While friends assert Sphelele’s determination, both Itumeleng and Sphelele have adamantly refuted the breakup speculations. In response to the rumors, Sphelele took to social media, declaring, “I have never responded to any of your gossip, and I will not start now. Go ahead and publish your bedtime stories. You have some nerve. Embarrass yourself with lies.” Khune also dismissed the allegations, standing united with his wife.

Despite the tumultuous rumors, the Khunes, who recently celebrated the arrival of their first child, Amogelang Zenande Khune, remain steadfast in their commitment to expanding their family. The couple has expressed their eagerness for further additions to their household, emphasizing the positive aspects of their life together.

In an Instagram post, Sphelele provided glimpses into their marriage and hinted at future family plans. The introduction of their baby girl, Amogelang Zenande Khune, to the public brought an end to months of anticipation among their fans. Additionally, Sphelele addressed questions about the notable 10-year age gap between her and Khune during an Instagram Stories Q&A session. The 25-year-old mother clarified that the age difference does not bother her, emphasizing her long-standing vision of starting a family at a young age.

Despite the challenges and public speculation, Itumeleng Khune and Sphelele Makhunga remain focused on their shared journey, highlighting the positive aspects of their life together and their commitment to building a strong family unit.

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