Khaya Dladla and Mercutio Buthelezi‘ relationship ends in tears

Khaya Dladla and Mercutio Buthelezi allegedly ended their relationship, leaving their fans shocked and saddened. The two were one of the most beloved gay couples in the South African celebrity scene, often sharing pictures of their matching outfits and vacations on social media.

However, in recent weeks, the couple has stopped interacting on social media and even deleted photos of each other from their respective platforms. They have also unfollowed each other on Instagram, sparking rumors that their relationship has ended.

Khaya Dladla and Mercutio Buthelezi‘ relationship ends in tears

The couple got engaged in 2020, after several years of dating. The reason behind their breakup is unknown, and it is unclear whether they are taking a break or have ended their relationship permanently.

This news comes shortly after another celebrity couple, Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki, announced their divorce. The couple got married in a private ceremony in 2020 but their union was plagued by allegations of abuse.

Despite reconciling after a brief separation, the couple’s relationship ultimately ended, with Moshe publicly confirming their divorce in an interview. “As a person who was previously married, I will get married again because I love marriage and love. The problem is not in love or marriage, it’s with people,” he said.

It’s clear that love is not always smooth sailing, even for celebrities, and their fans can only hope that Khaya and Mercutio find happiness and peace in their future endeavors.

Khaya Dladla Opens Up About Breakup with Mercutio Buthelezi

Fans were left devastated when actor and radio personality Khaya Dladla announced that they had broken up with their fiancé Mercutio Buthelezi earlier this year. However, the reason behind the split was unclear at the time. Recently, Khaya revealed the truth on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM, and it was not pretty.

Khaya Dladla had been very public about their relationship with Mercutio Buthelezi, a KZN businessman. They were serving “Insta goals” with their cute vacations, matching outfits, and jaw-dropping safari engagement. But Khaya now admits that it was all a show, and they were trying to create a relationship that didn’t exist. There were red flags from the beginning, but Khaya ignored them because they wanted to believe in the ideal relationship they had in their head.

In the interview, Khaya alluded to infidelity, and they now wonder how many other people were involved in the relationship. They also talked about pouring resources, including emotional, economic, and material, into a relationship that was like pouring water into a cup with holes. Despite the heartache, Khaya does not regret the five years they spent with Mercutio, as they see it as a “5-year class” they were in.

However, Khaya’s dirty laundry was aired out by blogger Musa Khawula, who claimed that Khaya stole Mercutio from a friend named Smiley because they thought Mercutio had money but was actually broke. Musa Khawula claimed that Khaya met Mercutio at a pub in Davenport, Glenwood, Durban, and moved too fast, ending up living together in Khaya’s Durban North rental home. But it turned out that Mercutio was broke and could not even afford to buy bread.

Khaya did not directly address the claims made by Musa Khawula, but it is clear that their relationship with Mercutio was more complicated than they let on. Fans are hoping that Khaya will find happiness in their next relationship, and that they will learn from the mistakes they made in their relationship with Mercutio.

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