Khaya Dladla sick

Radio and TV personality Khaya Dladla’s personal life has become the subject of online gossip after intimate details about his relationship with ex-fiancé Mercutio were exposed on social media. Seven months after their reported breakup, Dladla and Mercutio find themselves facing accusations from a Twitter account named Musa Khawula.

According to Khawula’s tweets, Dladla allegedly snatched Mercutio from his friend Smiley because he believed Mercutio was wealthy. However, it turned out that Mercutio was financially struggling. Khawula also claimed that Smiley fell seriously ill during the height of Dladla and Mercutio’s relationship, allegedly contracting a chronic illness from Mercutio.

Khawula further asserted that Dladla was shouldering the financial burden in the relationship while Mercutio pretended to be affluent. Additionally, rumors circulated that Dladla, like Smiley, was also suffering from the same illness that Mercutio had supposedly passed on. The allegations continued with claims that Mercutio had been cheating on Dladla with another man named “Ndile,” who owned a salon in Kwamashu.

NSFAS Application 2023/2024: How to Apply

Application Process and Status

  • New NSFAS application outcomes will be communicated by NSFAS.
  • Track your application status via your NSFAS profile account created during the application process.

Eligibility for NSFAS Funding

Your NSFAS application will not be considered if you:

  • Already had NSFAS funding last year.
  • Have already completed an undergraduate degree/diploma.
  • Are not a South African citizen.
  • Need funding for a short learning certificate or programme.
  • Need funding for a postgraduate qualification, with an exception of the following qualifications:
    • BTech – Architecture / Architectural Technology
    • BTech – Engineering (all disciplines), Cartography, Forestry
    • BTech – Biokinetics, Biomedical Technology, Biotechnology
    • BTech – Chiropractic, Homoeopathy, all Nursing
    • BTech – Clinical or Dental Technology, Emergency Medical Care
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
    • LLB

Registration and Funding Information

  • Visit the Unisa registration website for the registration dates:
  • Returning NSFAS students who were funded in 2022 but have not yet completed their qualification: Ensure temporary registration during Unisa’s registration period while waiting for NSFAS funding confirmation for the 2022 academic year.
  • Returning NSFAS students who received funding in 2022, have been declined for funding in 2023, and have appealed the decision: Pay the minimum registration fee while waiting for the NSFAS appeal decision if chosen.
  • First-time NSFAS applicants: Ensure temporary registration during Unisa’s registration period while waiting for NSFAS funding confirmation. If the NSFAS application is declined or delayed by the close of the registration period, alternative funding is expected before registration activation.
  • If the NSFAS application is provisionally approved, the minimum registration fee is not required. Registration will be automatically activated based on NSFAS funding confirmation received by Unisa.
  • Appeal application: If the NSFAS application is rejected, appeal during the prescribed appeal application period. Details of the application process will be provided. New applicants must appeal directly with NSFAS:


  • All NSFAS-funded students who pay the minimum registration amount to activate their registration will be refunded once NSFAS confirms successful processing of registration data to Unisa.
  • An application for a refund is not necessary. Refunds will be paid to the student’s bank account.

Learning Material Allowance and Living Allowance

  • Unisa NSFAS-funded students are entitled to a Learning Material Allowance (LMA) and Living Allowance (LA) only.
  • LMA is calculated based on the number of modules registered, as per the 2022 DHET Grant Funding Guidelines.
  • LA is paid to students registered for ten modules, as per the 2022 DHET Grant Funding Guidelines.
  • If the number of registered modules is reduced after initially registering for ten modules, the LA allowance will be forfeited.

Note: For further information and assistance, please refer to the respective websites and contact NSFAS directly.

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