Khanyi Mbau is looking for the father of her daughter

In an interview with a blog, Khanyi Mbau opened up about her relationship with her baby daddy, Mandla. She revealed that she has no idea where he is and that her daughter has never met him. The only memory of him that her daughter has are old pictures from when they were younger.

Khanyi Mbau is looking for the father of her daughter

Mbau expressed her confusion and disbelief about Mandla’s absence, wondering if he was just a figment of her imagination. She shared that she has not received any communication from him in years, including calls or texts. Her daughter is now 16 years old, and Mbau expressed gratitude for her daughter’s support and understanding as a single mother.

Mbau ended her interview by expressing her love and admiration for her daughter, calling her an incredible partner in her life journey. She also congratulated her daughter on her academic achievements and expressed her love for her.

What Exactly Happened To Khanyi’s Baby Daddy?

What Exactly Happened To Khanyi’s Baby Daddy?

Mandla Mthembu, the elusive baby daddy of South African media personality Khanyi Mbau, has become the subject of a mystery as rumors circulate that he has gone broke and disappeared. The once-renowned businessman, who was at the center of a tumultuous relationship with Khanyi, has not been seen or heard from in many years.

Mandla’s and Khanyi’s relationship was marked by allegations of physical abuse and infidelity, with Khanyi accusing him of pushing her down the stairs while pregnant with their daughter Cannes, and carrying on an affair with Zodwa Wabantu while still married to Khanyi.

As it often happens when people’s lives are anchored on their net worth, things went awry for Mandla when he went broke. He reportedly turned to heavy drinking and became abusive, leading to the incident where Khanyi found herself in preterm labor at the bottom of the stairs. Since then, there has been no news of his whereabouts.

While there is a Twitter page in his name, it appears to be a fake, as the man in the photos looks much younger than the rumored age of 65. The public knows little about Mandla’s family and friends, leaving many questions unanswered about his disappearance.

Khanyi has previously spoken about Mandla’s lack of interest in deep conversations and his focus on spending money and buying luxury items. Despite their tumultuous past, Khanyi has moved on with her life and is currently in a relationship with Zimbabwean businessman Kudzai Terrence Mushonga.

The mystery surrounding Mandla’s whereabouts has left many speculating about what exactly happened to him. Did he choose a life of privacy, or did something else happen to him? These questions remain unanswered as the public awaits any news on the elusive millionaire.

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