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Kelly Khumalo takes beef with sister to another level 

Kelly Khumalo finally opened up about her relationship with Zandi Khumalo

The two sister have been fighting for over years now,Kelly khumalo mentioned on the third episode of her reality show that she nolonger want to fight 

“I’m at a point where I’m tired of being mad,It doesn’t serve me anymore and I think I should find an amicable way of dealing with each other,I felt like my mother wasn’t doing her part”.

According to Kelly she feels like her sister should apologize in order for them to reconcile .

It really broke her heart when she found out from people that she is pregnant”I heard from the grapevine that my sister is pregnant I was like whew”.

She said she finally met her Godson.”I love that little boy, Every time I speak about him I get teary”.

she said Kelly said she’s gone through many things and felt like she should have been there when the kid was born.

Finally Kelly khumalo and Zandi they are becoming closer to each other

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