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Kelly Khumalo Delivers Message From God 

Kelly Khumalo Delivers Message From God

Lady of the moment, Kelly Khumalo today decided to share with her followers the message she claims to have received from God.

Taking to Instagram, Kelly Khumalo shared a couple of video clips as she delivered the message she claims God wants her to share with everyone.

The songstress revealed that she was overcome by a power that spoke to her for two hours addressing the things it is not happy about.

Kelly Khumalo's message from God
Kelly Khumalo (Image Credit: Twitter)

Captioning the video, Kelly Khumalo revealed that the message is not only directed to South Africa but the whole world. She said the message she got from God is directed at false political leaders, unfaithful husbands, false prophets etc.

She said anything and everything ungodly will perish.

“This is not just about SA but the whole world. False political leaders will go down, pharmaceutical companies who are making money out of making God’s people sick will go down, questionable justice systems will go down, false prophets, witch doctors, and priests will go down, and unfaithful husbands and wives will go down, ungodly parents and children will go down, false monarchy will go down, anything and everything that is ungodly will perish” 

Kelly Khumalo added that those that must step down must do so lest they be wiped out.

May our God cover us through this drastic change. Those who must step down must do it now before they are wiped out! #ImJustAMessanger 

Meanwhile, Kelly Khumalo recently got social media talking after she shared with her friend Somizi Mhlongo how she and her band once sexually starved themselves before a gospel concert.

Speaking to Somizi on the first episode of the third season of her Showmax reality show ‘Life With Kelly’, the songstress revealed that she wanted to have a gospel concert before the lockdown hit South Africa but ended up cancelling.

“My team and I had planned to have a gospel concert but a week before that we went into lockdown. However, I feel like it was not the right time. Now, this is it, the gospel concert,” Kelly Khumalo said.

Kelly Khumalo went on to reveal that as they prepared for the gospel concert, they also fasted from alcohol and sex.

“So, this requires us to be unified as a band, as a team. Hence, we had to go into fasting earlier that week. Where we could not touch alcohol. Not just fasting from food but we were sexually starved as well,” she added.

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