Big blow for Kelly Khumalo as she gets dumped

Kelly Khumalo faces a significant setback as she is dropped from the lineup of the ‘A Tribute To Women’ festival. The decision comes amidst the ongoing rebooted Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, which has gripped public attention with shocking revelations from State witnesses at the North Gauteng High Court.

Kelly, who was the girlfriend of Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa when he was killed in 2014, is feeling the repercussions of the trial as organizers of the festival remove her from the all-star lineup.

The organizers released a statement expressing concern over various comments on social media platforms and calls from festival patrons. In order to protect the festival’s integrity, management decided to relieve Kelly Khumalo of her performance obligations this year to allow her and her team time to deal with the issues arising from the current court proceedings.

This is how much money lawyers get paid in South Africa

Salaries in the Legal Profession in South Africa

The legal profession in South Africa is known for offering some of the highest-paying careers in the country. Skilled professionals in various legal fields are in high demand, leading to attractive salaries to match their expertise.

Shortage of Skilled Specialists

According to professional services and recruitment firms, Michael Page and Robert Walters, there is a shortage of skilled legal specialists in South Africa. Many local legal professionals are attracted to international opportunities, resulting in a growing gap in the market.

High Demand Areas

Specialist lawyers in the fields of banking, finance, mergers & acquisitions, tech law, legal compliance, and African experience are particularly in demand in South Africa. The fintech sector’s exponential growth on the African continent has led to a high demand for lawyers with expertise in fintech, IT, and ICT.

Compliance Professionals in Demand

Another area experiencing increased demand is compliance. Companies need to comply with relevant legislation and regulations to mitigate business risk and operate ethically. The implementation of the POPI Act has also driven the need for compliance professionals since mid-2021.

Factors Affecting Salaries

Due to the scarcity of skilled professionals, companies must continually assess their attraction and retention strategies to remain competitive in the current market. They offer lucrative salaries, incentive structures, exposure to top-quality work, and a progressive work culture to attract and retain top talent.

Salary Range

The legal profession offers premium earnings for professionals at all levels:

  • Support Staff: Even legal secretaries, at the entry-level support staff position, earn between R300,000 and R550,000 per year (R25,000 to R46,000 per month), exceeding the average salary in the country.
  • Senior Partners: Experienced professionals who have advanced to senior partner positions can earn over R5 million per year (over R415,000 per month).
  • Fresh Graduates: Candidate attorneys, fresh graduates in the profession, start out at around R25,000 per month.

Salary Data from Michael Page and Robert Walters

Below are minimum and maximum salary estimates for various positions in the legal sector based on data from Michael Page and Robert Walters:

Michael Page:

  • Senior Partner: R1,800,000 – R5,000,000+
  • General Counsel / Head of Legal: R1,700,000 – R3,500,000
  • Chief Compliance Officer / Head of Compliance: R1,700,000 – R2,500,000
  • Group Company Secretary: R1,500,000 – R2,200,000
  • Junior Partner: R1,400,000 – R1,750,000
  • Senior Counsel: R1,200,000 – R1,600,000
  • Senior Compliance Manager: R1,200,000 – R1,600,000
  • Company Secretary: R1,000,000 – R1,500,000
  • Senior Associate: R900,000 – R1,300,000
  • Legal Counsel: R750,000 – R1,100,000

Robert Walters:

  • General Counsel (Commerce & Industry): R2,500,000
  • Equity Director / Senior Director (Large Firm): R2,000,000
  • Head of Legal (Commerce & Industry): R1,500,000 – R2,500,000
  • Junior Director / Salaried Director (Large Firm): R1,300,000 – R1,900,000
  • Equity Director / Senior Director (Boutique Firm): R1,200,000
  • Senior Legal Advisor / Counsel (Commerce & Industry): R1,000,000 – R1,500,000
  • Associate (Large Firm): R900,000
  • Legal Advisor / Counsel (Financial Services): R750,000 – R1,000,000
  • Junior Legal Advisor / Counsel (Commerce & Industry): R700,000 – R1,000,000

In summary, the legal profession in South Africa offers lucrative career opportunities for skilled professionals, making it one of the highest-paying sectors in the country.

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