Kelly Khumalo spotted at the sea

Singer Kelly Khumalo has been a subject of constant criticism on social media. Recently, she shared pictures on Twitter walking towards the sea, sparking curiosity among her followers about what she was doing there.

According to her Instagram post, she was giving thanks to the celestials and creatures of the universe while in East London.

Kelly is known for her connection to her ancestors, but this hasn’t stopped people from making assumptions and criticizing her. Despite the backlash, she remains unapologetic and continues to engage with her haters.

Innovate with Drones: Join Moongate Technologies as a Drone Technician

Moongate Technologies Pvt Ltd, a trailblazer in drone technology, is seeking skilled and enthusiastic Drone Technicians to join their dynamic team.

Zimbabwean Company Believes Drones are the Future of Farming

Responsibilities: Mastering the Skies

1. Drone Maintenance and Servicing

Your expertise will be crucial in maintaining and servicing drones, ensuring they remain in peak condition for various missions.

2. Creation of Job Work Logs

You will be responsible for meticulously documenting all drone-related activities in detailed job work logs, enabling effective management tracking.

3. Drone Repairs

Utilizing your technical prowess, you will conduct repairs to address any issues or malfunctions in the drones, keeping them mission-ready.

4. Testing and Assessment

Your keen eye for detail will come into play as you conduct thorough testing and assessment of client drones, ensuring their optimal performance.

5. Systems Development

Drawing on your skills, you will design and create an efficient system for drone maintenance and repairs, streamlining management oversight.

6. User Requirements Determination

Collaborating with the team, you will identify and develop user requirements for drones in production, ensuring maximum usability and functionality.

Qualifications: Preparing for Takeoff

1. Degree in a Relevant Field

Possess a degree in aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, electromechanical engineering, or a related field, demonstrating your strong technical foundation.

2. Drone Technician Certification

Hold a drone technician certification from an approved institution, showcasing your specialized expertise in drone technology.

3. Drone Pilot License

Possess a drone pilot license from an accredited and approved training facility or institution, highlighting your operational competence.

4. Experience with VTOL and Fixed Wing Drones

Your previous experience working with VTOL and Fixed Wing Drones will be highly advantageous in this role.

5. Communication Skills

Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills, enabling effective collaboration within a diverse working environment.

6. Self-Directed and Proactive

Display the ability to work under minimum supervision, taking initiative to achieve outstanding results.

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