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In an advertisement featuring Kairo Forbes, DJ Zinhle hinted at who the real boss is between her and Murdah Bongz. The debate about Murdah’s position in the household has been ongoing, with some fans claiming that DJ Zinhle holds the power. The Nedbank ad focused on Kairo’s game, but it left fans questioning Murdah’s role.

DJ Zinhle addressed the speculation by stating that she is the boss of her own house, while Kairo is the boss of Nedbank Chow Town, a Roblox game that teaches money management. Despite the discussions about Murdah’s position, most fans appreciated Kairo’s composure in the ad and expressed their admiration for her confidence and attitude.


Even though DJ Zinhle only promoted her daughter’s Nedbank ad, many fans noticed something different.

DJ Zinhle looked to be all about the ad, but the idea that she was the boss of the house left them questioning Murdah’s position.

“Haha, according to @Kairo.Forbers, I’m only the boss of my house and she is the boss of #NedbankChowTown, a new Roblox game where you can PLAY, LEARN AND EARN. As a Chow Town boss, I’m glad she is at least learning how to manage her money.💚 Tap the link on my bio now and lets all play to be the boss 💃🏽 #ad #GamingWithPurpose #NedbankChowTown @nedbank”

How much & when will you receive your July SASSA grant? Find out below:

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will be disbursing grants to millions of people in the first week of July. These grants are provided to approximately 47% of the population, with 18 million individuals receiving permanent “normal” grants and an additional 10 million receiving the temporary R350 grant introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to research, child support grants are the most common type of grant distributed by SASSA. Global evidence suggests that these grants reduce child hunger, alleviate poverty, and improve school attendance for children.

Typically, SASSA grants are predominantly used for purchasing food. The grant money is made available on the second day of the month or the closest working day.

The disbursement of grants follows a specific order. Pension (older person’s grant) is paid first, followed by disability grants and children’s grants. All other grants, including the R350 grant (which no longer has a fixed date), are paid starting from the third day of the grant disbursement.

Here are the payment dates for the July 2023 SASSA grants:

  • Older persons: Tuesday, 4 July
  • Disability grant: Wednesday, 5 July
  • Children’s grant: Thursday, 6 July
  • All other SASSA grants, including the R350 grant, are paid out from Thursday, 6 July.

The following are the “permanent” SASSA grants available along with their respective amounts:

  • SRD R350 grant: R350
  • Pension: R2080
  • Pension (75 years and older): R2100
  • Disability grant: R2080
  • War veterans grant: R2100
  • Child support grant: R500
  • Care Dependency grant: R2080
  • Foster Care grant: R1120
  • Grant-in-aid: R500

Beneficiaries have various options to access their grant funds. Apart from the R350 grant, normal grants can be collected from post office branches. Additionally, all grants can be withdrawn from ATMs or pay points at selected retail partners such as Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer, and Shoprite U-Save. SASSA beneficiaries can also use the SASSA gold card for purchases and transactions, similar to a regular debit card.

SASSA encourages recipients to have the funds directly deposited into their bank accounts as it is the most convenient payment method.

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