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Fired Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub wants R100 Million from Moja Love

The ongoing dispute between former Uyajola 9.9 presenter, Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, popularly known as Jub Jub, and his former employers at Moja LOVE has taken a new turn. Following his dismissal from the channel, Jub Jub is reportedly suing Moja LOVE for over R100 million rand in breach of contract.

The dispute began when Jub Jub insulted a business partner in December of last year, allegedly wrecking the station’s relationship with the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela tribal community. Despite attempts to resolve the issue, including Jub Jub’s failed attempts to issue a public apology to Keabetswe Mokoena, the channel withheld his salary as punishment for his misconduct.

Fired Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub wants R100 Million from Moja Love

Moja LOVE eventually cut ties with Jub Jub last week, but the former presenter is not taking the decision lying down. According to a report in the City Press, Jub Jub is suing the channel for almost R100 million rand, arguing that the termination of his contract was due to his issuing a letter of demand for an unpaid or withheld salary.

Sunday World reported that Jub Jub was fired shortly after his lawyers issued a demand for his January salary, which had been withheld by the channel due to the December incident. Jub Jub reportedly used swear words when addressing Keabetswe Mokoena, and the channel had demanded a public apology. When he refused to comply, his salary was withheld, leading to his eventual dismissal.

A source close to Jub Jub revealed that another incident involving the former presenter confronting Mokoena’s acquaintance at OR Tambo International Airport was also considered when the decision was made to terminate his contract. The source claimed that Jub Jub had “ambushed” a senior traditional leader who was with Mokoena and implored him to ask Moja LOVE CEO Aubrey Tau to extend an olive branch. However, Tau reportedly refused to reinstate Jub Jub unless he issued a public apology to Mokoena.

While the legal battle between Jub Jub and Moja LOVE is likely to be a protracted one, the incident has once again highlighted the importance of professionalism and respect in the workplace. Regardless of the circumstances, employees must adhere to the codes of conduct set by their employers, and employers must be proactive in addressing any issues that arise.

Moreover, disputes between employees and employers should be resolved through constructive dialogue and negotiation, rather than through legal action. By working together to find solutions to their disagreements, both parties can benefit from a mutually beneficial outcome.

In the case of Jub Jub and Moja LOVE, it remains to be seen whether a resolution can be reached that satisfies both parties. However, it is clear that the ongoing dispute has had a significant impact on both Jub Jub’s career and Moja LOVE’s reputation. As such, it is imperative that all parties involved work towards a swift and satisfactory resolution to the dispute.

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