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In Pictures: A look at Zahara’s house that she got back after fans’ donations 

In Pictures: A look at Zahara’s house that she got back after fans’ donations

Back in May, country artist Bulelwa Mkutukana popularly known as Zahara, had a social media meltdown as she shared her financial struggles with the world. She was in the news headlines after Netbank put her Townhouse on auction. This was due to the failure of the musician to pay her loan from the bank. Today fans of the country singer woke up to the great news that their combined efforts have paid off.

After Zahara realized that the life she had worked hard for was crumbling to the ground, she went on live where she broke down. The musician told her fans about how she was defrauded her hard-earned money by DJ Sbu. Many musicians have been exposing their managements and recording labels to stealing from them; Zahara is one of them. The singer has made some of the most famous hits in the South African music industry and did not have anything to show for it.

Zahara performing
Zahara performing-Image Source(Instagram/Zahara)

Zahara blamed DJ Sbu for not paying royalties

Zahara blamed her financial difficulties on DJ Sbu’s record label. This was after Barry Roux tweeted that Zahara should record her Loliwe album again and get money from it. Even though DJ Sbu slammed the rumours and said Zahara was paid, she exposed them for uploading it on streaming platforms and not giving her royalties after she left his label. In the wake of all this news, the musician had asked for donations from fans while on stage, showing she was broke.

Zahara gets her house back after public donations.

Many people blamed drugs and alcohol as the artist is known to be a heavy drinker by the public. However, it all came to light that she suffered when the bank repossessed her houseafter failing to pay her loan. The house is in Roodepoort in the West of Johannesburg. However, the public made donations to the artist with the help of Radio 2000. The auction has been cancelled, Zahara now owns the house, and her loan is paid.

Zahara's house in Johannesburg
Zahara’s house in Johannesburg-Image Source(Facebook)

Zahara is currently trying to revive her career and has shown it across the country. Things are starting to look up for her as she has been given a chance for a fresh start again. Many of her fans are willing to support the artist to regain her former glory. When some careers die, they stay dead, but getting fans to help revive her career takes excellent talent. Celebrities have supported her shows as she redefines herself. Zahara’s drunk episodes, which had been frequent, now seem to be a thing of the past.

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