‘Idols SA’ winner opens up about depression

Singer Yanga Sobetwa celebrated her 22nd birthday, taking the opportunity to reflect on her triumph over depression and anxiety. The Idols SA season 14 winner shared her challenging journey on Instagram, acknowledging the dark times when she tried to kill herself and severe mental health struggles.

Yanga attributed her survival and progress to God’s grace. Despite the hardships, she expressed gratitude for making it this far and encouraged fans to support her upcoming tour on July 1, 2023, as she continues to embrace her purpose.

Yanga Sobetwa, who won Idols SA at just 16 years old, faced criticism for taking a break from matriculation and was wrongly linked to regrets about her decision.

Saudi Arabia Adds South Africa to E-Visa Eligibility List. See details below:

Good News for South African Travelers

Saudi Arabia has expanded its list of nationalities eligible for electronic visas (e-visas), and South Africa is among the countries benefiting from this decision. This development is likely to be well-received by South Africans traveling to Saudi Arabia for religious and business purposes.

SA Passports Gaining Favorability

South African passports have been gaining favorability in recent times, prompting other countries to ease their visa restrictions for SA passport holders. Japan, for instance, has also included South Africa in the list of nationalities eligible to apply for e-visas for short stays in the country.

E-Visa Scheme Expanded

Saudi Arabia has announced the extension of its visitor e-visa scheme to citizens of eight countries. Alongside South Africa, the list includes Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Maldives, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Nationals from these countries can now apply for visitor visas electronically or obtain them upon arrival at Saudi Arabia’s ports, making the process much simpler than traditional visa applications.

Boosting the Tourism Sector

Saudi Arabia is actively working to develop and scale up its tourism industry. The Kingdom is currently investing in the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the growth of its tourism sector. Additionally, the establishment of Riyadh Air, a second national carrier, was announced earlier this year to facilitate travel to the Kingdom.

Versatility of E-Visas

The newly introduced e-visas can be used for various purposes, including tourism, business trips, and religious pilgrimages. Eligible passport holders can use e-visas to tour the Kingdom, perform Umrah, visit family and friends, and engage in business activities.

Simplified Travel Experience

According to Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khateeb, expressed that expanding the e-visa eligibility to eight new countries signifies the Kingdom’s commitment to welcoming visitors from around the world. This move is aimed at providing a more accessible and streamlined travel experience for all those wishing to visit Saudi Arabia.

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