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‘House of Zwide’ July Spoiler: Funani kills Isaac during gun battle? 

The TVSA House of Zwide July teasers indicate that Funani (Vusi Kunene) will confront Isaac about Ona being his daughter on Wednesday, 13 July and their heated argument will end deadly after wrestling with a gun.

The teasers also reveal he will hide the truth about her identity from his wife Faith (Winnie Ntshaba) at the beginning of his investigation.   

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Viewers of the fashion drama House of Zwide will be devastated if Funani ends Isaac’s (Jeffrey Sekele) life as he’s been a great father to Ona despite he and Faith keeping the truth from their families.   

The TVSA Wednesday 13 July reads:  

“Funani’s quest for the truth ends in a deadly confrontation with Isaac.”  

The Thursday 14 July reads:  

“Isaac and Funani get into a tussle and the gun is fired. The truth is out and Funani confronts Faith in front of Rea.”  

Viewers already know Faith will do anything to save herself and her marriage, even if it means throwing her long-term friend Isaac under the bus.   

Faith will try to save her skin when her husband confronts her about Ona being Zobuhle Zwide, the daughter kidnapped in the fire twenty years ago.   

The Friday 15 July teaser reads:  

“A desperate Faith tries to survive by putting all the blame on Isaac but Funani is on to her.”  

Isaac’s family will also be in denial about the accusations as he’s been a perfect father and husband and has lied about Ona from the beginning.   

“The Molapos are in denial over the accusations and Soka is there for Ona.”  

The TVSA House of Zwide teasers end on Friday 15 July as this is the season one finale and don’t mention Isaac’s name after the gun goes off.   

Funani and Rea test Isaac’s patience and his marriage when Funani unwittingly gets between them.#HouseofZwide Tonight at 7pm! pic.twitter.com/qVFSgmaoDQ— @etv (@etv) November 5, 2021


Molefe (Motlatsi Mafatshe) will be able to put the Molapos at ease and confirm Funani’s story if Isaac gets killed as he too found out about Ona’s identity a few months.   

Ona (Nefisa Mkhabela) will be devastated to learn that her heroic father lied to her as she adored him.   

She will only be convinced once she sees the DNA results and might have to turn down the job offer to work with her father Funani at the fashion house.   

Funani’s marriage will be on the rocks and he might kick Faith out of the house for good when he learns about her betrayal. 

Funani’s interest in Rea leaves Faith and Isaac unsettled, tonight on #HouseofZwide at 7pm. pic.twitter.com/g6s7y52ZZS— House of Zwide (@etvHouseOfZwide) October 26, 2021

Oooh Zanele comparing Ona with Funani…… Faith will definitely explode, it’s too close👹👹👹 tonite on #HouseOfZwidepic.twitter.com/J9NoRPn2pA— Winnie Ntshaba (@NtshabaWinnie) August 18, 2021

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