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Gogo Maweni Says That Whoever Dates Her Husband, She Will Deal With Her At 12 Midnight 

Gogo Maweni is in hot water after posting on Instagram that whoever will date her name she will deal with her at 12 Midnight. She only need her name and surname and her photo. Some people do not agree with what she said. They think that she should deal with her man. Some women think that she is not being fair for doing that. Sometimes we can think that men are guilty but sometimes they are innocent. There are men who are loyal to their partner and yet they fall into traps of cheating to their partners. There are ladies out there who will try all most everything to take your man. They can see that he is loyal and they will try by all means to flirt with him so that he can cheat on you. Not all the men are strong some men are weak. Remember it is easy to tempt a man.

There are also women who cannot stand to see a happy relationship they want to destroy. Some they wish to live the life that their wives are living not knowing that sometimes it is not always the man who provide even the women can provide.

Yes the lady does not owe her loyalty but sometimes women hate each other and do not want to see others happy. Sometimes you find that it is your friend who is doing that to you. Sometimes someone who knows you and close you. Women has this tendency that a man is a soccer ball , things like this will lead you into a huge problem. Learn to stay away from married men because one-day you will regret it. Although men are not innocent even women are not innocent. There are women are enemies of happiness and they just want to destroy. Gogo Maweni does not play when it comes to her husband , she will deal with you and your life will be miserable.

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