Funeral Without A Casket But Sitting On A Chair Has Caused A Stir Worldwide

A worldwide stir was caused when a funeral without a casket went viral on Facebook. The deceased man was seated on a chair, dressed impeccably in white pants, a pink blazer, glasses, white formal shoes, and a casual tie – an unusual and unforgettable sight. Some funerals are now being conducted according to the deceased’s pre-made instructions, a sign of respect and honoring the departed, particularly in African cultures.

However, this practice has sparked debates about its alignment with African values, customs, and beliefs. While it may confuse families regarding whether to prioritize the deceased’s request or adhere strictly to African customs, consulting elders becomes crucial to maintain the essence of their traditions. While opinions differ on such practices, preserving African customs remains paramount.

Unicaf – Growing Africa through university scholarships

Unicaf: Bridging the Gap in Tertiary Education

Unicaf, an innovative organization headquartered in Europe, has established partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions to increase accessibility to tertiary education for young people.

Empowering African Students with Unicaf Scholarships

With a significant presence in Africa, Unicaf collaborates with thousands of prospective students to turn their dreams of pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees into reality. Click here to apply for a Unicaf scholarship.

Partnering with Respected British Universities

Unicaf boasts an impressive list of partner universities, including well-respected British institutions such as Liverpool John Moores University, the University of East London, and the University of Suffolk. Through these collaborations, Unicaf provides high-quality tertiary education at a fraction of the cost, delivered through a robust cloud-based platform to support students at scale.

Unicaf University: Empowering Young Africans Locally

For young Africans who prefer to study locally, Unicaf has established Unicaf University – a pan-African university offering a blend of online study and on-campus learning across various academic programs.

Making Higher Education Accessible through Scholarships

Unicaf’s life-changing Scholarship Programme has already awarded more than $100 million (R1.8 billion) in funding to thousands of students in need, with plans to increase this number in the future. Unicaf is committed to making higher education accessible, believing that educated young people are the leaders of tomorrow, working towards a better future for all.

Testimonial from MBA Student Kaamil Nagia

MBA student Kaamil Nagia shares his incredible experience with Unicaf and how the organization has positively transformed his life.

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