Khune compares his deIicious new wife to his ex-wife Minnie. See what he said

Kaizer Chiefs’ goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, has recently taken to social media to celebrate the natural beauty of his partner, Sphelele, leaving fans captivated and intrigued.

Known for their glamorous appearances, this glimpse into Sphelele’s bare-faced and natural hair look offered a refreshing change for fans, sparking a mixture of admiration and speculation.

In an Instagram Story, Khune shared a rare and endearing clip of his wife, who appeared without makeup and flaunted her natural Afro hairstyle. Captioning the video with “All natural,” Khune expressed admiration for Sphelele’s effortless beauty as she giggled, showcasing her braces.

While the moment was undoubtedly sweet, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Khune’s praise for Sphelele’s natural look carried an underlying message. Given Khune’s past relationships, particularly with actress Minnie Dlamini, who is often seen glammed up, some fans speculated whether Khune’s appreciation for Sphelele’s natural beauty was a subtle contrast to his ex-wife’s more polished image. However, Khune did not explicitly mention Dlamini in his post, leaving fans to interpret his intentions.

In another heartwarming moment, Khune shared a photo capturing a precious bonding session between his wife and their daughters, Lesedi Ziyanda and Amogelang Zenande. The image depicted the trio engaging in a hair pamper session, with Khune affectionately referring to them as his “Afro gang.”

Reflecting on their journey together, Khune recently shared a touching tribute to his supportive wife, acknowledging her unwavering support during his challenging times with Kaizer Chiefs. Through an Instagram post, he expressed gratitude for her companionship, labeling her as his “partner in crime,” “forever love,” and “favorite cuddle partner.”

Khune and Sphelele’s love story began in mid-2019, shortly after Khune’s previous relationship with personal trainer Sbahle Mpisane ended. The couple’s relationship swiftly blossomed, culminating in a traditional wedding ceremony later that year. Despite their nearly ten-year age gap, Sphelele revealed in an Instagram Q&A session that they had previously dated, adding an extra layer of depth to their romantic journey.

As fans continue to admire their love and mutual appreciation, Khune and Sphelele’s relationship serves as a heartwarming reminder of the beauty found in genuine connections and embracing natural authenticity, while also prompting discussions and speculations about the subtleties of celebrity relationships.

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